NFL DFS: How To Win $1 Million Playing On DraftKings

Ever wondered how to win $1 million playing NFL DFS on DraftKings? Stokastic’s own Neil Orfield did just that, and shared how he got there by using his own NFL DFS strategy.

I’m excited to share a remarkable success story with you today. Neil Orfield, also known as NeilOrfield8K on DraftKings and FanDuel, recently achieved an incredible feat. He emerged as the million-dollar winner in the DraftKings Millionaire Maker contest, living the DFS dream that many of us aspire to. Let’s dive into Neil’s winning strategy and explore the lineup that led him to this monumental victory.

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Neil’s enthusiasm was palpable as we discussed his triumph during our conversation. He admitted that winning a million dollars was beyond his wildest expectations, and even later, the excitement hadn’t faded. Neil’s journey to this remarkable win hasn’t been easy, and he has entered numerous DFS contests in pursuit of that elusive first-place finish.

Neil’s NFL DFS Strategy & DSF DraftKings Heroic Run

In this particular contest, Neil faced fierce competition, going head-to-head against 222,000 other participants. To secure the victory, he needed to construct a near-perfect lineup. Let’s dissect the lineup that propelled him to the top.

Neil’s lineup featured several well-owned players, including Dionte Johnson, who had been dealing with injury concerns but still garnered significant targets. Another key contributor was Harrison Bryant, whose starting role was announced on game day. With a favorable matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals, coupled with projected low ownership, Bryant became a crucial value play for Neil.

Additionally, Neil capitalized on the Russell Wilson stack by pairing him with Tyler Lockett, and he cleverly ran it back with DeAndre Hopkins from the opposing team. This lineup construction proved to be a winning strategy, especially since the Sunday night game between the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks, which usually isn’t included in the main slate, was unexpectedly added due to schedule changes caused by COVID-19. Neil’s lineup benefited from the inclusion of this game, and it worked out brilliantly for him.

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When asked about his specific lineup construction choices, Neil mentioned that he typically sets a rule of having at least one pass catcher with his quarterbacks. In this particular week, he implemented a similar rule but didn’t limit himself to just one. As for the choice of players, Neil assessed each matchup, factored in projected ownership, and made decisions accordingly.

One notable decision was not to include Alvin Kamara, who turned out to be one of the week’s top performers. Neil acknowledged Kamara’s exceptional projection but opted for a different lineup strategy. This decision turned out to be crucial in differentiating his lineup from others and contributed to his victory.

The excitement reached its peak during the Sunday night game when Neil realized he had a legitimate shot at winning. With three players remaining, he was sitting in 48th place, only 18 points away from first. As the game unfolded, Neil anxiously watched each play, hoping for the right outcomes. It wasn’t until the final catch by DeAndre Hopkins that Neil knew he had secured the million-dollar prize.

Neil’s journey in DFS started back in 2013, initially playing basketball and later transitioning to football. Over the years, he has honed his skills, evolving his strategies and investing time in researching and learning from podcasts and experts. Neil’s process continues to evolve, and he credits tools like Fantasy Cruncher and projections from for enhancing his decision-making.

With his newfound wealth, Neil plans to consult a financial advisor to ensure he manages his funds wisely. He and his wife recently moved into a new house, so they may make some improvements and upgrade their vehicles. While he doesn’t have immediate plans to quit his job, Neil envisions allocating more time to DFS in the future.

Regarding future DFS contests, Neil aims to strike a balance between playing more and maintaining responsible bankroll management. He recognizes the allure of playing extensively but intends to focus on smaller field tournaments while diversifying his lineup exposure.

Neil’s remarkable achievement serves as inspiration to all NFL DFS players. His winning strategy, meticulous lineup construction, and adaptability to late-breaking news propelled him to the top. We congratulate Neil on his million-dollar victory and wish him continued success in his DFS endeavors.

Formerly a college basketball writer with over a decade of experience, Joseph's work was previously published on Forbes, Cox Media Group and other reputable outlets. He is currently the Editorial Director for Stokastic and OddsShopper.

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