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The last week has been mostly about big MLB DFS wins from one of our users, but our top pros don’t want you to forget about NBA. We got another big win from Stokastic CEO Tom Kennedy with help from the Stokastic Sims as he topped the DraftKings NBA DFS board on Monday and took home $25,000 in the process. And Tom isn’t the only lucky one; to celebrate Tom’s win, we are giving out 50% off any Stokastic NBA Sims package! Read on to see how the Sims helped Tom out and how you can claim this promo.

DraftKings NBA DFS Lineup & Sims Strategy: Promo Code DBOOK for 50% Off

Let’s start with what you want to know about the most: Our 50% off coupon code. Sign up for any NBA Sims package on this page, and when you go to check out, enter the code DBOOK in the coupon box. This will get you 50% off your monthly or weekly package! Now let’s go over Tom’s lineup and how he used the very same Sims to win on DraftKings.

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Running Stokastic’s Post-Contest Simulator, we can compare how the top player ROIs from the pre-contest simulations shook out in the actual contest. Tom’s winning lineup went with four of the 15 highest-ROI players according to the pre-contest simulations, two of whom went over 50% owned (Trendon Watford and Grant Williams), while mid- to high-priced players in Cade Cunningham and Miles Bridges were in the 15% to 26% range. That means the simulation determined these guys to be good chalk — which turned out to be true, as all four produced positive ROIs in real life and two (Cunningham and Bridges) were over 100% positive in that regard.

One big swing with this lineup, however (and the subject of our 50% off promo), was Devin Booker at 7% ownership. Pre-contest simulations placed Booker at -18% ROI, which relative to the rest of the field wasn’t terribly low but also, obviously, a touch negative. The fact of the matter was that Booker was projecting to go quite low-owned at $9,000, so getting a contrarian stud in the lineup was mandatory for winning a 150-max contest. Lo and behold, Booker cashed in with a positive ROI of 475%, the second highest of the slate.

The highest, well, that went to Booker’s teammate Jusuf Nurkic, and this was an even bigger swing on Tom’s part. Nurkic simulated at -50.4% ROI but also microscopic ownership — thus more differentiation at a middling price point. Nurkic hammered home 56.25 fantasy points to produce a 749.7% positive return — and pretty much clinched Tom the top of the leaderboard when paired with Booker.

This is important to note — Tom was able to get to this thanks to Stokastic’s NBA DFS Sims, as they allowed him to find roster builds like this that could score extremely highly and be contrarian. And the Sims can take into account things like differentiation so that, even though a single player may seem like a negative investment for one lineup, in a massive contest like this it is essential to take these gambles. Tom did that with the Sims’ help, and look where he is now.

If you want to turn your NBA DFS season around, there is still plenty of time! Sign up now for Stokastic’s NBA DFS package to gain access to the contest sims, lineup generator, projections and much, much more — and get yourself up on that podium alongside other Stokastic users and pros! Of course, don’t forget to use promo code DBOOK when you sign up.

Sam Smith is a writer and editor with Stokastic and OddsShopper. He has been immersed in the world of professional sports data since 2015, while also writing extensively on the NFL for a multitude of blogs and websites. With Stokastic, Sam looks to blend his sports and editorial expertise with Stokastic's data to bring you the best fantasy information possible.

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