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LoL DFS Ownership & Exposure Review | League of Legends Lineups | Tuesday 3/24/20

Jake Hari



LoL DFS Lineups: This morning, we had an early 5 a.m. EST lock time and just a two-game slate, but it’s worth taking a look and seeing who some of the top DFS players played as well as who the field played. For this article, I’m using the DraftKings LOL $125K TITAN’S FURY [$25K TO 1ST] (LPL) tournament. Today, I again focused on Bric75 and Awesemo, who I reviewed yesterday in our LoL DFS Study A Pro article.

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Awesemo dropped his LoL DFS Projections (free, for now) last week and Fantasy Cruncher launched their LoL optimizer, so now is a great time to jump in!

Not surprisingly, many of Awesemo’s top projected values were at the top in terms of field ownership in the DraftKings $10 tournament. huangeng, Jiumeng and Angel were all strong values in his projections, and they all saw 40%+ ownership. Something to note is that two of the top-three-owned players, Angel and huanfeng, were both slight (+134.5) underdogs. It would be interesting to see how large underdogs fair in total ownership on 2-3 game slates, and we’ll certainly take a look at that. Flandre was the biggest disappointment on the slate, scoring just 55.02 fantasy points as the fourth highest-owned player on the slate.

DraftKings Total Ownership
Player Roster Position %Drafted FPTS Team Odds
 huanfeng ADC 48.4% 96.38 SN 134.5
 Jiumeng CPT 43.9% 143.61 WE -163
 Angel MID 40.2% 91.72 SN 134.5
 Flandre TOP 38.2% 55.02 LNG -134.5
 Maple CPT 37.7% 108.03 LNG -134.5
 beishang JNG 37.7% 92.88 WE -163
 Team WE TEAM 37.1% 67 WE -163
 Missing SUP 35.3% 52.76 WE -163
 Teacherma MID 34.4% 97.36 WE -163
 SofM JNG 34.0% 91.56 SN 134.5
 Asura ADC 31.8% 82.66 LNG -134.5
 Morgan TOP 29.9% 70 WE -163
 Duan SUP 28.9% 23.2 LNG -134.5
 LNG Esports TEAM 27.2% 31 LNG -134.5
 Zwuji ADC 26.8% 65.18 RW 163
 SwordArt SUP 24.2% 59.64 SN 134.5
 Xx JNG 22.0% 44.48 LNG -134.5
 Biubiu TOP 21.1% 93.9 SN 134.5
 Suning TEAM 20.3% 50 SN 134.5
 WeiYan JNG 17.1% 44.96 RW 163
 Crazy TOP 15.4% 56.04 RW 163
 Rogue Warriors TEAM 15.2% 27 RW 163
 Ley SUP 12.4% 52.12 RW 163
 Ruby MID 11.5% 56.62 RW 163

Awesemo’s LoL DFS Exposures

As discussed in the LoL Study A Pro article, Awesemo was pretty aggressive with his exposures at the top. He jammed in the two favored teams, as his top 9 exposed players were from either WE or LNG. He had no one from RW (+163) above 9.3%, so it was essentially all favorites from Alex last night, which makes sense because many of the players on the teams expected (by Vegas odds) to win were not that much higher-owned than the underdogs. If you used his projections and didn’t account for ownership, you were likely to get to a lot of both of WE and LNG, as they looked to be the best stacking options.

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Awesemo Total Ownership
Count FLEX+CPT Own
 Teacherma 119 79.3%
 Jiumeng 105 70.0%
 Morgan 94 62.7%
 Duan 89 59.3%
 Maple 78 52.0%
 beishang 72 48.0%
 Team WE 71 47.3%
 Xx 60 40.0%
 LNG Esports 54 36.0%
 huanfeng 52 34.7%
 Asura 50 33.3%
 Missing 37 24.7%
 SofM 34 22.7%
 Flandre 31 20.7%
 Biubiu 24 16.0%
 Suning 23 15.3%
 SwordArt 21 14.0%

Awesemo CPT Slot

Alex used a tight core of CPTs on the 3/24 slate – three guys at 22.0% or more. It’s possible he’s capping his CPT exposure, with the overwhelming majority of his CPT exposure coming from the MID and ADC positions, which we know is par for the course for him. He only used one CPT from an underdog (huanfeng, 14%). From this, can we infer that you can loosen the restrictions on CPTs when teams are favored? Or was this just a short-slate aberration? We can always check back and see on a larger slate, as we have a few of those upcoming in the next week. Awesemo’s best lineup was tied for 52nd.

