The Stokastic 2022-23 NBA DFS Content Schedule

To meet everyone’s NBA DFS needs, we put out loads of content each and every day. From rankings, point projections and ownership projections, to articles and cheatsheets detailing our experts’ favorite picks and pivots, to videos giving you access to the most up-to-date, late-breaking news and lineup advice in the minutes before lock and so much more. Our team of NBA DFS experts is here to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in daily fantasy basketball, on DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo.

Given the abundance of content, we realize it can be overwhelming to navigate the site and make sense of it all. That’s where this content schedule comes in. Below is a brief description and link to each piece of content, including whether it’s free or premium (each is posted/streamed daily unless otherwise indicated).

The Stokastic NBA DFS Content Schedule for 2022-23

Daily Schedule on the Stokastic YouTube Channel

  • Live: The NBA DFS Strategy Show (10 am ET)
  • Live: NBA Deep Dive (2 hours before lock)
  • Live: NBA DFS Live Before Lock (1 hour before lock)
  • Live: NBA DFS Post Lock Show (30 minutes after lock)
  • Pre-recorded: NBA Injury Report with Adam Scherer
  • Pre-recorded: DraftKings ConTENders with Josh Engleman
  • Pre-recorded: FanDuel ConTENders with Josh Engleman
  • Pre-recorded: DraftKings Tournament Strategy with Adam Scherer
  • Pre-recorded: FanDuel Tournament Strategy with Adam Scherer

NBA DFS Strategy Show (Every Morning at 10 a.m. ET, FREE)

Featuring Josh Engleman, Dave “Loughy” Loughran, Adam “ShipMyMoney” Scherer, Eric “EMac” MacPherson, Greg Ehrenberg and more. Brought to you by a rotating cast of our top NBA analysts, the NBA Strategy Show delves into the intricacies of NBA DFS analysis, breaking down almost every DFS-relevant player — often resulting in heated discussions regarding Thanasis Antetokounmpo’s minutes. The show focuses not only on identifying plays of the day, but also on strategies on how to approach DFS that are applicable to each and every slate. Engage with the hosts and some of the most knowledgeable and impassioned DFS players around in our premium Discord or free YouTube chat.

Deeper Dive (Two Hours Before Main Slate Lock, FREE)

Featuring Dave “Loughy” Loughran, Adam “ShipMyMoney” Scherer, Josh Engleman and Greg Ehrenberg. Loughy and Adam dive into the stats, taking into account all of the most up-to-date information in the hour before lock. Come prepared to discuss your favorite plays of the day in premium Discord or free YouTube chat, or just sit back and soak up all that our community of top DFS players has to offer.

Live Before Lock (One Hour Before Lock, FREE)

Featuring Josh Engleman, Eric Lindquist, Greg Ehrenberg, EMac, Terry McBride and more. Our flagship YouTube show, this stream will impact your ROI unlike any other. We bring you not only the late-breaking news and information, but also what it means for your lineups and how to react and adapt as effectively as possible. The guys will also help with last-minute lineups decisions to bring your questions to premium Discord or free YouTube chat. Stick around after lock for a first look at contests, some general DFS strategy discussion and post-lock news (including pivots) for those playing on late-swap sites.

The ConTENders with Josh Engleman (FREE, posted weekday mornings)

A short-form, picks-style video focused on the four key inflection points of the slate and how to approach each. Loaded with relevant data and Josh’s inimitable style, the ConTENders video is a popular short-form companion to our in-depth daily fantasy content.

NBA DFS Daily Articles

  • Cash Building Blocks (mornings)
  • DraftKings Cheat Sheets
  • FanDuel Cheat Sheets
  • Boom/Bust Tool Picks

The Stokastic NBA Cheat Sheet for DraftKings + FanDuel (FREE)

Based on Alex Baker’s projection, we crunch some top plays on Fantasy Cruncher and put them out for free on a cheat sheet for Yahoo, DraftKings and FanDuel, every single slate.

NBA DFS Building Blocks (FREE)

By Eric “EMac” MacPherson. Your Ol’ Pal has been playing fantasy basketball for 30 years and has pretty much seen it all. This article will focus on the Prime Time Player of the day that if you are building one lineup, you can be confident that they are nearly a lock to still be in your lineup at tip-off. He will also provide commentary on other undervalued players or games to target.

Boom vs. Bust (FREE)

Alex Hunter gives out his top Boom vs. Bust options for each day’s slate, based off the NBA DFS Boom/Bust Tool on Stokastic that tells you how likely a player is to reach the top end of his outcomes in our simulation and how likely they are to bust entirely and not provide value on their salary.

