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Stokastic Announces New Cutting-Edge High Stakes Ownership Projections for NBA DFS




Sharp NBA DFS players don’t behave like square ones. As you build your bankroll, you’ll start to encounter progressively more competitive fields — and you’ll have to beat increasingly better-constructed lineups. Although Stokastic’s standard NBA DFS ownership projections can still help you find an edge, they factor in users from lower-stakes contests. For those looking for insight into big-money contests, Stokastic is proud to announce its new Mid- and High Stakes Ownership Projections.

Stokastic Announces New NBA DFS High Stakes Ownership Projections

Adapt or die. Sharp NBA DFS players know that profit requires constant self-improvement, and Stokastic’s new High Stakes Ownership Projections provide an opportunity for just that. The tool offers you the chance to gain an edge on other high rollers competing for massive payouts. This innovative product parses out bigger, small-money contests from the smaller, big-money contests that sharps dominate. Its precise ownership projections allow you to build lineups while staying ahead of the competition.

Those familiar with Stokastic’s standard NBA DFS ownership projections will recognize the interface:

Stokastic’s NBA DFS High Stakes Ownership Projections are indexed by contest type and DFS site. Users can sort by salary to find affordable leverage plays or expensive chalk for a given night’s slate. Those looking for specific players can use the search function to test their suspicions about their projected ownership. And for those who prefer to view the data with another program, the projections are easily exportable.

The High Stakes Ownership Projections are sure to revolutionize NBA DFS. The tool provides valuable insight into which plays are favored by experienced sharps, giving big-money players a chance to find leverage — and small-money players a chance to tail the world’s best NBA DFS players.

This tool fills the gap between standard ownership projections and enhanced ones. Previously, NBA DFS players relying on Stokastic’s standard ownership projections had to approximate which plays were more popular among sharps than others. That process took time, and, if you guessed wrong, cost money. But with the new High Stakes Ownership Projections, that inefficiency is a thing of the past.

Newer NBA DFS players can benefit from a subscription to the tool as well. With a subscription, novice players can get inside the minds of their more experienced counterparts. That may help you filter out separate good chalk from bad chalk — something into which standard ownership projections won’t offer much insight. 

By subscribing to our High Stakes Ownership Projections, you’ll get access to up-to-date projected ownership data as well as real-time updates until just before lock, helping you find the best plays and maximize your success rate in NBA DFS contests. It’s easy to get started — all you need to do is subscribe here.

Don’t settle for generic or outdated advice. Use the latest insights from Stokastic’s industry-leading NBA DFS High Stakes Ownership Projections and join an elite group of DFS players who know what it takes to be successful in an ever-changing landscape. Take advantage of this opportunity now and elevate your results.

Isaiah Sirois is a Sports Betting Analyst at OddsShopper/Stokastic specializing in basketball, football and motorsports. He uses a wide variety of analytical tools to identify value on event-specific markets, and you trust his columns will be stuffed to the brim with data. Basketball is Isaiah’s favorite sport to handicap, and he has covered NBA, WNBA, NCAA and FIBA markets for OddsShopper and other sites. However, Isaiah’s favorite sport to follow is auto racing, and you can usually find him watching NASCAR or IndyCar during their seasons. He will be a fan of Team Penske and Ford Performance until the end of time. Isaiah graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history from Emory University.