Stokastic’s Optimal March Madness Bracket Strategy Guide (Game Theory Edition) – 2022

Stokastic's March Madness 2022-23 Bracket Picks & Predictions

Here you can find Stokastic's NCAA expert bracket picks for the 2022-2023 March Madness Tournament. You're seeing a PREVIEW of our industry-leading NCAA bracket picks and projected NCAA bracket data. The preview does not contain all the players for the NCAA Basketball tournament slate. Join for the full list of NCAA bracket predictions!

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About Our March Madness Bracket Strategy for 2022-23

Anyone who follows us at knows that we love applying game theory to Daily Fantasy Sports. With the competition getting better every day, predicting your opponents' strategy and knowing where to pivot is the most effective way to get an edge in large tournaments. But long before I entered my first DraftKings lineup, I was taking money from co-workers and friends using simple game-theory-based March Madness bracket strategies.

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Just like a CBB DFS lineup, the optimal March Madness bracket has to have the perfect amount of chalk balanced with a few contrarian pivots at strategic spots. Although there are innumerable approaches to achieving that end, one that possesses a good balance of effectiveness and simplicity centers on picking a darkhorse champion that is highly leveraged versus the field but going chalky throughout the rest of the bracket.

How To Use Our March Madness Bracket Prediction Strategy

View the video below to see how our March Madness picks and predictions are used in a real CBB DFS scenario.

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