UFC 300 DFS Picks: Attack Alex Pereira in the Main Event?

UFC 300 is not just a milestone event; it’s a battleground where legends are made and UFC DFS fortunes can be won or lost. In the sea of fighters, three stand out for their ability to turn the tide of any battle. There fighters will set the stage for a UFC DFS strategy that balances raw power, technical mastery and the thrill of the underdog victory. Let’s break down what makes each of these fighters a prime pick for your UFC DraftKings lineup.

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UFC 300 DFS Picks: Charles Oliveira, Alex Pereira & More

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Bo Nickal: The Mat Maverick

Bo Nickal has translated his three-time Division I National Championship pedigree into an undefeated MMA streak. His adaptability is uncanny; his dominance, undeniable. With each fight averaging under two minutes, Nickal’s quick finishes aren’t just wins — they’re statements. His record so far is a testament to a fighter who’s as comfortable securing a submission as he is landing a decisive knockout.

Why Nickal Is Your DFS Ace

  • Expertise Across Disciplines: A Hodge Trophy winner turned MMA sensation, Nickal’s seamless adaptation from collegiate wrestling to professional fighting is a path to major fantasy points. His grappling acumen ensures control, while his striking demonstrates the evolution of his fight game.
  • The Finisher’s Edge: With a 100% finishing rate split between submissions and knockouts, Nickal is a top performer who promises not just to win but to win big — perfect for those MMA DFS points.
  • Battle-Tested, Battle-Ready: Despite fewer MMA bouts, Nickal’s extensive competitive wrestling background means he’s no stranger to high-pressure situations — a crucial factor when the Octagon door closes.

Alex Pereira: The Knockout Connoisseur

Alex Pereira’s transition from the kickboxing elite to MMA stardom has been marked by a clear throughline: Devastating power. A lethal striker with precision to match, Pereira’s entry into the UFC was anticipated as the arrival of a new force in the middleweight division. With a significant strike accuracy of 60% and the knockout power to put formidable opponents to the canvas, Pereira isn’t just a fighter; he’s an event unto himself.

Why Pereira Is a Must-Have in DFS

  • Strategic Striking: Pereira doesn’t waste movements. Each strike is a calculated attempt to end the fight, and in MMA DFS, that translates to high-value points.
  • Power That Pays Off: With a history of knocking out opponents, Pereira’s ability to secure a knockout is a coveted asset in any DFS lineup, where a sudden finish can dramatically shift the standings.
  • Experience That Counts: Pereira’s bouts in high-level kickboxing have prepared him for the big stage, making him a seasoned competitor who’s unfazed by the spotlight.

Charles Oliveira: The Jiu-Jitsu Juggernaut

In Charles Oliveira we find the embodiment of resilience and skill. As an underdog, he has continuously defied odds, cementing his status as the UFC’s submission record holder. His journey through the ranks has been a showcase of tenacity and an unwavering will to win, making him a wild card pick that can upend any DFS strategy. With the highest submission finish rate in his division, Oliveira is a live wire in any fight — capable of ending bouts in positions where others see dead ends.

Why Oliveira Is Your Dark Horse

  • Submissions Galore: In MMA DFS, a submission specialist is akin to a gold mine, and Oliveira’s track record in securing fight-ending holds is unmatched. His knack for finding an opponent’s limb or neck in a scramble is a sight to behold.
  • The Underdog’s Upside: Betting on Oliveira is betting on the thrill of the upset. He enters each bout with the potential to surprise, and for the DFS player looking for a high-reward pick, Oliveira’s your fighter.
  • Resilience and Versatility: His career has been a master class in adaptation and perseverance, from overcoming setbacks to achieving historic victories. Oliveira doesn’t just bring a rich skillset into the Octagon; he brings a story of triumph that could very well continue at UFC 300.

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