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Dominate the top of the leaderboards with the Awesemo logo as your profile pic and win a FREE month of Platinum access (all sports) to!  Sign up here to play!

Shootouts to the crew at @Stokastic_Com ! Been watching @ShipMyMoneyDFS @JoshEngleman and the rest pretty much daily until I hit this first MLB takedown!
I'll change the logo in the morning!

Really glad I played the second iteration of the $15 instead of the main on DK tonight. Unfortunately only got six innings out of the Orioles, but can’t be mad about the outcome. Can’t say enough about the tools at @Stokastic_Com that make even yours truly a profitable player!


If a HOME RUN is hit tonight in the MLB, we will give one person a FREE WEEK of Stokastic+ & a free week of Premium Bets!

We’re almost at 10K subs on our OS YT channel!

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@AwesemoHOF I'd rather chop 1st than min cash 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Yall won't see me again till football season. Hopefully Week 1

Chop Chop I’ll take it! Onto PGA! 📈🍻💰 ⁦@AwesemoHOF⁩ ⁦@Awesemo_Com⁩ ⁦@AwesemoDFS⁩ ⁦@Loughy_D⁩ ⁦@JazzrazDFS⁩

Took down a few contests with a single bullet with some help from @Awesemo_Com and the @AwesemoMLB crew a couple weeks ago. Thanks for all the tools and content! The MLB subscription is the key! @AwesemoHOF

@EricLindquist you know a thing or two about #Prizepicks heaters right?! Another 10X on that one! $500 into $5k! #easybutton tools and content as always from @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoHOF

Took down the $4 on DraftKings today, so it’s not just a massive PrizePicks heater anymore! Shoutout to the best tools and content in the industry; LET’S KEEP IT ROLLING, SHALL WE?! 🔥🔥🔥 @Awesemo_Com @FantasyCruncher @AwesemoHOF

Trying to get on @EricLindquist level with them #PrizePicks! $300 into $3k I’ll take everyday thanks to the tools/content at @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoHOF

Huge shoutout to the @AwesemoHOF team @ShipMyMoneyDFS @digitalb21 @Gundacker @EricLindquist @gehrenbergdfs for all the great content and DFS advice! Couldn't have done this w/o you guys!

@AwesemoMLB @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoDFS @AwesemoHOF know this one isn’t HOF worthy and my custom avi isn’t either. But i don’t need a free month. Your tools are all i need. Thank you

Finally a worthy hit to share! Watching for years almost every day. Thanks for all you do! You all are Awesomeo! @Awesemo_Com @AwesemoHOF @AwesemoDFS @Loughy_D @ShipMyMoneyDFS @DFSgolfer23 @JazzrazDFS @EricLindquist @gehrenbergdfs @jordandklein

@AwesemoHOF My biggest DK win ever! Thanks Alex & the whole Awesemo crew. Couldn't have done it without you!! You guys rock!!

Tied for first in the nhl showdown quarter jukebox. Thanks @Awesemo_Com and @AwesemoNHL for the content. Contest size of 4756 so just miss out on the free month, but hopeful of being in @AwesemoHOF

What can I say? When 4 of the top 5 in the mini-MAX goes to Awesemo members, you know they’re doing g something right. Tied for 2nd place and a big ROI, I’ll take that any day. Thanks to @AwesemoDFS and the crew for the great content. I’d think this is worthy for @AwesemoHOF 👏

@AwesemoHOF I know this is not an “According to Hoyle” HOF submission, but I wanted to shout out @Loughy_D, @EricLindquist, and the G.O.A.T. himself @AwesemoDFS. I took down the $20 Yahoo contest tonight (chopped three ways). Couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks guys!!

Shout out to the Entire Awesemo crew for the content as we take down another tourney tonight!! The free month paying [email protected] @AwesemoDFS @AwesemoHOF

Got bored with no NBA decided to throw a bullet into some MLB.. Good looks @digitalb21 for the Kirby call!! Had a chance to win it all but my cubs went o for last at bat💲⚾ 💸💰 @AwesemoDFS @AwesemoHOF @EricLindquist

@AwesemoHOF finally got a takedown 6 way split but it’s a start. Can’t thank @ShipMyMoneyDFS and @JoshEngleman enough for their analysis/taking the time to educate on how to be better at dfs. Here’s to more in the future !!!

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