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NHL DFS Early Slate Ownership Projections for DraftKings and FanDuel




NHL DFS Early Slate Ownership Projections for DraftKings & FanDuel

Below you can see Stokastic's NHL DFS Ownership Projections for today's early slate. Here you will see a PREVIEW of our NHL DFS ownership projections data for DraftKings early slate only. The preview does not contain all the players for today's NHL DFS early slate. To get full access, sign up now!

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About Our NHL DFS Early Slate Ownership Projections

Initial NHL DFS ownership projections for the DraftKings early slate will be posted daily by 4PM EST and will be updated thereafter when major NHL DFS news hits. Note that late injury reports will impact not only the injured players' or their replacements' ownership projection, but can affect overall roster construction and therefore, the ownership projection for every other player on the early slate.

How To Use Our NHL DFS Early Slate Ownership Projections

View the video below to see how our NHL DFS early slate ownership projections can be used to build successful hockey lineups.

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