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League of Legends DFS: LoL DraftKings Picks & LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown | Thursday 6/23




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It’s a weird collection of LPL and LCK teams on this LoL DFS slate, as T1 headlines from the LCK, with the LPL featuring four teams looking to establish themselves as potential playoff busters this split.

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LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown


Kicking off the LoL DFS are two teams likely battling it out for one of the last couple of playoff spots in the LCK. KDF lost to a surprising LSB last time out, and while their talent level is solid, that level of play won’t cut it against any LCK team. Kiin versus Canna in the top lane is one of the more exciting top lane matchups, and if Kiin finds success, the chances of KDF increase.


Even though NS are currently 0-2, both losses are to good teams, and they were very live in three of their four game losses. Beating an even KDF team is well within possibility, even if they bring the level of play in some of their losses, and as an underdog, NS offers some salary relief for a team that’s put up 16-plus kills in three of their four game losses.


After a strong performance against BLG, it’s very easy to envision AL being a potentially extremely popular LoL DFS selection, even with their higher price tags. It’s very easy to envision the success AL has had against better teams, translating to a lesser team in LGD, and while AL are still far from world beaters, or a guarantee, Xiaohao is a player that carries LoL DFS upside tonight.


Openings against JDG and V5 are tough tests, and even though LGD are 0-2, they have a game win over JDG, while also pushing V5 to 50 minutes in their game one. LGD still do have one of the least scary rosters in the LPL, but if everyone is all in on an AL team that also might not end up being a playoff team, finding ways to get shares of a solid looking prospect in Assum could be a great way to differentiate from ownership projections, especially if the new mid lane option in Haichao comes out fast.

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In game one against KT, T1 did something that frustrates LoL DFS players by trying something new and not particularly looking comfortable, and while they were challenged in game three, T1 still managed the reverse sweep. T1 will almost always carry strong projections, due to their likelihood of winning, and T1 offers the ability to at least match the 28 kills put up by DK in LSB last loss.


LSB came out hot, taking down KDF 2-0, before running into a rejuvenated DK squad, causing them to lose 0-2. In all likelihood LSB will face the wrath of T1 tonight, and on a slate with many interesting underdogs, finding reasons to jam in a low owned LSB is tough.


Similar to LGD, TT have faced two strong teams to open their LPL campaign, and they’ve largely kept games close, even taking a game win over LNG. When two teams that appear to be equally strong, oftentimes getting more of the lower owner team is an easy way to break any potential ties, with Beichuan likely being a key member if they pull off the upset.


Currently sitting last in the LPL, the story of WE can also be summarized by once again noting that they’ve faced two very strong teams, while taking a game off of WBG. On paper, WE present themselves well against TT tonight, but this isn’t likely to be a cakewalk. SmLz will look to build on a strong opening series against WBG, and his success could push WE over the top.

Best Pick

TOP-Zeus. At the moment Zeus leads T1 in both kill participation and damage share, which is abnormal for a top laner, and while putting him in the captain spot is still a bit ambitious, Zeus remains a likely candidate to top the top lane charts tonight.

Best Contrarian Pick

MID-Bdd. NS are 0-2, yet they’re near the top of the LCK in kills per game. Bdd finds himself in a solid spot to pull an upset over a beatable KDF squad tonight, and on a slate where there are four volatile LPL teams, the LCK side of the slate could get overlooked.

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