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New players signing up with Vivid Picks can have their first deposit matched up to $300 as well as a $25 secure play by using the Vivid Picks promo code STOKASTIC2. Vivid Picks is an innovative platform, providing real-money, head-to-head and pick'em contests like other DFS apps such as PrizePicks and Underdog Fantasy. With multipliers reaching up to 100x, Vivid also integrates a social aspect where users can engage in conversations and compare picks with both friends and strangers. Read as we break down the Vivid Picks app and its DFS contests.

Vivid Picks Promo

Get $300 First Deposit Match + $25 Secure Play

Promo code STOKASTIC2


Vivid Picks Fantasy Sports Promotion Highlights & Terms

💰Vivid Picks Promo Code STOKASTIC2
💵Vivid Picks Bonus Amount $325
❔Vivid Picks Promo Description Get $300 First Deposit Match + $25 Secure Play
🌎Vivid Picks Eligible States AK, AR, CA, FL, GA, IL, KY, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, D.C., WI
⚾Vivid Picks Sports Offered Baseball, Basketball, Esports, Football, Golf, MMA, NASCAR, NBA, Soccer
✔️Vivid Picks Promo Verified For July 2024
💯Vivid Picks Bonus Link Play Vivid Picks Now

How To Claim Your Vivid Picks Fantasy Sports Bonus

In addition to payouts up to 100x, new players using Vivid Picks promo code STOKASTIC2 upon signing up will receive a first deposit match of up to $300 and a $25 secure play. If your initial pick results in a loss, Vivid Picks will reimburse you up to $25 in Vivid Bucks!

vivid picks bonus

It's important to note that this is just one of the promotions you will find on Vivid Picks. Other offers that could be in effect at any given time include:

  • Discounted player projections: In Over/Under contests, player statistical targets are reduced to encourage more Over plays.
  • Partial Payouts: Vivid may partially pay out winnings for your entry if you only get some of your picks correct.
  • Redeposit Bonus: Redeposit bonuses motivate returning users by offering a bonus for replenishing their Vivid Picks bankroll, unlike typical deposit bonuses that generally only reward new users.
  • Protected Plays: Similar to "no-sweat bets" at sportsbooks, Vivid returns losses in the form of Vivid Bucks if your entry loses as a protected play.
  • Flash Sales: Quick discounts lasting for a brief period.
  • Reward/Fan-Based Challenges: Build a team in challenges and compete against other users for Vivid Bucks.
  • Social Boosts: Increase potential payouts by following and being followed by a friend, then submitting an entry together for the same game.
  • Pre-Packaged Boosts: Vivid chooses players and their stats to receive boosts for the day.
  • Free-to-play games: Participate in free contests where you go after longshots like a 20-pick entry for the chance at huge payouts.

Please be aware that most, if not all, of these promotions cannot be combined with any other offers from Vivid Picks.

Step 1: Click Stokastic Link to Sign Up

Click this link to visit Vivid Picks and select your preferred signup method. Options include using your Vivid Seats account, Facebook, Apple or your email address.

Step 2: Add Personal Information


Provide your personal details, such as username, password, email, first and last name, and (optionally) a profile picture.

Step 3: Deposit Money

Verify your identity by adding your home address. Once this is completed, you can deposit by clicking on the plus sign located in the top-left corner of the app screen. Enter your desired deposit amount, confirm by checking the box and click Continue to complete the deposit process.

Step 4: Start Playing Vivid Picks

With your deposited funds, you're ready to begin building entries with Vivid!

Vivid Picks Fantasy Sports Overview

On top of the $300 deposit match and $25 secure play, Vivid Picks offers some of the best payouts in the DFS industry, with potential to win up to 100x your investment! Sign up now via Stokastic to get your deposit doubled and start winning big with Vivid Picks.

vivid picks bonus

Ups and Downs of Vivid Picks


  • Social aspect for chatting and viewing/using others' picks
  • Wider range of sports options than other new DFS apps
  • User-friendly and intuitive mobile app
  • Offers head-to-head picks in addition to traditional pick'em format


  • Limited withdrawal methods
  • Mediocre customer service
  • No desktop option

Vivid Picks Fun Facts 

  • Vivid Picks adds a social component to daily fantasy where users can view others' plays.
  • Ticket exchanger Vivid Seats is a sister service to Vivid Picks, and it is also available in the Vivid Picks app.
  • New users can earn a first deposit match of up to $300 with Vivid Picks.
  • Vivid Picks offers both traditional pick'em and head-to-head contests where users can predict the better-performing player on a given slate.

Vivid Picks Promo Codes
verified: July 2024 

Vivid Picks Bonus

Get $300 First Deposit Match + $25 Secure Play

Promo code STOKASTIC2


Where is Vivid Picks Legal to Play?

Vivid Picks is live in the following states:

Vivid Picks FAQ

What You Need to Know About Vivid Picks

Vivid Picks is a Daily Fantasy Sports app in the same vein as other pick'em-style DFS platforms such as PrizePicks and Sleeper Fantasy. Their "Over/Under" pick'em contests follow the standard format where users predict whether an athlete will surpass or fall below a statistical target set by Vivid. As more picks are added, the payout multiplier increases.

What distinguishes Vivid Picks contests is the inclusion of a head-to-head game called "Versus." We will break that down in detail below.

