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🏀 Sorare NBA Projections

Stokastic’s NBA DFS model now assists you in gaining an advantage in the upcoming Sorare NBA slate.

Recent averages, projections, and our proprietary value metric will ensure you’re putting together the best lineups possible with your NBA cards!

Sorare is a new take on NBA fantasy basketball. Players collect digital player cards – NFTs – and build five player line-ups from cards they actually own.

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The Stokastic Edge


With access to the NBA player stat projections that drive our winning DFS player point projection models, you can apply our advanced sports analytics to Sorare NBA and get an edge on the competition!


The Expert Team

Our NBA projections are managed by Stokastic’s team of experts, including Alex Baker, Lee Asher, Rich Green, Shawn Zhan, and Steve Buzzard, and updated throughout the day as more information becomes available up until the last game tips.

Why Use Stokastic for Sorare?

We know it’s hard to stay on top of all the NBA cards and best plays this week. That’s why we’ve recalibrated the industry’s best DFS projections to help find the best plays in the upcoming Sorare NBA slate.

Why Use Value for Sorare NBA?

Using Value as a guide ensures that you are maximizing your salary cap hit and playing players who we believe will outperform Sorare projections.

More about SoRare NBA

Sorare: NBA is a collection of digital trading cards and an NFT-based free-to-play basketball game. Since each collectible trading card is backed by a non-fungible token (“NFT”), they are each minted on the blockchain.


Sorare’s free-to-play games allow sports fans to test their skills in managing a team by creating dream teams composed of their favorite player collectibles and compete in tournaments against other fans.
  • – Collect officially licensed digital NFT cards featuring your favorite NBA players
  • – Build lineups from the cards in your collection and enter them into a variety of competitions
  • – Score points based on the real-life performance of the players in your lineup
  • – Your digital trading cards earn XP when you enter a competition with them, making them more powerful
  • – Compete for rewards with other fans around the world
  • – Buy, sell, trade, and collect your favorite cards with complete freedom