League of Legends DFS Projections & Plays: Top Stacks for First LPL-LCK Slate (June 9)

Gone are the days of daily $10,000 up top LoL DFS tournaments, but we still get a 5-gamer for Friday’s LPL-LCK slate. Thursday’s main GPP on DraftKings was taken down by Leyan, the RA Jungler at Captain coupled with a KDF stack. LCK teams often go undrowned early in the split as people overvalue the kill upside of the Chinese squads. Let’s take a look at Stokastic’s League of Legends DFS projections and Top Stack tool to see where the top options are for Friday.

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League of Legends DFS Projections & Plays: Top Stacks

Top Esports

TES is the second biggest favorite on the LoL DFS slate at -400. However, the kill upside of this game ranks right alongside the bigger favorite BLG, who take on the lowly Ultra Prime. TES stands out for their upside relative to price. They have a 15.2% chance of being the top value stack on the slate. Building around TES allows you to fit in much more projection than BLG. Top Esports’ ownership should be a bit lower than BLG, as well. The TES stack is currently projected for 17.4% ownership. BLG comes in at 18.8% ownership, while the final LPL favorite, Ninja in Pajamas, is expected to be rostered at a 14.3% rate.

The top points-per-dollar value play on TES is JackeyLove, who as the ADC likely has the most upside on the team. Jackey is second to Elk as the top projected play on the slate. It’s a great way to start any TES stack. Just beware of ownership and duplication, as the ADC will be heavily rostered.

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Anyone’s Legend

AL is the most likely LPL underdog to grab a win on Friday’s slate. They have a 27% implied win probability and as a Chinese team should bring a much higher kill upside whenever they do take out the favored NIP. AL does have slight negative leverage in the Top Stack tool, given their 6.1% chance of being the top stack compared to a 6.6% team ownership. Nevertheless, the price is right for the upside. They allow LoL DFS players to jam in top teams, or to simply garner enough roster flexibility to create unique builds that avoid duplication. AL compared favorably to LCK favorites like T1 and GEN on Friday’s slate, who have a 9.1% and 7.1% chance of being the top stack, respectively.

iBoy is the value play on AL. It makes sense that, given their low salaries, the ADC would stand out. You shouldn’t have to worry much about where you start AL constructions, but prioritizing iBoy is still the way to go. He’s projected for 58.8 fantasy points, 7.1% UTIL ownership and 1.96% in the Captain slot.

T1 and GEN.G

Two big name LCK teams are back in action on Friday’s LOL DFS slate. Unfortunately, neither stands out as a great stack. Nobody has to be a complete face on small slates, but these two LCK squads are picking up plenty of ownership. That may be due in part to their status as top teams in the league. If those numbers come down, it should change things. They certainly may, and the aforementioned ownership inefficiencies on LCK teams often occur in the early part of the split.

At the moment, T1 has a 9.1% chance of being the top stack relative to a 17.6% stack ownership. GEN.G have a 7.1% shot to be the top scoring team but have a much higher 12.1% ownership projection. As favorites, neither team offers strong value either. GEN.G is the second worst value stack on the slate, just above HLE.

Everything is subject to change. Keep an eye on the news, LPL and LCK starter situations and any substitution risks that might come up. And if you are looking for more DFS action, check out Stokastic’s projections for Tennis, MMA, NASCAR and more.


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