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Projected fantasy points for every player on the slate for every site that we cover. All projections are created and used by Alex “Awesemo” Baker, the #1 ranked DFS player in the world. Projections even include a probability of postponement for any games that are threatened by bad weather. With constant updates through each game’s lock, Stokastic members gain a major advantage on the competition with their ability to late-swap to the best possible plays as lineups are announced. Projections are specific to each of the major sites, including: DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo, and No House Advantage.

Stokastic offers the most accurate and up to the minute ownership projections in the industry for MLB Main slates. We don’t just stop there, MLB Ownership projections include slate-specific updates for qualifying Early, Night, and Showdown slates as well, providing the industry’s biggest edge for alternate-slate competitions.

The Stokastic Top Stacks tool is the industry’s best tool to build an MLB DFS lineup. In MLB, a stack refers to a lineup that includes multiple players from the same team. This type of roster construction leads to additional upside, through the sport’s naturally correlated scoring, which is key to taking down the industry’s largest tournament prizes.


Using Stokastic’s proprietary simulation model, the team calculates the probability that each team is the top stack or top value of the slate. Probabilities are compared to projected ownership of a stack to find the state’s best leverage and upside situations.

Just like with the Top Stacks Tool, Stokastic’s custom-build pitching simulation model determines the probability of each pitcher being the slate’s top scorer or top value. For two-pitcher sites such as DraftKings, probabilities are adjusted to account for the required construction. The Top Pitchers Tool is the best guide to deciding between the best stars and finding the slate’s under-owned upside plays

The Top Batters Tool is much like the Top Pitchers Tool, where the probabilities of a myriad of categories will determine where batters rank within their position and what percentage of the time they’ll be the highest-scoring player at their position.

Looking to take your DFS game to the next level? With Lineup Generator’s cutting-edge contest simulations, you can quickly and easily create winning lineups for any contest.

Our powerful algorithms analyze player data and trends to help you make the best choices for your lineup. And with our easy-to-use interface, you can have your lineups built in seconds – no more hours spent researching players and agonizing over who to pick.

Every projected player’s probability of being in the optimal lineup is calculated using Stokastic’s custom-built simulation models

The core of the Stokastic community, where members can chat with likeminded DFS players, including the site’s DFS pros. Featured channels with highly active communities are provided for every sport, and real-time alerts are provided for all late-breaking news. The Discord channels include DFS101, our members-only learning space where we have an extremely active ongoing Q&A, with topics ranging from basic lineup construction to how-to questions about the site’s tools, as well as advanced concepts like creating simulations and sorting tables. New member status rewards and community features like season-long member leagues and more are popping up all the time!

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Weekly subscription terms are 7 days, and monthly subscriptions last until the same day in the following month. All subscriptions AUTOMATICALLY RENEW. If you don’t want to renew, it’s easy to cancel anytime under Account > Subscriptions. Please email us with any billing issues at [email protected].

If your account shows as “Pending” after a few minutes, it is likely because you entered invalid payment info. Please check if you have been billed, and if not, try again with valid payment info.

Fantasy Cruncher is optimization software for daily fantasy sports lineup building. This version of Fantasy Cruncher we provide is the full version, not stripped down or limited in any way.

To top it all off, Stokastic’s projections come pre-loaded in the optimizer!

If you’d like to upgrade from a sport-specific package to All-Access, please send an email to [email protected]. We will issue a partial refund for the unused amount of the sport specific subscription, so long as the time period of the new subscription is at least as long as the current subscription. (e.g. we will not issue partial refunds of existing monthly sport-specific subscriptions if you sign up for a new weekly all-access subscription)