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League of Legends DFS: LoL DraftKings Picks & LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown | Wednesday 7/27




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Two LCK series that should end up being one-sided find themselves alongside two tricky to tackle LPL series on this LoL DFS Wednesday night slate.

LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown


LCK opens with the Telecom Wars rivalry as T1 takes on KT. Recently T1 appears to be in a bit of a funk, dropping games to BRO,KDF and HLE, with their gameplans being exposed by weaker teams. Tonight could be more difficult than it should be with the talent T1 has, and if they can fix some of their issues, their ownership could be low due to their lack of LoL DFS output for most of this LCK split.


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For the most part the LCK playoff picture is locked in, and while only two teams are locked in, the gap between sixth and seventh is three series. KT is on a bit of a streak, winning four series in a row, and while normally targeting against T1 ends in folly in LoL DFS, in their last three losses, T1 has died 16,17 and 20 times to lesser teams, which pushes KT, and Aiming, firmly into consideration on this slate.


Another battle of the bottom LPL teams is on the LoL DFS menu tonight, as two historical, but currently underwhelming teams in LGD and WE battle it out. LGD being the more expensive team is interesting, but with both teams making roster changes regularly, handicapping this could be a nightmare. Assum is one of the constants for LGD, and with this series capable of a wide range of outcomes, he remains a priority in LGD stacks.


Predicting the winner of this series is very difficult, as both teams likely have few LPL caliber players on their rosters. LoL DFS-wise, while WE is at the bottom of the LPL in kills per game, in their game wins they average an insane 22.8 kills, although that’s bolstered by an abnormal 31 kill game last series that easily should’ve been fewer. Taking shots on both sides could be fruitful tonight, and with Shanks returning as the starting MID lane option, he’s a player that could shine even in a series with a lot of sub risk.

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DK find themselves as the biggest favorite of the night, and as such their LoL DFS prices are quite high. Outside of a few spike series, including one against HLE in their first meeting, DK often finds themselves in the mid-teens in terms of kills per game, with a solid 2.4 assists per kill this split. Projections will love DK tonight due to their higher likelihood of a 2-0, and if LoL DFS players find other favorites more appealing, perhaps they get a bit underrepresented as well.

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While technically not out of the playoff picture, HLE has no chance to actually get there, making them one of the harder teams to predict motivations for going forward. At their best they’re a 1-11 team this split, with their only LoL DFS relevance being an asset to the opposing team, and tonight could be a night on whether or not HLE will remain a good, or great team to target against in LoL DFS for the rest of this split.


Running into a WBG that was as motivated as they’ve been this LPL split wasn’t ideal for them in a 0-2 stomp, but they’re still in the playoff mix, and taking down AL would be a boon for their chances. Both teams here are up and down, and if OMG plays to a high level, while catching AL slouching, OMG is more than capable of getting the series win in this spot.


Figuring out which iteration of AL will show up is the biggest challenge for this AL squad, as at their best they’re almost beating V5, and at their worst they’re getting swept by listless LGD, but it needs to be noted that their schedule after this is absolutely brutal. On the LoL DFS front, AL will always remain an enticing option, and in a perfectly winnable series for them, being one of the cheaper favorites makes well projected players like Betty an exciting prospect in the last series AL will be favored in this LPL split.

Best LoL DFS Pick

JNG-Canyon. Trying to picture motivations is an incredibly difficult task, and while both LPL might be more explosive tonight, DK is in a great spot to get a 2-0, with Canyon having potential to take over the series.

Best Contrarian LoL DFS Pick

ADC-Xing. In terms of ADC talent, Xing isn’t particularly high on that list, but this could be a weird, low level, bombastic series, and if WE come out on top, Xing could walk his way into a surprising LoL DFS score.

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