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If you’re curious about the Boom Fantasy app and looking for a Boom Fantasy promo code, you’re in the right spot. I will tell you exactly how to play, what to play, and what to stay away from on Boom Fantasy. Our Boom Fantasy review covers how to sign up, how to get your welcome bonus, and how we should be taking advantage of some of the free squares that will be super important to making money and profiting over on Boom Fantasy.

Boom Fantasy Promo

Get a refund up to $100 in bonus funds if your first entry loses!

Promo code STOKASTIC10


Boom Fantasy Sports Promotion Highlights & Terms

💰Boom Fantasy Promo Code STOKASTIC10
💵Boom Fantasy Bonus Amount $100
❔Boom Fantasy Promo Description Get a refund up to $100 in bonus funds if your first entry loses!
📝Boom Fantasy Promo Terms Must be 18+ (21+MA & AZ, 19+ AL, NE). Concerned with your play? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
🌎Boom Fantasy Eligible States AK, AR, CA, FL, GA, IL, KS, KY, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VA, D.C., WI
⚾Boom Fantasy Sports Offered Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, MLB, NBA, NCAA, NFL, NHL, PGA, Soccer
✔️Boom Fantasy Promo Verified For May 2024
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How To Claim Your Boom Fantasy Sports Bonus

Check out my Boom Fantasy video review for everything you need to know about how to play and claim our exclusive Boom Fantasy promo code!

Boom Fantasy offers new players a no-sweat first entry up to $100. That means even if you lose your first entry, you get it all back in bonus funds up to $100. My recommendation is any time you get bonuses, if you have the ability to max out the bonus, do so. Because if you win, your bankroll just grows exponentially.

If you lose, you're getting all of that back in bonus funds, right? You're getting all of that straight back into your account.

So, if you're in a position where you can max these out and play the whole $100 on your first entry, go ahead and do that. It makes the most sense. But, even if you only have $10, $20 or $50 and want to try Boom Fantasy first before committing $100, you will get that first entry back if it loses.

Free Squares

One of the biggest advantages of Boom Fantasy over many other DFS apps like PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy is the free squares that you can claim after signing up.

Now, other pick 'em sites offer these, but I've noticed that Boom does them more often. They limit them to two picks per entry, and the maximum entry is only $10. But still, for example, as I'm writing this, we have Eury Pérez free square with a total set at 99.5 strikeouts.

That under is a lock. It's 100% going to hit. He's not going to have 100 strikeouts in a game.

If you were to add that to your entry in the toss-up format, that means you only need to get one of them right in order to 3X your entry.

So, you're still turning $10 into $30 every time if you hit one instead of having to hit two because, in this case, Eury Pérez is a lock. It is a legitimate free square, not just a discounted play, but a legitimate free square every time.

Anytime Boom Fantasy has these, play it because it is the most +EV (expected value) picks you'll get. These are the ones that you should play every time without hesitation, even if it's a dollar. Make sure that you're cashing in on these because they don't happen every day.

Boom Fantasy Sports Overview

Before we get into the logistics of how to play, let's talk about what Boom Fantasy is. In the simplest of terms, Boom Fantasy is a pick ‘em DFS app where you're making predictions on overs or unders on player stats and combining them into a lineup where you can score up to 40X your entry fee, depending on what type of format you're playing. This style of DFS is huge right now and similar to DFS apps like PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy. And at Boom Fantasy, it's slightly different than the other apps.

How to Play

Let's talk about what formats there are to play on Boom Fantasy. They have to pick ‘em toss-ups, pick ‘em long shots, and pick ‘em favorites. They also offer coverage, which is like a pick protection or insurance option. Let's talk about that first.


Coverage at Boom Fantasy means that even if you don't hit all your picks, you still get paid out.

If you take coverage off, you need to hit all five or all four of those picks if it's a four-player, a four-pick entry, but your payout is significantly bigger.

In my opinion, it's better not to go for coverage. One of the reasons being that if you hit a $20 5-pick entry without coverage, you can win $400.

If you had the coverage, like a safety mechanism, right? You will get paid $200 if you hit all five picks, $40 if you hit four of five picks, and $8 for three picks. Is that enough to move the needle for you? If you're a conservative player, then maybe this is an option.

Personally, I would decline the coverage offer. While it may not happen frequently, when you do hit all five, you'll want to receive the maximum payout of $400. It doesn't seem logical to settle for just $8 on a $20 entry for hitting only three of the five numbers.

Toss Ups

My preferred game on Boom Fantasy is Pick 'em Toss Ups. In this game, you select from a pool of propositions that are nearly 50/50 in comparison to the players' projections. You can choose to take the over or the under on these toss-ups. Unlike other game styles such as Long Shots and Favorites, where you can only take the overs, Toss Ups allows you to choose either the overs or the unders.

So you'll pick selections between two through five players. If you get the five you'll see that it automatically has coverage on. So this is where you need to decide how much you want to risk and if you want to utilize the coverage.


In addition to pick ‘em toss-up format, Boom offers match-ups where you choose one player to outperform another player in terms of stats. These players can be from the same game or team, and you can find the match-ups column to make your selections.

Long shots

The next format is pick 'em long shots, where you're picking things like home runs in baseball. For football, it's touchdowns and similar less-probable outcomes depending on the sport.

You can play up to three long shots in one entry. And if you did and hit all of them, you can 40X your entry!

Now, it sounds appealing. But I will say that compared to traditional sportsbooks, these payouts are not as good, and that's why I say you need to know what format you should be playing. I would be leery of this. It doesn't mean you can't do it for fun, but just understand that the odds are not in your favor for some of these.

