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Projected fantasy points created and used by the #1 ranked DFS player in the world. The projected points include detailed stat lines like passing, rushing, and receiving yards. In addition to the specific stats, we show the amount of opportunities by the way of passing and rushing attempts as well as targets. Projections are updated all the way through each game’s lock so you can gain an advantage on your competitor through late swap as news changes!

We offer the most accurate and current ownership projections in the industry for the Main slates. But we don’t just stop there, we have ownership projections for early, afternoon, and the ever-growing Showdown slates too!

Using Stokastic’s simulation model, we calculate the probability that each player ends in the optimal lineup. 

The top stack tool is one of the best ways to start a lineup in the industry! In NFL a stack means a lineup with multiple players from the same team. This type of lineup construction leads to additional upside for taking down tournaments. Using our simulation model, we calculate the probability that each team is the top stack of the slate. Compare this to ownership to find even more leverage!

Using Stokastic’s range of outcome projections, we calculate the probability a player will hit the value needed to win a tournament, AKA “boom,” or completely “bust.”

Quickly build a handful of lineups with our lineup builder which uses our proprietary formula to grade each lineup for value and uniqueness.

All of our season long content, Unparalleled showdown and Tiers coverage including our popular top stacks tool, Big Board rankings, Player value rankings, Projected ownership rankings, expert Discord chat, etc.

Primetime Games

We have the best coverage in the industry for the fast growing showdown/Single Game contests! For all games that aren’t included in the main slate and have large Single Game contests we provide the same projected points that are included in our premium package that are created and used by the #1 ranked DFS player in the world.

We offer the most accurate and current ownership projections in the industry for all Showdown/Single Game contest that are stand alone games such as Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football.

Using our proprietary simulation model we determine how likely each player is to end up in the optimal lineup. Compare these probabilities to the player’s ownership to gain leverage on the competition!

Chat with like-minded DFS players including our own DFS pros. Get alerted of all late breaking news including scratches and starting lineup changes in real time.

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Who is Alex Baker?

Awesemo's team of daily fantasy baseball experts give you a MLB DFS tutorial 6/21/21.

Alex Baker has been playing daily fantasy professionally since 2015 under the handle Awesemo. Working his way up from the smallest stakes, he has been the #1 overall ranked player in DFS since 2017 on the strength of his predictive models for sports. As the competition has gotten more sophisticated, Alex has used game theory to build a winning strategy combining his fantasy and ownership projections. To this day, he still participates in almost every DFS tournament available.


Alex has profited more than $7.8 million in his daily fantasy career. 


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Fantasy Cruncher is optimization software for daily fantasy sports lineup building. This version of Fantasy Cruncher we provide is the full version, not stripped down or limited in any way.


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