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League of Legends DFS: DraftKings LoL Picks, Contrarian Stacks & Value Plays for Esports (Sunday, August 14)




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Playoffs may be squared away but the LoL DFS continues, and with potential seeding being important with two teams on this slate, figuring out which teams will exceed their projections could be trickier than most nights.

LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown


DRX may be locked into the sixth seed of the LCK playoff picture, but their most recent series against KT was poor, and righting the ship into playoffs could be a priority against HLE tonight. Facing off against the LCK that dies the most per game gives DRX players high projections tonight, and if they do get a solid 2-0, Deft is a veteran that could use this game to get into playoff form.


Trusting HLE tonight requires the thought that either DRX will be as bad as they were against KT, or that DRX will be unmotivated tonight. Both scenarios are out of their control, but neither is impossible, and with the end of the LoL DFS regular season offering potential weirdness, sprinkling HLE could be an intriguing solution tonight.


Dissecting the opening LPL series is both tricky, and straightforward at the same time. UP don’t want to be the only team to lose to WE, and thus should be incredibly motivated after a poor year in the LPL, but as their record shows, trusting them is difficult. Getting UP at a more middling price point makes them appealing LoL DFS options tonight, and if the series is a messy one,


With one final series to get their first LPL win of this split, WE couldn’t ask for many better teams to get the opportunity against than UP. WE are small underdogs compared to most of their other series this split, and with that comes their LoL DFS pricing being not dirt cheap, which could lead to lower ownership on players like View tonight.


Closing out the LCK regular season are two teams that were massive disappointments in relation to their perceived talent level as NS takes on KDF. LoL DFS could be a bit tricky, as while pride and dignity are likely the key components in multiple series on this slate, figuring out which teams will be more or less the same could be difficult, however if NS comes out like they have their past few series, Dread could be an interesting low owned piece tonight.


Currently riding a three series loss streak, albeit to GEN,DRX and DK, KDF find themselves in a positive spot to end their LCK year on a high note. Teddy is a player that is difficult to ignore in LoL DFS, as even in losses he can put up solid numbers, and tonight he finds himself in a solid spot to end the year on a high note, while being a well projected ADC on this LoL DFS slate.


Following a reverse sweep loss to IG last time out, LGD ends their season with a near impossible task as they take on RNG. Taking chances on other underdogs tonight is a better option, as LGD is not only fighting a stronger team, but also a motivated team, but if they pull off the biggest upset of this LPL split, Assum is likely a big piece of the puzzle. s


Closing out the LPL regular season is RNG and LGD, and this offers the most straightforward narrative of the night: RNG needs to win 2-0 to secure the two seed for playoffs, which places them into the double elimination part of the LPL playoff bracket automatically. Loading up on an expensive RNG is the free square of this LoL DFS slate, and Xiaohu is an incredible MID lane option tonight.

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Best LoL DFS Pick

ADC-Gala. In terms of safety and ceiling, RNG offers both in large amounts, with Gala being a top ADC target on this LoL DFS slate.

Favorite Contrarian LoL DFS Pick Today

MID-Bdd. Possibly the least attractive series on this LoL DFS slate, NS/KDF could offer late season fireworks, and if the underdog gets the win, Bdd has shown the ability to be heavily involved this split.

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