Best PrizePicks Promo Codes Today February 12

No matter what sport you’re into, we’ve got you covered with our top PrizePicks promo codes for today. We provide easy-to-access links and promotions to get you started on your DFS journey.

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💰 Promo Code: STOKASTIC51
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Best PrizePicks Promo Codes Today

At Stokastic, we’re committed to making sure our users get the best discounts available. That goes for our packages too, like Stokastic+. Combine that with our top PrizePicks promo code for today and you just might get a leg up on your competition!

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Join us at PrizePicks using our exclusive promo code STOKASTIC51 to get a first deposit match up to $100 and a FREE month of OddsShopper Premium!

PrizePicks is your go-to daily fantasy sports (DFS) app for pick’em contests in NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football, college basketball, and soccer. Pick players and choose if they’ll go for more or less the projected point total set by PrizePicks. More correct picks in a single entry lead to bigger wins.

PrizePicks is a simple, fun DFS app with generous payouts, making it a top choice for both beginners and experienced DFS players. Learn more about signing up and claiming your PrizePicks bonus below.

OddsShopper’s YouTube channel is the ultimate destination for daily picks and advice on PrizePicks and other platforms. With a variety of videos, we offer valuable insights into PrizePicks strategy for beginners and experts alike. Let us help you optimize your PrizePicks bankroll!

Mistakes to avoid:

Our experts, Josh Engleman and Eytan Shander, break down the most common mistakes people make on PrizePicks and how to avoid them in two videos on our YouTube channel.

How to win money on PrizePicks:

Josh and Eytan also share their strategies for winning money on PrizePicks in their YouTube videos. Beginners and experienced players alike will learn how to build entries and make picks to maximize their chances of winning.

How PrizePicks works

Whether you’re a casual sports fan or a seasoned fantasy sports player, PrizePicks offers a new twist on traditional fantasy sports gameplay. Instead of drafting a team and managing player stats, PrizePicks lets you play individual athlete performances. Make picks on stats like points, rebounds, or assists, and use your sports knowledge to compete for real cash prizes.

With its user-friendly interface, variety of sports, and the option to play against friends or in public contests, PrizePicks delivers a fun and engaging fantasy sports experience for fans looking to take their love of sports to the next level.

Types of entries

PrizePicks pick’em contests come in two types: Flex Play and Power Play.

Flex Play

A Flex Play allows you to win even if some of your picks are wrong. The maximum payout for perfect selections is lower, but you’re guaranteed a minimum return of 1.25 times your investment if you get most of your picks right. Flex Play entries require at least three picks and a maximum of six.

Power Play

Power Play entries are more like traditional pick’em contests in that it’s an all-or-nothing scenario. The maximum payout for a perfect selection is higher, but if you get even one pick wrong, you lose. Power Plays allow two to four picks.

Pick ‘Em Arena

PrizePicks launched Pick ‘Em Arena, a peer-to-peer pick’em competition, in January 2024. In this game, you compete against fellow PrizePicks users instead of the house. You can win real money by placing first in your pool or by hitting all of your picks. Learn more about the Arena here.

Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday is a weekly event offering discounts on player projections without the need for a deposit or a referral code. Both new and existing users can participate in this ongoing promotion.

During Taco Tuesday, PrizePicks offers “tacos,” which are discounts on player projections typically ranging from 15% to 25%. Users also get to choose the featured “taco” by voting in polls on Discord and Twitter. The player with the most votes gets a special discount that week!

Other promos and entry bonuses

In addition to deposit matches for new users and Taco Tuesday, PrizePicks may offer other promotions from time to time, such as:

* Discounted Entry: Similar to Taco Tuesday, PrizePicks may discount a player’s projection for a limited time, usually ending a few hours before game start.
* Payout Boost: PrizePicks may increase the payout for a specific player or entry for a brief period. These boosts only apply to full games.
* Protected Play: PrizePicks may offer a promotion where they pay back any losses on your first qualifying entry. Winning entries will be paid out normally.
* Free Entry: These are entries that do not use up any of the money in your PrizePicks account. You can earn free entries through giveaways, challenges, referral rewards, and random chances.

How to get free entries

To get free entries on PrizePicks, keep up with their announcements on Twitter and join their Discord community. They often share opportunities for free entries on these platforms, so be sure to follow them and participate in challenges and giveaways.
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PrizePicks Available States

PrizePicks operates in the following US states: AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MI, MN, NE, NM, NY, NC, ND, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, D.C., WV, WI, WY. Attention residents of these US states: Unlock special savings and maximize your benefits! Apply our exclusive promo code to seize this limited-time opportunity. Don’t miss out on this chance to save big!

PrizePicks Available Sports

PrizePicks has the following sports available: Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Esports, Football, Hockey, MLB, MLS, MMA, NASCAR, NBA, NCAA, NFL, NHL, Soccer, UFC and WNBA. Discover your favorite sports and join in on the action with our exclusive PrizePicks promo code!

We hope that our information on the PrizePicks bonus helped you in your playing efforts. We wish all players nothing but the best of luck moving forward.

Formerly a college basketball writer with over a decade of experience, Joseph's work was previously published on Forbes, Cox Media Group and other reputable outlets. He is currently the Editorial Director for Stokastic and OddsShopper.

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