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  • MLB and NBA Player Prop Bet Tools with highest Expected Value (EV)
  • MLB and NBA Pick’Em operator tools the provide support for PrizePicks, Underdog and No House Advantage  

Player props are fun way to wager on an event without necessarily wagering on the final result of the game. MLB, NBA and NFL Player Props are becoming more and more popular since they allow you to take advantage of a players’ advantageous position to hit over or under lines on numbers like homeruns, passing touchdowns, points, assists, rebounds, or a combination of those. We at Stokastic favor these over game lines bets, knowing the market is more inefficient and favorable to bet on. 

We know it’s hard to stay on top of all the MLB, NBA and NFL prop betting options. That’s why we’ve recalibrated the industry’s best DFS projections to help scan the entire player prop market and find positive EV plays. With our simple tables, you can check out 100’s of prop bets today and make an informed decision on what to do next.

The measure of what a bettor can anticipate to win or lose each wager made on the same odds repeatedly is called expected value (EV) in the betting world. A positive expected value (+EV) suggests a future profit, whereas a negative value (-EV) suggests a future loss. Every wager should be made with the intention of finding betting value.

Compare our mean player projections to the lines offered at the sports books so you can make positive EV bets on a nightly basis

Access to all NBA player projections for Minutes, Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks.

Our projections and data are managed by Stokastic’s team of experts, including Alex Baker, Shawn Zhan, and Steve Buzzard, and updated throughout the day as more information becomes available up until the last game tips. Statistical projections are an integral part of a winning process for making NBA player prop bets. 


PLEASE NOTE: This package is independent and separate from our standard NBA DFS or Platinum All-Sport DFS packages. This package grants access only to player prop betting data


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