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DraftKings and FanDuel Spotlight Stacks, Friday 4/20

Josh Engleman



The following Spotlight Stacks were selected by’s Director of Content Josh Engleman. Please check back later for notes/additional picks from Awesemo himself.

MIL (vs. MIA)

You were expecting something else? The Brewers have been a staple of the Spotlight Stacks, and today is no exception. Christian Yelich is probably my favorite play of the day. Travis Shaw, Eric Thames and Jonathan Villar would all stack up nicely with Yelich, while checking off non-outfield positions. Lorenzo Cain is barely behind Yelich in terms of my feelings. Then, you can still get Ryan Braun for $2900 on FanDuel. I can’t stop stacking these guys.

STL (vs. CIN)

The Cardinals look great on both sites, but for slightly different reasons. On DraftKings, they provide a bit more value relative to price. You can grab anyone in the top 5 (Dexter Fowler, Tommy Pham, Matt Carpenter, Marcell Ozuna and/or Jose Martinez). Even Jedd Gyorko is in play hitting in the 7-hole. On FanDuel, the prices aren’t as good for a few of the guys, but Fowler and Carpenter are absolute bargains. Brandon Finnegan struggles with control, so I’d expect to see baserunners early and often.


It’s hard to find better high-end bats. I would start my stack with Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve, and Carlos Correa, which allows you to check off three infield boxes. Then, you can slot in George Springer or Josh Reddick, depending on how much salary you need. On DraftKings, you can also use Evan Gattis or Brian McCann in your catcher spot.

Awesemo’s Notes
I agree with Josh that Milwaukee and St. Louis are great stacks tonight. Houston I like on FanDuel more than DK because of the pricing; if you want to be sneaky you can get in 4 batters with Verlander which is a lineup construction a lot of people will miss.

Josh is Contributor for where he hosts video and writes content regularly across the primary sports of MLB, NBA, and NFL as well as contributing to the development of models and projections for soccer. He originally started producing projections & articles for Reddit's r/DFSports in 2014 where he built a loyal following that brought him to where he is today. Josh is most known for his elaborate Excel spreadsheets, which he shares in all of his video content. You can find him on Twitter or hanging out in Awesemo's Premium Slack. You can contact Josh by emailing [email protected].

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