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Make the Most Money Off Louisiana Betting Sign-up Bonus

With DFS becoming legal in Louisiana in July 2021, and now Sports Betting in January 2022, you can finally get some skin in the game for your favorite teams. The sports betting industry is fiercely competitive right now with each site trying to establish its market share and as such, sites are ready to roll out the red carpet for you to try out their products. On the user’s end, it doesn’t matter as much which sportsbook you place a bet on – most bets don’t require large numbers of users like DFS or poker might have to for it to be appealing. Sports betting is a copycat industry as well, so the odds that each book offers are relatively similar, many even sharing the same odds providers. Since sites are offering so many incentives to try out their products, my advice is to take them up on their offers and try out each sportsbook to decide on your favorites.

There are three types of incentives that sites are offering for you try out their products – free bets, risk-free bets, and deposit matches. A free bet is usually the most valuable because they credit you the full amount equal to your wager win or lose. A risk-free bet is one where if you lose, you get a site credit equal to your wager, but if you win, you get the full payout. A deposit bonus is one where sites match a percentage of your initial deposit, and you have to play on their site a certain amount to unlock the matching funds.

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It can be tough to decipher how much these incentives are actually worth because they throw out big numbers. The value of a risk-free bet if used correctly is about 60% of the amount of that bet. A rookie might think the best strategy is to bet on a sure-fire bet to take an easy win, in fact most books prohibit taking books that have lower odds than -200 or -300. The funny thing is this is the worst thing you can do to maximize the value of the bonus because you wouldn’t be taking advantage of the fact you get your money back when you lose. The most profitable strategy, all other things being equal, is to bet a big underdog in the +300 range but you can’t really go too wrong since you get your money back if you lose.

Using the free prop tools on Awesemo and OddsShopper, you can get even more value out of your risk-free bet with bets that have a much higher chance of cashing than an underdog. The best props to bet risk-free are ones that we have identified as good ROI’s already but also have positive odds. The best bets on our board have a value of about $700 when used with a risk-free bet and are more likely to hit than taking a big underdog. You can see how all the bets stack up on our NBA Risk Free Props Tool.

Before you make your bet it’s important to consider the state of sports with COVID-19 being in full effect. In the NBA you should take more player prop overs early in the day when key players have the potential to be ruled out as the day goes on. Closer to game time is when you can make sure you’re getting good value with your unders. Deposit matches vary more with regards to the value to the bettor. They can be structured in a way where the site’s commission is refunded to you as you play, it all depends on the amount you’re required to wager to unlock the bonus. If the playthrough requirement is high, it can take a lot longer to realize your bonus when compared to a free bet or risk-free bet. Regardless, any bet you make using a promotion is going to be more profitable than one without one, so it makes sense to take advantage of all the free signup bonuses.

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BetMGM Mobile & Online Sportsbook Bonus Strategy

If you have been to Vegas, you’ve probably been to an MGM property – their properties include The Mirage, Bellagio, Aria, Mandalay Bay, and more. Betting on BetMGM you can get rewards points that you can use to get comps at their properties. If you can make winning bets and then also get casino comps that’s a double win in my book.

BetMGM’s promo is a $1000 risk free bet, which is on par with the best offers in the industry. MGM has a lot of features involving parlays like a parlay generator and one game parlays. They also have a large offering of player props especially in the NBA and NFL, which opens the door to some awesome OddsShopper Parlay Builder bets. My recommendation for your first bet is to take advantage of our Risk Free NBA Player Props tool.

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Best Promo – Caesars Mobile & Online Sportsbook Bonus Strategy

Caesars’ bonuses for signing up right now are the most generous and also creative. They have a $1001 first bet match – this is superior to a risk-free bet because they pay you the $1001 bonus whether you win or lose the first bet. As opposed to a risk-free bet being worth 50%-70% of the amount listed, this one is worth 100% so the full $1001. In this case, you should just choose the best bet on the board, and not worry about how much of an underdog it is – but keep in mind, the bet has to be at least -200 or higher to qualify for the bonus. At the same time, you can claim a free NBA jersey by throwing down at least $100 on an NBA bet. Why not kill two birds with one stone? We recommend choosing one of our recommended player props to give you the best chance to win using our NBA or NFL Player Props Tools.