NBA DFS Data + Tools

NBA DFS Projections (Premium)

Our NBA DFS fantasy point projections break down every element of a player’s projected performance and synthesizes thousands of data points into one easy-to-use fantasy-point projection for each player that can be used as a reference for hand-building lineups or plugged into an optimizer to create hundreds of lineups within seconds. The player’s projections page also provides underlying data, including each player’s expected minutes played, usage rate and breakdowns for each statistical scoring category (points, rebounds, assists etc.). We also have NBA DFS projections for showdown/single-game contests on DraftKings & FanDuel.

NBA Ownership Projections (Premium)

As the competition becomes increasingly sophisticated, it’s not only important to know who the best plays are, but also who the best players are that no one else talking about. Ownership projections provide you insight into where the “field” (other players) will land and how you can pivot away from over-owned and target under-owned players to give yourself the competitive advantage you need to take down large GPPs.

Stokastic’s NBA Rankings (Express/Premium)

The world’s best DFS player releases his letter grade rankings for each and every fantasy-relevant player on the day’s slates. Perfect for hand-building lineups or comparing to your own projections to test for accuracy, these grades are also featured in our Lineup Builder.

Ownership Rankings (Express/Premium)

Stokastic’s Ownership Rankings let you know how popular a player is compared to the other players at their position by ranking all players by ownership projection.

NBA Lineup Builder (Express/Premium)

The Lineup Builder is the perfect tool for hand-building lineups. Equipped with Stokastic’s proprietary rankings and ownership projections, as well as Vegas implied totals, matchups and lineup information, this tool aggregates all the information you need to build your best lineup onto a single page. Lineups you build on this page will receive both a GPA based on Stokastic’s rankings and a contrarian percentile ranking for evaluating whether your GPP lineups are too chalky.

The NBA Boom/Bust Tool (Premium)

In all DFS sports, being able to compare the strength of a player each day versus their popularity is key to success. In NBA, correlations between players are less valuable, so the strength of each play can be considered individually. For each player, Stokastic’s calculates the standard deviation based on a variety of factors and use that to calculate the ceiling (75th-percentile performance) the floor (25th-percentile performance) and the probability that they will bust (not meeting value) or boom (value plus 10 points). Combining these metrics, you will be able to gain an edge on everyone by identifying under-owned or over-owned players.

The Stokastic Big Board (Premium)

Everyone wants to know who the best plays on a slate are because they are going to be both the most likely to succeed and the most popular. Stokastic’s Big Board is his ranking of each player on a slate, taking into account fantasy points and value. If you roster several players with a high ranking, plus a few sleepers, and stack your lineups, you should be in a good spot.

The Optimal Lineup Percentage Tool (Premium)

The optimal lineup percentage is the newest addition to the NBA Boom/Bust Tool. It calculates the probability that each player will be in the perfect lineup, which is a great metric to compare with ownership to see who’s going over- and under-owned.

Discord (Express/Premium)

Featuring all of our analysts and the world’s most passionate DFS community. Join us in our NBA Discord where we’re talking strategy and plays (and sometimes sweating lineups) into the late hours of the night.

NBA Betting

The NBA Player Props Tool

Need to know what specific props Stokastic’s projections have as great values for the night’s NBA action? Look no further than the NBA Player Props tool, which gives out our actual projections for stats like assists, rebounds and points, and then assigns a value on each bet relative to the Vegas line.

Premium Add-Ons

NBA Fantasy Cruncher Optimizer (Premium add-on)

The most powerful optimizer in DFS, available as an add-on to premium members, is updated the night before with all of the day’s slates.

NBA Lineup Study (Premium add-on)

Analyze how the top players are building their lineups to take your game to the next level. Every single DraftKings contest is available to be analyzed to see what the pros are doing!

Alex Baker
A self-proclaimed U.S. history buff, stats enthusiast, and rabid fan of anything Detroit (yes, even the Lions), Alex started playing daily fantasy sports in 2013 and never looked back. After graduating with a degree in mathematics from Washington University in St. Louis in 2008, he began developing advanced statistical models and applied his unique skill-set first to poker, then as a full-time DFS player. He has since dominated DFS, becoming a fixture on leaderboards and cementing his position as the top-ranked overall player according to RotoGrinders. Competing in most guaranteed prize pool tournaments, he has ranked in the top 3 across major sports, including NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA, and MLB. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of fantasy sports with new and experienced players alike. Career Highlights: No. 1 Overall Ranking; 14x FanDuel $100k winner, 11x DraftKings Hundred-Thousandaire; 20x Live Final qualifier. You can contact him on Twitter @awesemodfs or by emailing [email protected].

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