Another thing to consider with long shots is it's 40X no matter what. So, one of the picks could be +500 in traditional odds, and one could be +380. But they're all getting counted the same in the end. So, that 40X is fun. It's awesome to sweat a huge 40X. But it's not a great value, all things considered.

Refer a Friend

A cool feature with Boom is that they do have a refer-a-friend or invite-a-friend program where you can get $25 per referral. That's pretty cool.

You just go into the app, you click on more, and then you'll see where it says "invite a friend," you tap that, and it'll just pull up whether it's a text, or you wanna DM it to somebody. Send them that link, and you're getting $25 out of the gate that you're just adding to your bankroll at Boom.

Boom Fantasy Promo Codes
verified: May 2024 

Boom Fantasy Bonus

Get a refund up to $100 in bonus funds if your first entry loses!

Promo code STOKASTIC10


Boom Fantasy FAQ

Who can play?

Users must be 18+ years of age to play and deposit (19+ in Nebraska, 21+ in Massachusetts) and all users must have only 1 account.

What happens if there is a cancellation and/or tie?


Each question cancellation reduces the amount of scored questions within an entry and regresses the entry payout down a pick. 

  • 5 picks in an entry regress to 4 picks
  • 4 picks in an entry regress to 3 picks
  • 3 picks in an entry regress to 2 picks
  • If an entry has 2 picks remaining and one gets canceled, then the entry will be canceled and refunded. 

What happens if a player doesn't play in a game?

Questions where a player did not play are equal to cancellations. In the event of a player not playing in a matchup question, the entire question will be canceled.

What are the conditions of a cancellation?

  • NFL/ CFB - if a player doesn't play a snap
  • NBA - if a player plays 0 minutes.
  • MLB - if a player isn’t in the starting lineup (excluding pitchers). If a pitcher does not start but does enter the game in relief, that pitcher is considered active.
  • NHL - if a player does not have at least 1 second time on ice (skater), if a player doesn’t start (goalie).
  • Soccer - if a player doesn’t start.

What happens if your entry has a tie?

Each tied question regresses the entry payout down a pick. 

  • 5 picks in an entry regress to 4 picks
  • 4 picks in an entry regress to 3 picks
  • 3 picks in an entry regress to 2 picks
  • If an entry has 2 picks remaining where one is correct and the other is a tie, the user is subject to a payout. However, if an entry has 2 picks remaining where one is a tie and the other is incorrect then the entry won’t have a payout. If all eligible picks in an entry are tied then the user will be refunded their entry fee.

How does Coverage work?

With Coverage, you are able to win even if one of your picks misses the mark. To play, enter the minimum required picks and turn on the Coverage toggle before submitting your entry.

Coverage Pay Table:

  • 5/5 correct picks - 10x
  • 4/5 correct picks - 2x
  • 3/5 correct picks - 0.4x
  • 4/4 correct picks - 5x
  • 3/4 correct picks - 1.5x
  • 3/3 correct picks - 2.25x
  • 2/3 correct picks - 1.25x

Can I edit or cancel my entry after submitting it?

Submitted entries are final.

What are the different game modes Boom offers?

  • Toss-ups - This is the most traditional version of Pick ’Em. Users can choose to answer both sides of over/unders or matchups questions as they make their entries. 
  • Longshots - The higher the risk the higher the reward. If you think a player will far exceed their expectations or their opponent will underperform, we give you the chance to place an entry on it.  Ex. Justin Jefferson to score 2TD's or LeBron James to score 40+ points in a game. 
  • Favorites - Exactly how it sounds, better odds bets with a lesser payout. 

How do these different came modes pay out?


  • 5/5 correct picks - 20x
  • 4/4 correct picks - 10x
  • 3/3 correct picks - 6x
  • 2/2 correct picks - 3x
  • 1 correct and 1 tie - 1.5x
  • 1 incorrect and 1 tie - No payout


  • 5/5 correct picks - 3x
  • 4/4 correct picks - 2.2x
  • 3/3 correct picks - 1.8x
  • 2/2 correct picks - 1.3x
  • 1 correct and 1 tie - 1.1x
  • 1 incorrect and 1 tie - No payout


  • 3/3 correct picks - 40x
  • 2/2 correct picks - 10x
  • 1 correct and 1 tie - 2.5x
  • 1 incorrect and 1 tie - No payout

Boom Fantasy Sports Review

So, what do I think? I'll tell you straight up. Boom Fantasy is particularly useful for all of you who are in states that don't have legal sports betting. It is a cool, straightforward format with a nice app. Super easy to use.

I prefer to stay with the pick ‘em toss-up instead of the pick ‘em long shot and instead of the pick 'em favorites, where it's exactly what it sounds like. They're heavily favored lines, and all of them, you can only take the over, but you can only 3X your entry, even on five picks. You're not getting +EV with those. The toss-up seems to be that sweet spot where you can really maximize every bit of your entry and payout.

I would highly suggest that you cross-reference these odds with certain sportsbooks when you're looking at playing because these projections aren't going to be traditional odds that you can look at. I want to look at other traditional sportsbooks to see how close or how far off I am from lines or player props at a sportsbook. I found that with the pick ‘em toss-ups, you're getting the closest to those odds and the best possible payout.

I am a little bit concerned about the games where you can get up to 40X your plays on the long shots. But, you can play with lower risk and lower payouts, but still up to 20X with toss-ups.

I don't think I would turn coverage on. I would let it ride because when you do hit that four of four or five of five without coverage, you're gonna be very happy.

Boom Fantasy Promo

Get a refund up to $100 in bonus funds if your first entry loses!

Promo code STOKASTIC10


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