League of Legends DFS Projections & Plays: Top Stacks for First LPL-LCK Slate (June 14)

Wednesday’s DraftKings League of Legends DFS slate is back to five games, leaving players with far more options in terms of players and stacks. The odds for every game are lopsided, with no favorite on tomorrow’s slate having odds shorter than -700 to win their series. That makes choosing team’s pretty tough, with the probability of 2-0s across the board, including in the LCK games which tend to have lower kills. Let’s take a look at Soktastic’s League of Legends DFS projections and Top Stacks tool to see what stands out on Wednesday’s LoL DFS slate.

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League of Legends DFS Projections & Plays: Top Stacks

Edward Gaming

The top stack on the board is EDG. They have a 28.9% chance to be the top stack compared to a 19.1% ownership in the Top Stacks tool. EDG doesn’t stand too far ahead of the other LPL favorites in terms of projection, but it’s their salary that makes them stick out. The LPL favorite has a 37.4% shot to be the top value stack, which makes them the easiest team to fit in with other favorites on tomorrow’s slate. That could boost their ownership over their current 19.1% projection, so be aware of that, in addition to roster construction and duplication.

Meiko comes in as the top points-per-dollar play on EDG. The SUP player is projected for 70.5 fantasy points, which not only makes him the top value on EDG, but also the top value option on Wednesday’s League of Legends DFS slate. He is likely to also be one of the higher owned players on the slate, not just EDG. While it’s always a good choice to combine SUPs with their team’s ADC, there’s a case to be made that the Meiko-Uzi will come in too high owned, and splitting up the pairing is good for differentiation.

And of course, it would be a problem if we didn’t single out Uzi, as well. The returning star is a bit of a wild card, but he has a huge projection and a strong shot to do well in this outing with EDG. That being said, there’s a bit more fragility in their projection due to his return. Sometimes things take time to gel, but EDG will hope to get it going against IG on Wednesday after being trounced by JDG in their last series.

Weibo Gaming

WBG comes in as the second highest projected stack on tomorrow’s slate. They have a 25.3% chance of being the top stack relative to 18.7% ownership. Those numbers look strong, but are a bit under in terms of raw score and leverage compared to EDG. Their salaries are also keeping WBG down. The squad has just a 10.7% of being the top value on tomorrow’s slate, making them the lowest point-per-dollar stack of the LPL favorites.

The top individual value player on WBG is Crisp, returning to the theme of SUP players being priced well on Wednesday. Not to be redundant, but the same stacking issues apply with Crisp as they did to Meiko and Uzi. The “combinatorics” are going to make a case for leaving Light out of stacks with Crisp, as that will be a very common combo. It’s hard enough to differentiate in LoL, so those type of build issues are worth thinking through.

FunPlus Phoenix

TES is just below WBG as the top stacking option on tomorrow’s slate. TES’s opponent, FPX is the top underdog. FPX are a sizeable +450 underdog to take down Top Esports, but when they do they have a solid kill upside as LPL underdogs. They have a 4.2% chance of being the top stack and are projecting for just 3% ownership. To put that in perspective, Gen.G is a -1000 LCK favorite and has just an 8.5% shot to be the top stack. While the LCK powerhouse is more likely to win, when FPX does notch the victory it’s likely to come with more kills.

You won’t need to save too much salary if you play an FPX stack. Nevertheless, the top value on their squad is Lwx, so if you do play them on tomorrow’s League of Legends DFS slate, start with the ADC.

Gen.G and Hanwha Life 

The two LCK favorites round out the top stacks. Korean LoL teams are likely to play slower, objective based games that turn in less kills. That’s the case tomorrow for Gen.G and HLE. Both teams are projected to garner around 16% ownership, which is exorbitantly high compared to their shot of being the top stack. Gen.G have an 8.5% chance to be the top scoring team and HLE has just a 3.6% shot. Their huge win odds have inspired the DraftKings algorithm to price them quite high, as both come in at around 4% to be the top value stack. The issue will be how much to play, and if that ownership actually comes in at those numbers. They look bad in the tools, but GEN and HLE could end up being solid options when all is said and done.


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