F1 DFS Picks: Singapore Grand Prix DraftKings Best Plays for GPPs and Cash Games

Formula 1 returns to Asia this week after missing the last couple years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first thing to note is that this weekend is going to be wet. The F1 qualifying sessions experienced wet conditions and Sunday’s forecast is calling for a 60% chance of rain that could include thunderstorms. The second thing to note is that this track has been compared to the Monaco circuit because it decreases driver’s chances of passing.

Weather is the massive equalizer as car performance is largely generated by the driver’s ability in the rain. We should see a masterclass showing of this on Sunday.

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton has had a fantastic start to his weekend in Singapore, posting the top lap time in Free Practice 1 and eventually landing third on the starting grid. Putting up quick times in FP1 isn’t always that impressive, but it is key to see this now because it’s the first time all year that Hamilton has topped a Free Practice session.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was going in the opposite direction, only managing to qualify in 8th place after being told to abandon his potential pole winning lap late after the team calculated that the car may not have enough fuel for post-qualifying inspection. Verstappen was visibly frustrated in the post-qualifying press conference where he predicted an annoying race in which he would be stuck behind cars due to the lack of opportunities to pass at this circuit.

Ferrari has put together another solid start to the weekend as they topped FP2 and FP3 times as well as Charles Leclerc took pole position for Sunday’s race.

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The Stokastic team of experts and data analysts has already been in the lab creating a proprietary model and has F1 DFS projections available for this week’s race. Using those F1 Fantasy projections, Stokastic has you covered with all of the best DraftKings F1DFS picks for the Belgian Grand Prix on Sunday.

F1 DFS Picks: DraftKings F1 Fantasy Racing Advice

Best F1 Fantasy & DFS Constructor Picks

Ferrari ($11,200)

Ferrari is the preferred cash and GPP play this weekend as they have a driver starting on pole, while the other is just behind on the second row of the grid. Meanwhile, Red Bull is more expensive and has Verstappen stuck back in eighth after his unfortunate Q3 in qualifying. Mercedes has looked sharper this weekend, but George Russell’s 11th place starting position for Sunday’s race does not inspire much confidence. Ferrari’s biggest enemy has been themselves this season after continuous blunders have cost them vital championship points and have cost their top driver, Leclerc, potential wins. This week feels like a spot where Ferrari will right the ship and silence the doubters.

Red Bull ($11,900)

As it was stated in the F1 DFS Preview: Singapore Grand Prix, this season has been ruled by Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. Sergio Perez put together an incredible final lap during qualifying to position himself second on the grid. It is harder to pay up for Red Bull this weekend simply because of the more difficult track and wet conditions, but with all that said, they are still very much in play for GPPs.

Alphatauri ($3,700)

If players are looking to go off the board this week in a wet race that can cause havoc, the Alphatauri constructor seems like a logical fit. Both Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda are starting in seventh and 10th respectively and are the only team aside from Ferrari and Red Bull to have both drivers in the top 10. Using this constructor comes with plenty of volatility so using them in GPPs is the preferred option.

Best F1 Fantasy & DFS Driver Picks

Charles Leclerc ($11,000 DraftKings; First)

This race has been compared to the Monaco circuit because of the tight race track and limited areas to overtake. If that’s going to play out on Sunday in the wet, it definitely gives the edge to Leclerc above all other drivers. He has gotten very unlucky this season with team blunders and car mechanics, but he has also cost himself potential podiums crashing multiple times with no one around him. His starting position on the grid and the fact that Verstappen is back in eighth are two massively positive points for him to be your captain driver.

Max Verstappen ($12,400 DraftKings; Eighth)

Verstappen is the make or break piece this weekend for all contests . Will players face him because of his starting position or will more flock to him because now he can get over-taking points as well? Verstappen has shown his dominance in all forms and should be starting on the front row of the grid if not for the fuel management from the team during Q3 on Saturday. The wet conditions and tight race lines should make it harder for him to simply jet by the other cars on the track. For that reason, Verstappen is someone that could go over-owned in GPPs compared to his actual finish odds as he is not even the betting favorite now after coming into the week around -200 to win the Grand Prix.

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Lewis Hamilton ($9,800 DraftKings; Second)

The Mercedes team is running out of races and there is no doubt that they desperately want to win at least one race before the end of the year. Hamilton has a multitude of factors that positively affect him for Sunday’s race. First of all, his team mate George Russell is starting back in 11th which only works in to project him to earn the bonus points, as well as his experience on this track and wet conditions which all seem to play right into Mercedes’ hands. Coming into the season, it would have been blasphemy to say that Mercedes would not win a single Grand Prix all year, but here we are with just six races left on the calendar and they have yet to take a checkered flag. Look for Hamilton to push more than usual in tough conditions. There is potential for him to be in the captain spot as Ferrari’s Leclerc has been his own worst enemy all year in all conditions.

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Fernando Alonso ($7,000 DraftKings; Fifth)

This race could set up to be havoc right at the start so having a mid-priced play who has a podium upside in these conditions could be the way to go. Alonso has been under the media microscope this season after deciding to sign a massive deal with Aston Martin and moving on from Alpine after just two years. He is a very risky option because playing him means that players will be going with a more balanced approach because there are not many ways to fit him into lineups with two of the top six drivers. What Alonso does have working in his favor is that his team mate Esteban Ocon is starting back in 18th place.

Kevin Magnussen ($3,200 DraftKings; Ninth)

The HAAS driver is one of two drivers under $5,800 to start in the top half of the grid. Kevin Magnussen has raced at this track before, under the bright lights which should give him an advantage over his team mate Mick Schumacher who is starting four spots behind him and is $800 more expensive. Magnussen is a wild card since he has been involved in multiple accidents this season, but his price tag and starting position will make him one of the most rostered plays for cash and GPPs.

Pierre Gasly ($6,000 DraftKings; Seventh)

If players are looking to go for a more balanced build or are trying to get a little different for GPPs, Gasly seems to fit the mold. The Alphatauri driver is back at the same track he made his F1 debut five years ago and has shown quite a decent pace all weekend. The wet conditions should help him keep closer to the other drivers in more developed cars and he could even gain a couple positions if there is havoc. Gasly is also starting three spots ahead of his team mate Yuki Tsunoda.

Alex Albon ($4,400 DraftKings; 19th)

The Williams car did not look good in Saturday’s qualifying as both Alex Albon and Nicholas Latifi were the bottom two times and will start in 19th and 20th. The one good thing about their starting positions is that they can’t hurt you in terms of losing you points. Albon has shown his dominance over his team mate all year long and this should be another easy 6 point race for Albon, who could also pick up some over-taking points if there are accidents along the way. Albon does not offer the upside compared to other drivers in better starting positions, but his median projection puts him nicely in the cash game plays.

If players want to get frisky, using the Alphatauri constructor allows for builds that could feature Leclerc, Hamilton and Verstappen.

As far as cash game construction goes, using Leclerc at captain and Ferrari as the constructor leaves players with $5,500 per driver, which gives plenty of roster flexibility.

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