DraftKings and FanDuel NHL Rankings, Wednesday 4/4


NamePositionDK SalaryFD SalaryFptsDK ValueFD ValueTeamLinePP
Alex PietrangeloD65005800ABASTL11
Colton ParaykoD54004600ABASTL22
Jake AllenG85008500ABASTLconfirm0
Mike HoffmanW60006600ABAOTT11
Ryan O'ReillyC54006300ABABUF21
Vladimir TarasenkoW76007700ABASTL11
Corey PerryW58006300ACCANA12
Jack EichelC75007700ACBBUF11
Jaden SchwartzW66006600ACBSTL11
Matt DucheneC63006200ACBOTT11
Mikael GranlundW61006700ACCMIN11
Patrick KaneW64008200ACDCHI11
Rasmus RistolainenD55005300ACABUF11
Rickard RakellW71007100ACCANA11
Ryan GetzlafC73007400ACBANA11
Zach PariseW62006500ACCMIN11
Brayden SchennC70006600ADBSTL11
Eric StaalC66007300ADDMIN22
Joel EdmundsonD37003700BAASTL10
Patrik BerglundW38004600BAASTL22
Brandon SaadW47005500BBBCHI11
Brent SeabrookD41004900BBCCHI12
Chad JohnsonG73008000BBABUFconfirm0
Duncan KeithD44005000BBBCHI12
Jason PominvilleW41004300BBABUF12
Kyle OkposoW43005400BBCBUF31
Mikko KoivuC44005300BBBMIN11
Ryan KeslerC40005200BBCANA22
Adam HenriqueC47005500BCCANA31
Alex SteenW55005300BCASTL21
Bobby RyanW51004800BCBOTT21
Hampus LindholmD49004600BCBANA11
Jakob SilfverbergW53005600BCCANA20
Jason ZuckerW57006100BCCMIN22
Ryan MillerG82008400BCAANAconfirm0
Sam ReinhartW59005600BDBBUF21
Dmitrij JaskinW30003500CAASTL30
Mark BorowieckiD30003500CABOTT10
Vladimir SobotkaC33004200CABSTL32
Zack SmithC32003800CAAOTT30
Artem AnisimovC35004800CBDCHI31
Brendan GuhleD29003500CBBBUF20
Cody CeciD40004100CBBOTT22
Evan RodriguesW33003600CBABUF12
Jordan OesterleD31003500CBBCHI30
Marco ScandellaD36003700CBABUF12
Vince DunnD35004000CBBSTL22
Alex DeBrincatW42005700CCECHI22
Andrew CoglianoW37004000CCBANA20
Brandon MontourD46004100CCBANA21
Casey MittelstadtC37003300CCABUF32
Charlie CoyleW40005200CCDMIN30
Craig AndersonG72007300CCAOTTconfirm0
Erik GustafssonD42004300CCCCHI21
Jean-Gabriel PageauC42004700CCCOTT21
Jonas BrodinD38003600CCBMIN12
Kyle BrodziakC38003400CCBSTL20
Nino NiederreiterW45005100CCCMIN22
Patrick SharpW34004300CCDCHI40
Ryan DzingelW39004500CCCOTT32
Mathew DumbaD51005100CDDMIN11
Ondrej KaseW49003800CDAANA32
Nick SchmaltzC49005400CEECHI11
Casey NelsonD28003600DBDBUF20
Filip ChlapikC27003000DBBOTT40
Magnus PaajarviW29003600DBCOTT30
Nathan BeaulieuD27003500DBCBUF30
Scott WilsonW29003600DBCBUF20
Alexandre BurrowsW28003100DCBOTT42
Colin WhiteW28003200DCCOTT12
Connor MurphyD29003600DCDCHI20
Devan DubnykG76008700DCCMINprob0
Francois BeaucheminD32003500DCCANA20
Fredrik ClaessonD28003500DCEOTT30
Joel Eriksson-ekC29003200DCCMIN40
Johan LarssonC28003500DCDBUF40
Josh MansonD34003900DCDANA10
Justin FalkD27003500DCDBUF30
Marcus FolignoW28003200DCDMIN40
Nicholas BaptisteW28003200DCCBUF42
Nick RitchieW30003900DCDANA30
Robert BortuzzoD29003600DCDSTL30
Tage ThompsonW28003000DCBSTL32
Tom PyattW31003700DCCOTT20
Vincent HinostrozaW32003700DCCCHI40
Andreas MartinsenW27003000DDDCHI30
Andy WelinskiD27006200DDEANA32
Ivan BarbashevW27003400DDESTL40
Jan RuttaD29003700DDECHI30
Marcus PetterssonD28003500DDEANA32
Matt CullenC30003300DDDMIN30
Max McCormickW27003000DDDOTT40
Nate ProsserD27003500DDEMIN22
Ryan MurphyD33003500DDCMIN31
Thomas ChabotD39003900DDDOTT11
Tomas JurcoW31003800DDECHI30
Victor EjdsellC29003400DDECHI22
Daniel WinnikW29003100DEEMIN40
J-F BerubeG69007500EDCCHI00
Ben HarpurD26003500EEEOTT30
Carson SoucyD2700#N/AEE#N/AMIN30
Chris ButlerD2500#N/AEE#N/ASTL30
Chris ThorburnW2700#N/AEE#N/ASTL40
Christian WolaninD27003500EEEOTT22
David KampfC31003500EEECHI40
Derek GrantC28003600EEEANA40
J.T. BrownW27003000EEEANA40
Jason ChimeraW28003100EEEANA40
Jordan GreenwayW29003000EEEMIN30
Jordan NolanW28003000EEEBUF40
Nick SeelerD28003500EEEMIN20
Oskar SundqvistC27003000EEESTL40
Tyler SikuraC27003000EEECHI22

Alex Baker
Alex is better known to fantasy players by his handle "Awesemo" from seeing him in every big tournament in the industry. Playing poker professionally from 2009-2015, he heard that daily fantasy was the next big game picking up steam, and he quickly saw the potential of the relatively new game. Growing his bankroll from 2015-2016, he made a big step in 2017 by claiming the #1 overall ranking on RotoGrinders for the year. After completing his primary objective, he was looking for what's next. Attending dozens of fantasy events, Alex realized that everyone was repeating the same story: wanting to be a great DFS player while holding down a full-time job. He realized that the resources available to fantasy players while great weren't enough to help hobbyists get to the level of competing with the top pros. Having met Tom Kennedy during the FanDuel Scottish Open, the two decided to take on the realm of fantasy content along with co-founder Eddie Lai. Alex creates his own projections for each sport he plays, publishing rankings derived directly from them updated for each major slate. He also writes strategy content for how to become a better DFS player in his Game Plan series. You can contact Alex by emailing [email protected].

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