Awesemo CPT
CPT Pos CPT Count Own
CPT  Maple MID 35 23.3%
CPT  Jiumeng ADC 34 22.7%
CPT  Teacherma MID 33 22.0%
CPT  huanfeng ADC 21 14.0%
CPT  beishang JNG 10 6.7%
CPT  Xx JNG 10 6.7%
CPT  Asura ADC 6 4.0%
CPT  ZWuji ADC 1 0.7%

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Bric75 LoL DFS Exposures

Bric’s ownership is flat across the board, as he used 20 players in at least 20% of his lineups on 3/24, with no player used more than 50%. His exposured compared to Awesemo’s are basically flipped at the top, as Bric75’s top-five-exposed players were all from RW (+163). This indicates that Bric is playing the ownership game, which is usually a good way to go in all sports, but can be especially rewarding in stacking sports. Going heavy on the biggest underdog didn’t work out here, but we’ve seen it work out for a bunch of the top players in recent slates.

Bric Total Ownership
Count FLEX+CPT Own
 Zwuji 75 50.0%
 Crazy 64 42.7%
 Ruby 64 42.7%
 WeiYan 63 42.0%
 Rogue Warriors 55 36.7%
 Maple 50 33.3%
 Xx 49 32.7%
 Ley 49 32.7%
 Flandre 48 32.0%
 Asura 47 31.3%
 huanfeng 46 30.7%
 SwordArt 46 30.7%
 SofM 45 30.0%
 Biubiu 44 29.3%
 Duan 43 28.7%
 Teacherma 39 26.0%
 LNG Esports 39 26.0%
 Angel 36 24.0%
 Suning 34 22.7%
 Jiumeng 31 20.7%

Bric75 CPT Slot

Once again, Bric75 and Awesemo differed in a big way in their approach to the CPT spot. While Awesemo used three CPTs at over 22%, Bric had zero CPTs above 13.3%. The position of their top captains were very similar – Bric focused on ADC and MID CPTs as well. Since Bric went heavy on the underdogs, it’s logical that his top-4 exposed CPTs were from RW and SN. He used 14 CPTs at least five times in his 150 lineups, so the “play everyone” strategy holds true for one of the top pros. Bric’s top lineup in the $10 DraftKings tournament was 19th, but an 18-team train took down first, so he really tied for the second-best lineup on the slate.

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Bric75 CPT
CPT Pos CPT Count Own
CPT  Zwuji ADC 20 13.3%
CPT  huanfeng ADC 15 10.0%
CPT  Angel MID 15 10.0%
CPT  Ruby MID 12 8.0%
CPT  Maple MID 11 7.3%
CPT  Flandre TOP 11 7.3%
CPT  WeiYan JNG 10 6.7%
CPT  Xx JNG 10 6.7%
CPT  Asura ADC 10 6.7%
CPT  Crazy TOP 7 4.7%
CPT  Morgan TOP 7 4.7%
CPT  beishang JNG 6 4.0%
CPT  Missing SUP 6 4.0%
CPT  SofM JNG 5 3.3%
CPT  Jiumeng ADC 4 2.7%
CPT  Teacherma MID 1 0.7%

LOL DFS Projections

Because Awesemo’s LoL DFS Projections are currently free, it isn’t too difficult to jump into tournaments and build competitive lineups, especially at lower stakes. However, if this is the only DFS game with $100K+ prize pools over the next couple weeks or months it will become sharper. Ownership will become more important. Stacking may change. The approach to different leagues – LCS vs. LPL – may even change. We will update this article as we continue to try to profit at our newest DFS sport!

Jake Hari is the Director of NHL Content at and contributes to the site's NHL and MLB coverage as a writer of the spotlight stacks articles and host of Strategy Videos and Livestreams. Jake has been dubbed "the Baseball Savant" thanks to his immense knowledge of MLB but he's achieved some of his best success as an innovator in the world of NHL DFS. You can contact Jake by emailing [email protected].

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