Vivid Picks sets itself apart through its social aspect. The app incorporates a feed displaying picks made by other users, and you can filter the feed to view selections by those you follow or by everyone on the app. If you like someone's picks, you have the option to play their entry and make adjustments as needed.

Additionally, Vivid Picks introduces a reward system known as Vivid Bucks, which users can acquire through promotions, competition victories or paybacks for partially correct entries. Although Vivid Bucks do not have monetary value, they can be used to compete for cash winnings.

Vivid Picks Versus

In this mode, users are presented with two players and a specific statistic, requiring them to determine which player will perform better in that stat. To add some complexity, many head-to-heads are structured like betting spreads, where one player must "cover" a certain margin. For instance, a Versus scenario might feature Chet Holmgren vs. Rudy Gobert competing for more rebounds, with Holmgren listed at +4.5. If Holmgren's rebound total is within four of Gobert's, he wins the Versus; if Gobert leads by five rebounds or more, he takes it.

Vivid Picks Fantasy Sports Review

Vivid Picks App

The Vivid Picks app takes an innovative approach to daily fantasy sports, integrating various contests and a social experience. In this overview, we'll delve into the Vivid Picks app, dissecting its features and viability as a DFS operator.

Vivid App Layout

The design of the Vivid Picks app is sharp and modern, with a similar color scheme to Sleeper Fantasy's app, although the layout is unique. The home page of Vivid features a scrolling bar at the top displaying all available sports, and just above that, there's a search bar for exploring players and teams. The remaining space on the home screen showcases some games, which you can click to go to the player picks screen.

Once on the picks screen, your first decision is whether to play Over/Under or Versus, after which you are presented with the pick options. Choose a minimum of two player stats (from different teams) to reveal the Over/Under or Versus screen. Once your picks are made, you can select how much you want to risk on this play and then submit.

The main page consists of five tabs: Social, The Arena, Picks (home screen), Tickets (Vivid Seats) and Account. The Social tab allows you to view other players' picks — either everyone or specifically those you follow. The Arena showcases more specialized contests where you can compete for weekly Vivid Bucks prizes. The Tickets tab directs you to Vivid Seats, enabling you to purchase tickets for sporting events. The Account page includes settings, customer service options, rewards and information on purchased tickets.

In summary, this app provides a solid and straightforward experience with a solid handful of contest options. The connection to Vivid Seats adds an intriguing element, particularly if you're interested in watching your picks unfold in person.

Navigating the Vivid App

Vivid Picks stands out in the pick'em space by placing their search bar prominently at the top of the app's home page, a surprising rarity in this industry. While many apps bury the search bar behind multiple clicks or in a separate tab, Vivid's decision to feature it front and center enhances user navigation.

In addition to the search bar, entering picks is straightforward. You can easily input your selections by opting for one of the highlighted games on the home page or by sorting through sports. Once you've chosen the game, selecting players and stats is a simple process, as described above.

Transitioning between the home page and other sections is easy as well, thanks to the tabs conveniently located at the bottom of the screen. While the app's current contest offerings and features are relatively limited, the overall navigational experience is as simple as possible.

Vivid Picks Gaming Options

Vivid Picks provides an extensive range of sports, more than many newer pick'em-style DFS apps. Here is a comprehensive list of all the sports available on Vivid Picks:

Sports and Leagues

  • College Basketball
  • College Football
  • Counter-Strike 2
  • Golf
  • League of Legends
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • Soccer
  • UFC

How Vivid Picks Payouts Work

The payout structure for Over/Under and Versus contests on Vivid Picks varies depending on the sport and slate. Multipliers can reach up to 100x, but certain events limit the potential number of picks to as few as five. The multiplier for each number of picks can also vary across different sports and events. That said, this is the multiplier payout structure we found to be the most common:

No. of Picks Multiplier
2 3X
3 5.5X
4 10X
5 20X
6 35X
7 60X
8 100X
9 150x
10 250x

Vivid Picks Customer Support

Undoubtedly, the weakest aspect of Vivid Picks at the moment is their customer support. There are quite a few positive reviews about the product itself on sources like the iOS and Android app stores:

“The UI is simple but elegant at the same time, all the while giving you a very fun experience. I was able to turn a $5 deposit into $100 in less than a week. The only downside is that you can only withdraw via check, which can have you waiting a bit; however, when I cashed out, I did receive my check in less than 5 business days.”

“Had a great first day experience doing player props on basketball and baseball. I’m up about 50% in cash in a day.”

“Should be cheaper for referrals like no deposit referral reward … But easy for me to understand, use, and win. Cashing out a lil too much as well but overall good betting app.”

Player feedback from iOS Store and Google Play

Vivid's lone customer service option for awhile was email, which led to limitations with support and thus a lot of negative reviews. A chat feature has since been added and substantially increased response time and better customer service. Vivid also has a reasonably extensive FAQ section, so some questions can be answered there without the use of customer service.

That said, a few of the problems users had with the app included:

  • Issues with app loading, freezing and crashing
  • Occasional roster bugs and lag
  • Trouble depositing and withdrawing funds

How to Get in Touch With Vivid Picks

  • Email: Vivid Picks email support is available 24/7 at [email protected], though user reviews have not been particularly positive with regard to Vivid’s response times.
  • Live chat: You can live chat with an agent through the Vivid Picks app by going through settings and clicking Contact Support.

Vivid Picks Promo

Get $300 First Deposit Match + $25 Secure Play

Promo code STOKASTIC2


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