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League of Legends DFS: LoL DraftKings Picks & Worlds 2021 Main Event Day 1 Quick Hits | Monday 10/11




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The main event starts tonight, and with it comes a massive eight game slate on DraftKings. Each team is getting a look at below, alongside some of their LoL DFS potential.

LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings Worlds Quick Hits


With nary a second to gather their footing FPX and DK do battle in a game many believe are the two favorites to win it all. There are many viable outcomes in this game, and FPX are certainly appealing underdogs for LoL DFS purposes, with Doinb likely remaining a key cog in any FPX success.


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Unfortunately, or fortunately for fans, DK gets an absolute banger to kick off the Worlds Main Event. Keep an eye on the ownership for DK players, as Canyon has a great assignment against Tian, with potential to be lost in this massive slate.


One of the bigger underperformers of the LPL Summer split, RNG gets a winnable game against PSG to start their campaign. Having an up in the air group makes it important to start strong, with Xiaohu being one of the most interesting LoL DFS options as a TOP laner.


Easily gliding through their region all year, PSG once again finds themselves back at international competition. After a great MSI performance, expectations are higher for this squad, and RNG certainly does not look like the team they met at MSI. River is a comfortable option in a PSG win, and his kill participation (KP) was top of the team during the summer split.


FNC are one of the trickier teams to measure at Worlds, and their range of outcomes is immense here. Unless they are massively popular getting to some FNC could be a shrewd move, with Adam rivaling Xiaohu as LoL DFS TOP laners tonight.


Dropping a game to LNG is not a death blow, as HLE cleanly breezed through their remaining group matches to advance. Now they are in a wide-open group, and if they get off to a hot start tonight, Chovy naturally remains a solid option.


The most interesting pricing of the night comes in the form of GEN, as not too long ago GEN would have been solid favorites. Of course LNG will not be an easy out, however GEN is a natural underdog to consider in LoL DFS, with Ruler having potential to stand out.


Coming off an easy play-in stage, LNG are surprise favorites tonight against GEN, however their recent performances merit this. LNG is capable of being very LoL DFS viable on a massive slate, with Tarzan being in a great spot to take advantage of a weak GEN JNG position.

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T1 is in one of the more clear-cut games of the day, and with some viable underdogs, getting to them might not be difficult, however the question with T1 tends to be how LoL DFS viable will they be? Getting a win seems likely, however a big win makes players like Faker particularly attractive.


Advancing out of play-ins without needing to play an elimination series is an incredible achievement for DFM. Finding a way out of this group would be miraculous, and only brave souls should consider DFM against anybody but 100 in this group for LoL DFS purposes.


100 certainly are not favorites to advance out of this group, but they are a team capable of having high enough highs to challenge EDG and T1. Doing so likely ends up requiring a huge performance from Closer.


Fighting one of the lesser two teams in their group to start Worlds, EDG are in a great spot to pick up an opening day win. Viper is the third highest priced ADC tonight and should find himself on the higher end of ownership tonight, although it is completely merited.


NA vs. EU is always a point of contention, and this iteration of TL believes in itself. CoreJJ is a World Champion, and if he and Tactical start hot, both could be sneaky LoL DFS options.


Even though MAD are the right side on paper here, MAD have lost to worse teams in a best of one during the summer split. Narratively this could be a fun one, and MAD should be considered if mass entering, as they have massive LoL DFS potential, with Elyoya standing at the top.


Back-to-back EU vs. NA games closes out day one, and this one features two of the biggest enigmas at Worlds. RGE are correctly criticized for being a one trick pony, however when that trick works, it can look like a well-oiled machine, however they are one of the less interesting favorites tonight, but Hans Sama is worthy of consideration.


Expectations for C9 are not high, especially in a group with two of the favorites to win Worlds 2021, but they do not face either of those teams tonight. C9 is capable of anything, with Perkz and Blaber often being the engine of chaos behind C9’s success.

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Favorite Pick

TOP-Xiaohu. Possibly a tricky game should not stop LoL DFS players from finding ways to play Xiaohu, as he is the most exciting top laner in the tournament.

Favorite Contrarian Pick

MID-Jensen. Playing LCS teams is like playing with fire, but the funny thing about that is sometimes the fire just keeps you warm instead of burning you, and if TL brings the right kind of heat tonight, MAD could be willing dance partners.

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