NFL DFS: Stokastic Pro Wins YET ANOTHER DraftKings Showdown With Stokastic Sims ($50K This Time)

The wins just keep on coming in for Stokastic CEO Tom Kennedy. If was just two weeks ago that Tom nabbed a $100,000 win on DraftKings NFL DFS Showdown, and on Divisional Round Saturday he topped them all again — this time bagging $50,000 by winning the Packers-49ers Showdown. Yes, Stokastic NFL DFS sims stay hot.

Let’s dive into yet another tomjk321 first-place finish and how Stokastic’s tools helped him get there.

DraftKings Winning Lineup & Strategy | NFL DFS Sims

Using Stokastic’s Post-Contest Simulator, we can see that the players with the highest ROI in next-day simulations are: Jauan Jennings, Tucker Kraft, Christian McCaffrey (Captain), Aaron Jones, George Kittle and Bo Melton (Captain or Flex). Tom managed to get four of those in his lineup, including Captain McCaffrey, which was a must to take down this slate. Obviously, it didn’t take a master of the craft to put McCaffrey there — look at how much of the field ended up doing so — but that was Step 1. Miss there and the night was over for you.

Tom didn’t miss there, and hitting on four of the six highest-ROI options was a massive hit from the Stokastic sims. Sure, Kittle and Jones were also popular plays, but they boomed with their popularity, and good chalk is good chalk.

Jordan Love was less of a smash, but of the two quarterbacks he was the better option — and the more popular one, but not by much.

The pick of Jake Moody was also not a huge hit, but if the decision came down to Moody — whom the Stokastic Pre-Contest Sims loved — Anders Carlson or one of the defenses, the Post-Contest Sims think Tom made the right choice. Moody had a field goal blocked but also hit from 50-plus and made all three PATs. Carlson badly missed a 41-yarder, and neither defense was a massive fantasy producer. Once again, Stokastic Sims pointed Tom in the right direction here.

The winner for Tom, however, was Melton. He was by far Tom’s lowest-owned play (12.99%), and though 8.9 fantasy points may not seem like much, the margins in these Showdown contests are thin and every edge makes a massive difference. Melton caught just one pass but made it count as it went for a touchdown and did so at a low price. He made it possible for Tom to get most of the obvious options up top, and he still contributed greatly to Tom’s fantasy score.

It’s all about things like that — using the Sims to find those once-a-season booms at the right moment who can help you win a Showdown slate. Tom found that a couple weeks ago with Trent Sherfield as well, and Melton is this week’s rendition. For more advice as to how Tom’s process is adapting with Stokastic’s Sims, check out his X thread here:

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Sam Smith is a writer and editor with Stokastic and OddsShopper. He has been immersed in the world of professional sports data since 2015, while also writing extensively on the NFL for a multitude of blogs and websites. With Stokastic, Sam looks to blend his sports and editorial expertise with Stokastic's data to bring you the best fantasy information possible.

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