Sleeper Fantasy Predictions Today: One Last Luka Sale (June 14)

We cashed our MLB Sleeper entry last night and now turn our attention to the NBA Finals. Let’s hit the weekend on a positive note with some massive NBA value on the Sleeper app. We still have a pick on sale to play with, so we can look at some smaller markets for better value. The Mavericks are cooked; facing elimination, they are down to their last leg. Neither Kyrie Irving nor Luka Doncic has truly impressed — taken out of games for different reasons — but ultimately the Celtics are the better team with better stars. Let’s see if Dallas has anything left in the tank or if the Celtics ride out the sweep — here are today’s NBA Sleeper predictions!

Sleeper Fantasy Predictions Today — NBA Slate

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Pick on Sale: Luka Doncic M/L Than 0.5 Points

This pick on sale is available for new users tonight, but we still recommend playing the bottom pick for an entry.

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Jrue Holiday M/L Than 23.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists

The Celtics have to be thanking stars or any entity above for landing Jrue Holiday. The already one-time NBA champion will add another ring to his collection, doing it as a main vehicle for Boston’s success. He’s picked up where Jayson Tatum was struggling, allowing Jaylen Brown to become more of a playmaker by hitting shots. It’s been a fantastic run for Holiday against this Mavericks backcourt, all the while picking up for teammates when needed. That’s not just a guy having a good stretch; it’s a champion understanding where to apply glue and keep a ship together. It is hard to imagine that Holiday won’t find more spots tonight — across three different markets.

We take more than 23.5 points + rebounds + assists simply because he has a nose for finding those spots. He fell short in Game 3 despite clearing it in each of the two games prior. Last game was tricky with a heavy lead followed by a massive comeback. It wasn’t the typical flow where Holiday has taken advantage. Maybe Tatum will continue this resurgence, maybe not. Either way it doesn’t matter because Holiday should be in an easier game flow where he can score, pass or grab a few boards.

Sleeper Prediction: Jrue Holiday MORE Than 23.5 Points + Rebounds + Assists

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Kyrie Irving M/L Than 25.5 Points

I’m having a hard time comprehending where the massive benefit of the doubt is coming from surrounding Kyrie Irving. Sure, a former champion who has played at an elite level deserves some respect, but this 25.5-point total is rather absurd. Irving’s had multiple chances to reverse this year’s narrative but failed to do so, even in last game’s performance. While it’s not all on him by any means, the Celtics have put an immense amount of defensive pressure on Irving, and their style is phasing out one of his key advantages.

The Celtics are bombs away from 3, all night. They put pressure on opponents to return fire or suffer trading 2’s for 3’s. Irving flat out struggled in the first two games, and if recent history is any indicator — his Game 3 performance was an outlier at best. The Celtics can’t take their foot off the gas, be it pressuring Doncic or Irving, and with the door about to shut on the Mavericks season, we don’t expect any last minute heroics from Irving. If anything, we expect another rough game from the floor.

Sleeper Prediction: Kyrie Irving LESS Than 25.5 Points

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