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LoL DFS Ownership & Exposure Review | League of Legends Lineups | Wednesday 3/25/20

Jake Hari



LoL DFS Lineups: This morning, we had a 2 a.m. EST lock time and it was a six-game slate. For this article, I’m using the LOL $150K TITAN’S FURY [$50K TO 1ST] (LPL-LCK) DraftKings tournament. We’ll review field ownership and take a look at another DFS pro who is dabbling in some LoL DFS on our sports hiatus, petteytheft, and what he did last night in this tournament.

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Awesemo dropped his LoL DFS Projections (free, for now) last week and Fantasy Cruncher launched their LoL optimizer, so now is a great time to jump in!

The top-10-owned players on the board in the DK $10 tournament were from massive favorites – FPX, OMG and GEN. This will likely continue to hold true on larger slates, as ownership is more spread out and it’s easier to find ways to get different. Just one player (Aiming) was used at over 12% in this tournament. Heavy favorites were, of course, building blocks for most people’s four-man stacks (we will be able to see this more clearly when LoL Lineup Study on Fantasy Cruncher is available), but the largest favorite (FPX) was an overall disappointment when you factor in their price and ownership. Team OMG smashed the slate, with their top-four scorers getting over 84 points, making for a great four-man stack, and was essential for getting a tournament-winning score. Quinnislegit solo-binked the $50K, despite running a cookie-cutter 4-3 (four-man OMG stack and three-man TES) stack.

Player Team Odds Roster Position %Drafted FPTS
Doinb FPX -999.9 MID 32.90% 74.9
H4cker OMG -573 JNG 30.71% 88.76
Smlz OMG -573 CPT 28.70% 131.46
Life GEN -715 SUP 27.89% 59
cold OMG -573 SUP 26.00% 84.56
icon OMG -573 MID 23.33% 87.52
Doran DRX -307 CPT 23.14% 88.47
Curse OMG -573 TOP 20.07% 74.06
Gen.G GEN -715 TEAM 18.91% 53
Crisp FPX -999.9 SUP 18.89% 57.36
Aiming KT 144 ADC 18.43% 98.04
DragonX DRX -307 TEAM 18.41% 40
Ruler GEN -715 ADC 16.11% 63.1
Rascal GEN -715 TOP 16.01% 69.84
Clid GEN -715 JNG 15.87% 55.94
Bdd GEN -715 MID 15.50% 62.14
Lwx FPX -999.9 ADC 15.14% 71.02
GimGoon FPX -999.9 CPT 14.84% 52.62
Loken JDG -208 ADC 12.48% 45.08
LvMao JDG -208 SUP 12.27% 33.26
JD Gaming JDG -208 TEAM 12.01% 17

*Note: the “odds” section is pulled from Fantasy Cruncher’s player list*

petteytheft Lol DFS Exposures

A contrarian player by nature, the first thing that sticks out in petteytheft’s exposures is that he almost full-faded one of the chalkiest stacks in team OMG, as it looks like he only had one OMG stack out of his 150 lineups. The OMG fade didn’t work out on this slate, but it will be interesting to see if this was an intuition fade or if he saw something in his own projections/ownership projections that led him to get off OMG almost entirely. His top two stacks actually came from the same game – JDG (-208) and TES (+208). They occupied his top-eight exposures and was healthily overweight on each of those eight. However, from looking through his lineups, there were very few game stacks.

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As far as his strategy on this slate, it isn’t necessarily game stacking, but rather game targeting. If one of the teams in this game has an outlier performance, he puts himself in a great spot to win a tournament because the ownership wasn’t very high on either side. He got the outlier performance he needed with TES performing very well, but since OMG wasn’t in his pool for the most part, it ended up not working out. Still, very interesting strategy here and one that I’ll be looking into as we go on.

petteytheft Total Ownership
Count FLEX+CPT Own
 LvMao JDG 47 31.3%
369 TES 44 29.3%
 Loken JDG 43 28.7%
 QiuQiu TES 42 28.0%
 Knight TES 41 27.3%
 JD Gaming JDG 39 26.0%
705 JDG 38 25.3%
 Kanavi JDG 36 24.0%
 GimGoon FPX 35 23.3%
 Ruler GEN 34 22.7%
 Aiming KT 32 21.3%
 Crisp FPX 31 20.7%
 Tian FPX 31 20.7%
 Doinb FPX 30 20.0%
 Lwx FPX 30 20.0%
 Life GEN 28 18.7%
 FunPlus Phoenix FPX 27 18.0%
 Clid GEN 24 16.0%
 Bdd GEN 22 14.7%
 Doran DRX 19 12.7%
 Keria DRX 19 12.7%
 KT Rolster KT 19 12.7%
 Gen.G GEN 16 10.7%
 Deft DRX 16 10.7%
 Rascal GEN 14 9.3%
 Chovy DRX 14 9.3%
 Pyosik DRX 11 7.3%
 DragonX DRX 8 5.3%
 H4cker OMG 1 0.7%
 Smlz OMG 1 0.7%
 icon OMG 1 0.7%
 Curse OMG 1 0.7%
 cold OMG 0 0.0%
 OMG OMG 0 0.0%

*If you want an in-depth look of LoL DFS, check out Jeremy Schritt’s How to Play and Win at League Of Legends DFS!*

petteytheft CPT

petteytheft used no CPT more than 15 times (10%) in his 150 lineups and used 15 different CPTs at least three times. This would be more in the Bric75 school of thought in that he really diversified his CPT usage. One big difference here is that he didn’t discriminate in terms of positions used in his CPT spot — as you can see below, many SUP, TOP, ACD and MID were all represented in the CPT slot for petteytheft. His best lineup finished 802nd, but his strategy had huge potential if OMG was a higher priority for him.

petteytheft CPT
CPT Pos CPT Count Own
CPT  LvMao SUP 15 10.0%
CPT  Aiming ADC 13 8.7%
CPT  Loken ADC 10 6.7%
CPT  GimGoon TOP 10 6.7%
CPT  Ruler ADC 10 6.7%
CPT  Knight MID 8 5.3%
CPT  Crisp SUP 8 5.3%
CPT  Life SUP 7 4.7%
CPT  Doran TOP 6 4.0%
CPT  QiuQiu SUP 4 2.7%
CPT  Bdd MID 4 2.7%
CPT  Keria SUP 4 2.7%
CPT  Doinb MID 3 2.0%
CPT  Gen.G TEAM 3 2.0%
CPT  Chovy MID 3 2.0%
CPT  Tian JNG 2 1.3%
CPT  Clid JNG 2 1.3%
CPT  Deft ADC 2 1.3%
CPT  Lwx ADC 1 0.7%
CPT  Curse TOP 1 0.7%

If you want to check out what other pros are doing in their first few weeks playing LoL DFS, head over to our previous Ownership & Exposure Reviews below!

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3/24 – Awesemo & Bric75

LOL DFS Projections

Because Awesemo’s LoL DFS Projections are currently free, it isn’t too difficult to jump into tournaments and build competitive lineups, especially at lower stakes. However, if this is the only DFS game with $100K+ prize pools over the next couple weeks or months it will become sharper. Ownership will become more important. Stacking may change. The approach to different leagues — LCS vs. LPL — may even change. We will update this article as we continue to try to profit at our newest DFS sport!

Jake Hari is the Director of NHL Content at and contributes to the site's NHL and MLB coverage as a writer of the spotlight stacks articles and host of Strategy Videos and Livestreams. Jake has been dubbed "the Baseball Savant" thanks to his immense knowledge of MLB but he's achieved some of his best success as an innovator in the world of NHL DFS. You can contact Jake by emailing [email protected].

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