NBA DFS Projections

This is our industry-leading NBA DFS projections data. This valuable information comes from the minds who made literally millions. However, the preview does not contain all players for today's NBA DFS slate nor does it contain the data for all of the DFS sites (you can sign up for full access). Full access comes with DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo! NBA projections.

NBA DFS Projections Preview:

PLEASE NOTE: This data only represents a small subset of all NBA players available on today's DFS slate and does not offer any advanced tools.

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About Our Daily Fantasy Projections

These NBA DFS projections are updated regularly, including whenever any relevant news breaks. Our NBA projections. are managed by Alex Baker, Shawn Zhan, and Steve Buzzard and updated throughout the day as more information becomes available up until the last game tips. These projected points have helped subscribers as well as Stokastic team members win millions in contests across DFS sites!

NBA DFS projections are statistical predictions of how NBA players will perform in a given game or slate. These projections are used by our daily fantasy sports (DFS) players to help them build winning lineups. Our NBA projections are based on a variety of factors, including player performance in recent games, matchup and projected usage. Our projections also take into account other factors such as injuries, player news and team trends.

How To Use Our NBA DFS Projections

NBA DFS Tools & Data

NBA DFS Projections (Premium): Our NBA DFS fantasy point projections dissect every facet of a player's expected performance. These projections amalgamate a wealth of data into easily digestible fantasy-point predictions for each player. They serve as valuable references for manual lineup construction or can be effortlessly integrated into lineup optimizers, yielding multiple lineups in mere seconds. The player's projections page also offers comprehensive underlying data, encompassing projected minutes played, usage rates, and categorical breakdowns (points, rebounds, assists, etc.). We also feature NBA DFS projections specifically tailored for showdown/single-game contests on DraftKings and FanDuel.

NBA Ownership Projections (Premium): In a progressively competitive DFS landscape, knowing not just the top plays but also the under-the-radar gems is vital. Ownership projections furnish you with insights into the expected distribution of ownership percentages among players. This knowledge empowers you to pivot away from highly-owned players and target those who are flying under the radar, providing you with a competitive edge in pursuing sizable Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs).

Ownership Rankings (Express - Premium): Stokastic's Ownership Rankings offer a comparative view of a player's popularity relative to others in their position, ranking all players by ownership projections.

NBA Lineup Generator (Premium): Our Lineup Builder is the ultimate tool for crafting lineups manually. Featuring Stokastic's exclusive rankings, ownership projections, Vegas-implied totals, matchup data, and lineup information, this tool consolidates all necessary information on a single page, streamlining your lineup creation process. Lineups developed on this platform receive a GPA rating based on Stokastic's rankings, along with a contrarian percentile ranking to assess their chalkiness in GPP lineups.

The NBA Boom Bust Tool (Premium): In the realm of DFS, evaluating a player's daily strength in comparison to their popularity is paramount. The NBA Boom Bust Tool dissects individual player performance, calculating their ceiling (75th-percentile performance), floor (25th-percentile performance), and the likelihood of underperforming (busting) or exceeding value (booming). These metrics combine to offer a competitive advantage by identifying under-owned or over-owned players.

The Stokastic Big Board (Premium): Discover who the standout plays on a given slate are – the players most likely to succeed and garner popularity. Stokastic's Big Board ranks every player on a slate, considering fantasy point production and value. Building your lineups with several high-ranking players and a few sleeper selections, along with strategic stacking, puts you in an advantageous position.

The Stokastic NBA DFS Cheatsheet for DraftKings + FanDuel (FREE): Based on our expected player exposure for the night's slate, this cheatsheet highlights the top 15 players featured across Stokastic's lineups.

NBA DFS Daily Content: Our daily NBA DFS content is a treasure trove of knowledge. We are an industry-leader when it comes to NBA projections. Whether it's Eric "EMac" MacPherson dropping his daily DFS insights or one of our esteemed NBA DFS writers, our content leverages our cutting-edge tools and the expertise of some of the finest DFS minds in the industry. We guide players in making informed decisions on a daily basis. If you're seeking NBA betting insights beyond the DFS realm, we can direct you to a source for the most promising NBA wagers on any given night as well.

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