DraftKings and FanDuel NHL Rankings, Sunday 2/11

Initial rankings are posted daily at 4:30 PM. If you’re playing GPPs, be sure to check out the line rankings, which rate the best stacks of the day.

NamePositionDK SalaryFD SalaryTeamLinePPFptsDK ValueFD Value
Evander KaneW50005700BUF11AAD
Dougie HamiltonD54005600CGY11ABA
Erik JohnsonD49005100COL10ABA
John GibsonG80008600ANAprob0ABA
Marc-Andre FleuryG82008400VGKconfirm0ABA
Mark GiordanoD57005700CGY11ABA
Ryan O'ReillyC51006000BUF11ABB
Brent BurnsD73007500SJ11ACA
James NealW61007400VGK22ACB
John GaudreauW72008100CGY11ACC
John TavaresC72008500NYI11ACB
Jonathan MarchessaultW68007500VGK11ACA
Patrice BergeronC74007900BOS11ACA
Ryan GetzlafC67007300ANA11ACA
Sean MonahanC68007800CGY11ACC
Taylor HallW70008300NJ11ACD
Brad MarchandW73008300BOS11ADB
David PastrnakW69007400BOS11ADB
Rickard RakellW67006900ANA11ADA
Alex TuchW36003600VGK31BAA
David BackesW47005200BOS32BBA
Hampus LindholmD42004400ANA12BBA
J.T. CompherW44004100COL21BBA
Jaroslav HalakG75007400NYIconfirm0BBA
Johnny BoychukD48004500NYI10BBA
Rasmus RistolainenD51004600BUF21BBA
Ryan KeslerC43005600ANA22BBB
Ryan PulockD45003800NYI22BBA
Shea TheodoreD39004000VGK21BBA
T.J. BrodieD43004500CGY22BBB
Tyson BarrieD47005000COL21BBA
Adam HenriqueC49005400ANA31BCA
Anton KhudobinG83008500BOSconfirm0BCB
Corey PerryW56005500ANA11BCA
Gabriel LandeskogW55006300COL11BCC
Ivan ProvorovD53005300PHI12BCB
Jakob SilfverbergW48005200ANA22BCC
Joe PavelskiC58007000SJ21BCC
Jonathan BernierG81008400COLprob0BCB
Kyle OkposoW50006100BUF11BCC
Kyle PalmieriW50005800NJ21BCC
Marc-Edouard VlasicD46004700SJ22BCB
Mikael BacklundC56005800CGY22BCC
Mike SmithG78008200CGYconfirm0BCA
Mikko RantanenW52006700COL21BCB
Nick LeddyD52005500NYI11BCD
Reilly SmithW59006100VGK11BCA
Sam ReinhartW46004800BUF21BCB
Shayne GostisbehereD56006500PHI11BCB
Wayne SimmondsW51005800PHI21BCC
Zdeno CharaD44004100BOS12BCA
Anders LeeW60006900NYI11BDC
David PerronW58006500VGK22BDA
Erik HaulaC60006300VGK22BDA
Jakub VoracekW64007200PHI21BDC
Jordan EberleW57005900NYI22BDB
Logan CoutureC62007200SJ11BDE
Mathew BarzalC63006300NYI21BDA
Matthew TkachukW55006500CGY21BDB
Sean CouturierC66007300PHI11BDC
Torey KrugD55005500BOS21BDB
William KarlssonC64007300VGK11BEA
Andy GreeneD29003600NJ10CAC
Brayden McNabbD31003800VGK10CAA
Carl SoderbergC32004000COL32CAA
Deryk EngellandD32003800VGK20CAA
Jason PominvilleW30004100BUF32CAE
Marco ScandellaD32003800BUF12CAB
Nail YakupovW28003100COL42CAE
Adam PelechD32003500NYI30CBB
Andrew LaddW32003900NYI32CBC
Brandon MontourD35003600ANA32CBA
Colin MillerD38005100VGK32CBA
Colin WilsonW33003200COL12CBD
Francois BeaucheminD30003500ANA30CBB
Nate SchmidtD40004200VGK10CBA
Patrik NemethD31003600COL30CBA
Radko GudasD32003700PHI30CBD
Sam BennettW34004300CGY32CBB
Sami VatanenD37004400NJ12CBC
Thomas HickeyD31003600NYI20CBB
Travis HamonicD33003700CGY20CBC
Tyson JostC34003500COL21CBC
Brock NelsonC39004400NYI32CCB
Jake DeBruskW41004600BOS22CCB
Joonas DonskoiW38004400SJ22CCE
Justin BraunD36004200SJ20CCD
Mark JankowskiC33003200CGY30CCA
Michael FrolikW45004500CGY20CCB
Nico HischierC46005400NJ12CCD
Ondrej KaseW43003900ANA32CCA
Riley NashC36004200BOS30CCA
Timo MeierW42004500SJ22CCB
Cam FowlerD50005500ANA21CDA
David KrejciC54006000BOS22CDC
Micheal FerlandW53005600CGY12CDB
Ryan SpoonerW48004400BOS21CDA
Tomas HertlW51005100SJ11CDC
Travis KonecnyW54005300PHI12CDC
Anthony BeauvillierW49004400NYI22CEC
Claude GirouxW63007500PHI11CED
Josh BaileyW62007000NYI11CEB
Kevin LabancW49004200SJ11CEB
Blake ColemanW28003500NJ40DBD
Brad HuntD29003800VGK32DBE
Brian BoyleC30003600NJ40DBA
Drew StaffordW28003500NJ42DBE
John QuennevilleW27003000NJ30DBC
Adam McQuaidD27003500BOS30DCD
Andrew CoglianoW33003600ANA20DCC
