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League of Legends DFS: LoL DraftKings Picks & LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown | Wednesday 7/13




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Four LPL and LCK series kick off a Wednesday night of LoL DFS action, which is getting a breakdown below. Using the Stokastic LoL DFS projections, we’ll find some of the best DraftKings LoL DFS picks for July 13.

LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown


New ADC Cheoni finds himself getting another, possibly more long-term shot to nail down the role after being called up from the challenger team, but walking into T1 tonight will be very tough. HLE needs to show more all across the map, and if they’re to be LoL DFS relevant tonight, it’ll start with OnFleek.


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Unsurprisingly T1 is one of the best teams this LCK split, and with a lot of good teams needing three games, T1 is an oddity this LoL DFS split, netting five 2-0 results. Tonight could easily be their sixth 2-0, even with the change to HLE, and with them being the most expensive team, perhaps it suppresses their ownership, allowing Gumayusi to be sneakier than he should be.


Opening the LPL side of this LoL DFS slate is one team few expected positive things from, but has been overachieving in LGD, taking on an underachieving BLG team in their first game with a new ADC. Attacking the new ADC position could be a point of interest for LGD, as Assum has shown ability even in losses, and with this series having the potential to be close, he could smash his projection tonight if LGD wins.


Rise is getting the call to the LPL from BLG’s LDL squad, and while his team had success, it’s difficult to project that out by looking at his stats. BLG has seemingly bigger issues with a roster of this perceived caliber, and tonight they have potential to iron out some kinks against what should be a lesser LGD squad, with can being the cheaper jungle option from despite starting last series and performing solidly.

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With the first half of the LCK almost complete, five teams have separated themselves, and two of them in GEN and LSB battle it out tonight. Both teams are top five in the LCK in kills per game, which first and fifth is separated by .7 kills per game, and with both being affordable, getting a cheap, well projected GEN tonight has potential to be a strong LoL DFS decision.


One of the biggest surprises in this first round robin of the LCK Summer Split, LSB gets a difficult assignment to close it out in the form of GEN. Riding a five-series winning streak after losses to DK and T1, LSB find themselves as one of the more fruitful LoL DFS LCK teams, sitting second in kills per game. Kael has been the surprise engine for LSB, and if the support creates plays around the map, LSB could be one of the low owned surprises tonight.

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Currently on a two-series losing streak, EDG is presented with a great opportunity to bounce back against UP tonight. EDG has been a bit shaky in their last two series, and even though UP isn’t performing at a high level, anybody in the LPL can get snuck up on, and EDG needs to keep their eyes peeled, and Viper finds himself in a highly projected spot tonight.


UP is a team that has the tools, but often refuses to use them as intended. Players like Elk and ShiauC have a bunch of experience, but this split has seen both take a step back, and in their current form, Viper and Meiko are leagues ahead. Tonight UP still has a small chance, but everyone needs to step up, and if H4cker and Cryin get ahead, the first piece of the puzzle will be set.

Best LoL DFS Pick

ADC-Viper. Both UP and LGD are the two highest deaths per game teams in the LPL, which, naturally, sets itself up well for LoL DFS, and with EDG being the more palatable favorite, Viper has the potential to stand out.

Best Contrarian LoL DFS Pick

TOP-Zeus. Getting to underdogs could be tricky tonight, and as such T1 is a team that while having a safe floor, could end up being more overlooked than they should be tonight.

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I've been following and playing League of Legends for a decade now. Few things get my blood pumping more than a good ol' midnight LPL DFS sweat. I follow each of the four major regions of LoL in the LCK,LCS,LEC and LPL and each one has its own unique flair. Hopefully we can all learn a little bit about LoL DFS and best of luck in your contests! If you want additional fun stuff feel free to follow me @pickemgenius on twitter.

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