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DraftKings and FanDuel NHL Rankings, Sunday 3/11

Alex Baker




NamePositionDK SalaryFD SalaryFptsDK ValueFD ValueTeamLinePP
Dougie HamiltonD54005600AAACGY11
Kris LetangD52006200AABPIT11
Mark GiordanoD55005800AAACGY11
Derek StepanC58006000ABBARI12
John GaudreauW71007700ABACGY11
Patric HornqvistW57006300ABBPIT21
Alexander RadulovW65006500ACADAL11
Evgeni MalkinC75009200ACAPIT21
Jamie BennW67007600ACCDAL21
John KlingbergD56006000ACADAL11
Mikael BacklundC60005400ACACGY22
Sean MonahanC68007600ACACGY11
Sidney CrosbyC71008800ACAPIT11
Tyler SeguinC73008300ACBDAL11
John TavaresC72007800ADDNYI11
Phil KesselW69008200ADAPIT31
Sam GagnerW36004400BACVAN11
T.J. BrodieD44004200BAACGY22
Casey DesmithG78007700BBAPIT00
Derick BrassardW45005400BBAPIT32
Johnny BoychukD40004600BBDNYI10
Justin SchultzD42004600BBBPIT32
Alexander EdlerD53005300BCAVAN11
Antti RaantaG82007500BCAARIconfirm0
Bo HorvatC56005900BCCVAN11
Christian DvorakC47004700BCBARI22
Jordan EberleW52005700BCBNYI22
Max DomiW44005100BCEARI31
Michael FrolikW47004700BCACGY20
Mike SmithG81008000BCACGY00
Nick LeddyD49005100BCCNYI11
Oliver Ekman-LarssonD50005200BCCARI11
Ryan PulockD47003800BCANYI22
Anders LeeW58006700BDENYI11
Clayton KellerW60005100BDBARI11
Jake GuentzelW55006100BDCPIT12
Matthew TkachukW62006700BDACGY21
Brandon SutterC30003300CABVAN30
Nick CousinsW29003200CAAARI40
Richard PanikW31003500CABARI22
Sam BennettW34004200CAACGY32
Travis HamonicD33003600CAACGY20
Brad RichardsonC29003100CBCARI40
Brock NelsonC33004600CBCNYI32
Devin ShoreW31003800CBCDAL41
Esa LindellD35003800CBCDAL12
Greg PaterynD30003600CBBDAL20
Jake VirtanenW33003600CBEVAN32
Jason SpezzaC32004200CBEDAL32
Michael Del ZottoD38004200CBDVAN22
Michael StoneD29003500CBBCGY32
Niklas HjalmarssonD30003600CBCARI20
Brendan PerliniW42003400CCAARI12
Brian DumoulinD35003800CCBPIT12
Carl HagelinW41004000CCAPIT20
Christian FischerW37004900CCCARI31
Jakob ChychrunD36003600CCAARI21
Jason DemersD34003700CCBARI10
Mark JankowskiC34003700CCACGY30
Mattias JanmarkW40004100CCBDAL12
Olli MaattaD39004500CCAPIT20
Stephen JohnsD37004300CCADAL30
Anthony BeauvillierW46004300CDANYI32
Brendan LeipsicW43003600CDEVAN12
Conor ShearyW48004600CDDPIT12
Daniel SedinW50006300CDDVAN21
Micheal FerlandW49004500CDACGY10
Josh BaileyW59006300CEENYI11
Mathew BarzalC63006200CEANYI21
Adam PelechD29003500DBCNYI30
Alex BiegaD28003600DBEVAN30
Andrew LaddW29003600DBENYI22
Dylan StromeC2700#N/ADB#N/AARI30
Jordan MartinookW29003100DBAARI40
Reid BoucherW29003000DBDVAN40
Brandon DavidsonD28003500DCENYI30
Cal ClutterbuckW28003400DCDNYI40
Casey CizikasC28003700DCENYI40
Chad RuhwedelD28003500DCEPIT20
Derrick PouliotD31003800DCEVAN32
Erik GudbransonD29003700DCEVAN10
Garnet HathawayW29003400DCECGY30
Jacob MarkstromG75008000DCCVANprob0
Jamie OleksiakD29003500DCAPIT30
Kari LehtonenG72008200DCDDALconfirm0
Luke SchennD28003500DCEARI30
Riley SheahanW32003700DCAPIT30
Troy BrouwerW30003400DCACGY42
Troy StecherD29003600DCCVAN20
Tyler MotteW29003000DCEVAN40
Tyler PitlickW32003200DCADAL20
Antoine RousselW29003400DDEDAL30
Brett KulakD28003500DDCCGY30
Brett RitchieW33003200DDDDAL32
Chris WagnerW28003100DDENYI40
Curtis LazarW27003300DDECGY40
Dan HamhuisD29003700DDCDAL22
Darren ArchibaldW30003100DDBVAN30
Josh ArchibaldW28003400DDDARI20
Josh JoorisC28003000DDEPIT40
Kevin ConnautonD30003500DDAARI32
Marc MethotD28003500DDEDAL30
Matt StajanC28003300DDACGY40
Radek FaksaC36004100DDDDAL20
Thomas HickeyD36003900DDANYI20
Tom KuhnhacklW28003100DDEPIT40
Henrik SedinC40004800DEEVAN21
Jussi JokinenW38003400DEEVAN22
Christopher GibsonG71007600ECBNYI00
Jason DickinsonC27003000EEEDAL40
Nic DowdC28003200EEEVAN40
Tanner FritzW28003300EEENYI30

Alex is better known to fantasy players by his handle "Awesemo" from seeing him in every big tournament in the industry. Playing poker professionally from 2009-2015, he heard that daily fantasy was the next big game picking up steam, and he quickly saw the potential of the relatively new game. Growing his bankroll from 2015-2016, he made a big step in 2017 by claiming the #1 overall ranking on RotoGrinders for the year. After completing his primary objective, he was looking for what's next. Attending dozens of fantasy events, Alex realized that everyone was repeating the same story: wanting to be a great DFS player while holding down a full-time job. He realized that the resources available to fantasy players while great weren't enough to help hobbyists get to the level of competing with the top pros. Having met Tom Kennedy during the FanDuel Scottish Open, the two decided to take on the realm of fantasy content along with co-founder Eddie Lai. Alex creates his own projections for each sport he plays, publishing rankings derived directly from them updated for each major slate. He also writes strategy content for how to become a better DFS player in his Game Plan series. You can contact Alex by emailing [email protected].

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