Caesars has more than 50 casinos throughout the United States and for their online sportsbook has partnered with William Hill, one of the largest sportsbooks in the UK. Betting on Caesars you get rewards points that you can redeem for comps at their casinos. If you can make winning bets and then also get casino comps that’s a double win in my book. Caesars offers a wide range of bets including numerous player props, and also a very nice take on Same Game Parlay’s. With their SGPs you can see the odds on each bet while you’re combining them so there’s a lot more transparency on what’s going into the odds they offer. This is great for you as a bettor.

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Best for Beginners – BetRivers Mobile & Online Sportsbook Bonus Strategy

BetRivers is named after Rush Street Gaming’s Rivers Casinos, which are located in 4 states including Schenectady, NY.  Rivers has claimed a fair share of the online sports betting market being live in 12 different states including New York.  In addition to promotions, BetRivers has an extensive VIP program called iRush Rewards where you can earn access to special VIP events.

BetRivers offers a $250 deposit bonus where the only requirement is that you place at least $250 of bets – this is even better than a free bet because you have the flexibility to bet it in whatever increments you feel comfortable with.  Since you only get one shot to claim these signup bonuses, BetRivers is a good starting point if you prefer to start with an initial stake of $250 compared to not fully utilizing the bonuses that require a deposit of $1000 or more to maximize.

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FanDuel Mobile & Online Sportsbook Bonus Strategy

FanDuel has taken off to an early lead in the US sports betting market, boasting the largest market share of any sportsbook by far. For DFS players, betting on FD is easy because you have one wallet for both sportsbook and DFS. FanDuel’s parent company Flutter includes an Irish sportsbook Paddy Power, and poker players may be familiar with the brands PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker which are both under the Flutter umbrella. FanDuel is well known for pioneering the Same Game Parlay, which is one of their signature features.

FanDuel offers up to a $1000 risk-free bet for you to try their sportsbook product. The first bet you place will count as the risk-free bet so make sure to bet at least $1000 on your first bet to get the maximum value. If you lose the bet, you will get up a matching site credit, so you have to wager $1000 again to unlock these funds. To maximize the value of your risk-free bet, make sure to take advantage of our NBA Risk-Free Prop Bets tool.

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DraftKings Mobile & Online Sportsbook Bonus Strategy

DraftKings has the second biggest market share in the US market and obviously you’re familiar with them from daily fantasy. Their site is probably the easiest to navigate and place bets on if you like some of the smaller markets like player props because you’re able to browse both by game and by bet type, while most sportsbooks only allow you to browse niche bets by game. Pools are DraftKings gamification of sports betting – they have sports betting competitions like the Sports Betting National Championship paying out a million to the winner, as well as other large ones like Pick-’Ems for NFL. They also have made an effort to make more of a social platform where you can share bets with other users and tail other people’s bets.

DraftKings’ bonus is a 20% deposit bonus up to a maximum of $1000 on a $5000 deposit. For every $25 you wager, you unlock $1 of your bonus. This amounts to a refund of the hold that they charge on their bets. This one takes a lot longer to unlock but if you plan to wager that amount anyway, it’s a no-brainer.

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Make sure to take advantage of our betting tools on Awesemo to help you make more money sports betting: The Player Props, Futures, and Game Model tools, and our line comparison tool OddsShopper. Good luck!

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Alex Baker
A self-proclaimed U.S. history buff, stats enthusiast, and rabid fan of anything Detroit (yes, even the Lions), Alex started playing daily fantasy sports in 2013 and never looked back. After graduating with a degree in mathematics from Washington University in St. Louis in 2008, he began developing advanced statistical models and applied his unique skill-set first to poker, then as a full-time DFS player. He has since dominated DFS, becoming a fixture on leaderboards and cementing his position as the top-ranked overall player according to RotoGrinders. Competing in most guaranteed prize pool tournaments, he has ranked in the top 3 across major sports, including NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA, and MLB. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of fantasy sports with new and experienced players alike. Career Highlights: No. 1 Overall Ranking; 14x FanDuel $100k winner, 11x DraftKings Hundred-Thousandaire; 20x Live Final qualifier. You can contact him on Twitter @awesemodfs or by emailing [email protected].

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