Our predicted % of the time you win this bet based off of our projections, book lines, historical results, mean/median distributions and simulations.


Expected value – also known as ROI. This is the weighted average of returns. For example 60% chance of winning a +100 bet has an EV of 20% (.6 * 1 + .4*-1).


This is our refined version of Kelly Criterion optimal bet percentage that is designed to maximize your bankroll in the long term. Note this metric applies for sequential, not simultaneously placed bets. We are working on more specific guidance on how to handle sbet% for n number of bets, but generally speaking you should be betting less of the single sBet% for each additional simultaneous bet placed.


This metric measures the % your bankroll is expected to grow if you were to place this bet. We factor in how much of your bankroll you should invest (sBet%) as well as negative geometric drag to calculate this. 


Navigating the multitude of MLB, NBA, and NFL player prop betting options can be challenging. That’s why we’ve refined the industry’s top DFS projections, empowering you to effortlessly scan the entire player prop market and discover positive EV plays. With our user-friendly tables, you can explore dozens of prop bets today and make informed decisions with confidence.

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You are seeing a PREVIEW of Stokastic’s NBA and MLB Bet Pro data.

Bet Pro:

  • Backed by the top data source for player projections
  • Access our proprietary sBet% and sEV metrics
  • Quickly find the best bets for the day
  • Optimize your prop betting strategy


IMPORTANT: This data is part of a separate package than Platinum/DFS packages. Please subscribe to the Bet Pro package to access this content and get all data in real time. A 30-day Introductory Trial Month is available for New Users. The introductory trial month is available for both weekly and monthly subscriptions. If you’re already a member, please login to access this tool.

PLEASE NOTE: This data is a miniscule subset of all players and props available to bet on today and does not offer any advanced tools. The data you are seeing in the preview may not be up to date.



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