Andrew MacDonaldD33003600PHI20DCC
Antoine VermetteC30003600ANA40DCC
Ben LovejoyD28003500NJ30DCE
Brandon CarloD27003500BOS20DCE
Brandon ManningD30003500PHI30DCD
Brendan LeipsicW30003300VGK40DCD
Cal ClutterbuckW30003500NYI30DCB
Casey CizikasC30003500NYI40DCE
Cody EakinC31003700VGK40DCC
Damon SeversonD30004300NJ22DCE
Joakim RyanD28003500SJ10DCD
Johan LarssonC28003300BUF30DCE
John MooreD29003700NJ20DCD
Josh MansonD32004100ANA10DCB
Justin FalkD2700#N/ABUF30DC#N/A
Keith KinkaidG70007400NJprob0DCC
Kevin BieksaD30003600ANA20DCD
Matthew NietoW29003400COL30DCB
Michael StoneD32003500CGY32DCD
Nathan BeaulieuD28003500BUF20DCE
Nikita ZadorovD29003800COL10DCD
Oscar LindbergW29003100VGK40DCD
Pierre-Edouard BellemareC32003300VGK30DCA
Robert HaggD29003500PHI20DCE
Robin LehnerG72007400BUFprob0DCA
Ryan LombergW27003000CGY40DCE
Samuel GirardD30004200COL32DCD
Sean KuralyC30003100BOS40DCC
Stefan NoesenW31003400NJ30DCB
Tim SchallerW32003800BOS40DCC
Zemgus GirgensonsW32003900BUF20DCD
Alexander KerfootC38004400COL12DDE
Barclay GoodrowW29003000SJ40DDD
Benoit PouliotW28003300BUF42DDE
Brenden DillonD28003700SJ30DDE
Casey NelsonD29003600BUF12DDE
Charlie McAvoyD41004300BOS12DDC
Chris TierneyC35003700SJ32DDB
Dylan DeMeloD28003500SJ32DDE
Evan RodriguesW38003700BUF22DDD
Gabriel BourqueW30003000COL30DDD
Jacob JosefsonC27003100BUF40DDE
Jordan WealW32003100PHI32DDC
Matt GrzelcykD30003500BOS30DDD
Melker KarlssonW31003300SJ30DDD
Michael RafflW30003500PHI30DDB
Mikkel BoedkerW31003400SJ30DDD
Miles WoodW39004100NJ21DDC
Nick RitchieW31003600ANA30DDD
Pavel ZachaC37004000NJ21DDE
Ryan CarpenterW31003000VGK30DDE
Scott WilsonW28003300BUF30DDE
Sebastian AhoD30003500NYI30DDE
Travis ZajacC33004400NJ30DDD
Valtteri FilppulaC31003300PHI42DDD
Victor AntipinD27003500BUF30DDE
Will ButcherD34003700NJ31DDD
A.j. GreerW28003000COL40DEE
Chris WagnerW30003300ANA40DEE
Danton HeinenW48005000BOS30DEA
Garnet HathawayW32003500CGY30DED
Jason ChimeraW28003100NYI40DEE
Jesper BrattW40004100NJ12DED
Matt StajanC30003300CGY40DEE
Nolan PatrickC41004300PHI22DEE
Scott LaughtonC29003100PHI30DED
Martin JonesG74008300SJconfirm0EDD
Michal NeuvirthG71007700PHIconfirm0EDD
Anton LindholmD27003500COL20EEE
Brett KulakD30003500CGY30EEE
Curtis LazarW29003100CGY40EEE
Dale WeiseW27003200PHI40EEE
Dominic ToninatoC28003000COL40EEE
J.T. BrownW29003000ANA40EEE
Jannik HansenW29003200SJ40EEE
Ross JohnstonW30003000NYI40EED

Alex Baker
Alex is better known to fantasy players by his handle "Awesemo" from seeing him in every big tournament in the industry. Playing poker professionally from 2009-2015, he heard that daily fantasy was the next big game picking up steam, and he quickly saw the potential of the relatively new game. Growing his bankroll from 2015-2016, he made a big step in 2017 by claiming the #1 overall ranking on RotoGrinders for the year. After completing his primary objective, he was looking for what's next. Attending dozens of fantasy events, Alex realized that everyone was repeating the same story: wanting to be a great DFS player while holding down a full-time job. He realized that the resources available to fantasy players while great weren't enough to help hobbyists get to the level of competing with the top pros. Having met Tom Kennedy during the FanDuel Scottish Open, the two decided to take on the realm of fantasy content along with co-founder Eddie Lai. Alex creates his own projections for each sport he plays, publishing rankings derived directly from them updated for each major slate. He also writes strategy content for how to become a better DFS player in his Game Plan series. You can contact Alex by emailing [email protected].

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