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@StokasticHOF Thanks for the daily fantasy Advice especially @Matt_Gajewski for the advice he gave me for these two games

⁦@StokasticHOF⁩ I won the Cincy vs Tenn Quarter Arcade on Sunday. It’s not much but 300x. This allows me to level up $1 contests. So, my next win will be even bigger. Thanks for the great advice!

@Stokastic_Com @AlexBaker_DFS @EricLindquist @ShipMyMoneyDFS @Loughy_D Thanks for assisting me in understanding DFS. Love it! Punched a ticket!

Grinding all season @Loughy_D @Matt_Gajewski . Missed Dave on this mornings show but props to @Matt_Gajewski for holding the fort down @Stokastic_Com there is no better .

Destiny's Child. Beastie Boys. Three Amigos. The Magi. The three witches from Macbeth.

And now... @EricLindquist @JazzrazDFS and @shandershow (I'm def Beyonce here) make the latest "famous trio of all time" list

@Stokastic_Com @AwesemoDFS @Loughy_D @JoshEngleman @gehrenbergdfs @EricLindquist @stokastichof Im in shock.2 lineups in $4.Hand made. No way I thought i take 2nd for $7500. 1st day using $5 one week trial. Watching u guys 4 over 5 yrs.Never gave up.U guys r de best in industry.

Just want to say thanks to the whole team over at @Stokastic_Com! Best content out there everyday and night! Took 2nd in the 4 dollar on FD main slate Sunday. @StokasticHOF

Didn’t even need to use the full 150 to split second with 13 friends!Thanks to @Stokastic_Com @StokasticHOF and special thanks to @playerqDFS for his awesome showdown videos and game theory podcasts!

@StokasticHOF Just wanted to say thanks to the stokastic team....been a sub since the fanvice merge. Best tools in the biz. Took down the nfl main slate mini max out of 297000+ entries. Special thanks to Alex, Loughy, Ben, the 2 Matts, and Neal gor helping retine my NFL process

When I got up this morning, I didn’t think of ending up here. Using @Stokastic_Com has changed everything and there is plenty of WC ahead. First time subscriber and now @StokasticHOF 📈✅🔥.

Be the next member of our HOF by using out projections and tools.

Stokastic Platinum, just $5.

@StokasticHOF I'm thankful for Stokastic and thankful for DFS. First profitable Thanksgiving slate for me. Let’s keep it going this Sunday #TitanUp

@StokasticHOF Thanks Guys for all the Data and suggestions.
That guy 2 spots below me is pretty cool too! @ShipMyMoneyDFS @JoshEngleman @EricLindquist @gehrenbergdfs

Woah @Stokastic_com + @OddsShopper did you see what @EricLindquist posted in Discord as he was traversing the Atlantic Ocean on his way back to LA tonight?!

Six for Six in his premium channel and They Were NOT Even in DOUBT 🔥

MS Paint Overlay was courtesy of Your Ol' Pal

@Stokastic_Com can one of your smart people calculate the odds, of submitting 20 entries into a 20 MAX with a total of 47,562 entries and tying yourself for 1st place with 2 different
@JoshEngleman @ShipMyMoneyDFS @Loughy_D @gehrenbergdfs thanks for all the content!

3 game slate that didn't tip off until 10, should be a nice relaxing slate they said... ha! Thanks to the tools/projections at Stokastic we got the takedown as well as 3 other members finishing in the top 10!
@StokasticHOF @Stokastic_Com

@StokasticHOF Needless to say, had myself a REALLY GOOD night! And SO CLOSE to 1st! But I'll take it! Thanks to everyone at Stokastic!!!

Klay Thompson with 54 seconds left in the game made a 3pt in garbage time after all starters were pulled…

10/10 ✅

$15 ➡️ $328 💸💰

Get on @nohouseadv

@Loughy_D @StokasticHOF @StokasticNBA @EricLindquist @gehrenbergdfs @OddsShopper #GamblingTwitter #nba #playerprops

Just got my free month of platinum for an nfl showdown first place tie and I finally get a small win in NBA. Shout out to Stokastic for the best tools and analysts in the business!! @StokasticHOF @StokasticNBA @JoshEngleman @ShipMyMoneyDFS thank you all!


@Loughy_D welcomes all of our NEW Stokastic Hall of Fame inductees!

Watch to learn how you can earn a FREE MONTH of Stokastic+ Platinum ⬇️

I can check off winning a large-fill GPP off of my bucket list now🎯

Day 1 of owning @Stokastic_Com Platinum worked out well to say the least.

Big shoutout to @ShipMyMoneyDFS @gehrenbergdfs @JoshEngleman & others for the daily shows as well. A boatload of knowledge to be had.

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