NFL Strength of Schedule Tool for 2022

Not every week is equal in fantasy football, especially when it comes to beating your friends in the playoffs. If you preferentially choose players who have a favorable schedule going into Weeks 16 and 17, you’ll have a great chance of success. The Stokastic Strength of Schedule tool isn’t your regular list of good and bad defenses by week. Alex Baker has put his projections to work, using game lines coupled with specific stats to create a rating for each matchup that isn’t solely based on last year’s performances. Also, types of defenses are taken into account. Run-stuffing defenses may allow no points to bruising backs who continually run through the A-gap, but what about pass-catching backs like Christian McCaffrey or Austin Ekeler? Stokastic’s Strength of Schedule Tool treats those backs differently, for example, and tailors the fantasy football strength of schedule to their unique situations. We have grouped each player’s strength of schedule by periods of the season, grouped by weeks. Want to know how a player grades out during the playoffs? Just toggle the playoff column. Got a guillotine league where you need to be great right off the bat? Toggle Weeks 1-4.

The 2022 Fantasy Football Strength of Schedule Tool


FPG: (Fantasy Points Per Game)

Playoffs Projection: Projected fantasy points per week, full season and playoff weeks

W1-4, W5-9, W10-14, W15-17: Difference in projection from average for first 4 weeks, weeks 5-9, weeks 10-14, and weeks 15-17

PlayoffsProj: Fantasy point projection average between Weeks 16-17

Last Projections Update: 1 year ago

.5 PPR