NBA No House Advantage Props: Giannis’ Rebound Line Just Keeps Climbing (February 2)

In the world of NBA betting, a new and exciting contest has emerged — No House Advantage “Vs The House” NBA player props. This competition allows players to compete against the house instead of other players. Participants can choose up to five bets in the contest and win up to 21 times their entry fee if they get all five picks right. However, if players don’t want to take on the risk of five picks, they can opt for as few as two picks and make a bet.

To help us with our NBA player props, we will use Stokastic’s NBA Bet Pro to find the picks most likely to hit tonight. And if you’re new to No House Advantage, be sure to use the promo code “STOKASTIC” when signing up to receive a free $100 match deposit bonus.

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NBA No House Advantage – Best NBA Player Props

LaMelo Ball Under 8.5 Assists

The odds of winning in this competition are high, especially when considering the picks of NBA Bet Pro. It recommends taking the under on 8.5 assists for LaMelo Ball, who is averaging 8.3 assists per game this season but is projected to have 7.4 assists tonight. The under on 8.5 assists is hitting 67% of the time, making it a strong pick.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Under 13.5 Rebounds

Another pick from NBA Bet Pro is the under 13.5 rebounds for Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is averaging 12.2 rebounds per game. Giannis projects for about 12 rebounds tonight, and even if he gets up to 13, the under will still hit. The under is hitting 61% of the time.

If you place a $10 bet on these two picks and both hit, you will get back $25 – a nice return on your investment.

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Brook Lopez Under 6.5 Rebounds

NBA Bet Pro also recommends taking the under 6.5 rebounds for Brook Lopez, who is averaging 6.3 rebounds per game this season. He projects to have 6.1 rebounds tonight, and the under is hitting 58% of the time. If you place a $10 bet with this pick and two other bets, you can turn your $10 into $50.

Mason Plumlee Under 10.5 Rebounds

Another pick from NBA Bet Pro is under 10.5 rebounds for Mason Plumlee, who is averaging 9.8 rebounds per game. Plumlee projects for 10.1 rebounds tonight, and the under is hitting 57% of the time. If you place a $10 bet with four picks, you will get a $110 payout.

Spencer Dinwiddie Under 19.5 Points

Finally, Stokastic suggests taking the under 19.5 points for Spencer Dinwiddie, who is averaging 17.5 points per game. Dinwiddie projects for 18.2 points, well below the 19.5-point threshold. The under is hitting 57% of the time. If you place a bet with all five picks and they all hit, you can turn $10 into $210, which is a 21x return on your bet.

In conclusion, these No House Advantage NBA Picks offer a great opportunity to compete against the house and potentially win big. To take advantage of the first match deposit bonus up to $100, use promo code STOKASTIC when signing up. Remember, the more picks you make in the contest, the more money you can make.

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