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League of Legends DFS: LoL DraftKings Picks & World Championship 2021 Main Event Group B Breakdown | Saturday, 10/16




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Group B once again features two teams that are clear favorites to advance from their group. However, international competition like the World 2021 can bring big upsets as we all saw in Group A. Our League of Legends DFS strategy breakdown will go through each matchup in Group B and find some of the best LoL DFS picks for optimal DraftKings lineups on Saturday, Oct. 16.

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LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings Worlds 2021 Main Event Group B Breakdown


Even though there are two comfortable favorites in this group, there are some questions hovering around EDG, as DFM demolished them in the first 15 minutes of their first meeting. EDG still are the most likely team to go 3-0 on the day though, and seeing as they are also one of the highest kills-per-game teams in the tournament, getting them, and Jijie with his team high kill participation (KP) into LoL DFS lineups is prudent, even at his projected ownership.


Outside of the EDG loss, T1 was the most impressive team of the group, taking down 100 and DFM in under 50 minutes combined. T1 did manage 39 kills in those two games, slightly quelling some fears about winning too quickly, at least on a slate like this for LoL DFS. Canna has been a great TOP lane option up to this point, if he maintains this level of play, he will be a key piece of T1 stacks tonight.


Sometimes talent just wins out, but DFM has challenged EDG this tournament, and while 100 beat DFM in their first meeting, they’ve yet to challenge either of the top two teams. 100 just does not appear to have the necessary strategies to find success, and once again it appears their best opportunity for a win will be against DFM, although that is not guaranteed either. Closer is a fine LoL DFS option in the cases 100 overperforms, while there is also a slim chance that 100/DFM is a fiesta as both teams could be eliminated when they play.


Unfortunately for DFM, they were not able to take down EDG after being up big for the first 15 minutes, nonetheless the visible growth shown from a region with such a small player base is incredible. For LoL DFS purposes, DFM are a gamble, as they have the fewest kills per tournament so far, but the individual play of Steal has been very high.

Favorite Pick

MID – Scout. As a veteran presence for EDG, Scout has been an active part in the success of EDG, and he remains a solid LoL DFS option with a 75% KP.

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Favorite Contrarian Pick

100/DFM If EDG beats DFM, T1 beats 100, and T1 beats EDG, then both EDG and T1 would be at four wins, eliminating both 100 and DFM from Worlds. In this particular instance, there is a chance this game gets messy, and unless it does this LoL DFS slate could be quite straightforward, although the biggest upset in recent memory just happened with FPX finishing dead last in Group A.

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