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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MLB Sims?

MLB Sims is an advanced simulation tool the redefines the landscape of Daily Fantasy Sports tools. Unlike anything else on the market, MLB Sims allows you to upload a .csv file containing lineups and pit them against each other in a lifelike MLB slate simulation. While seasoned pros have long leveraged simulation tools, now you too can effortlessly create your own custom simulations within minutes.
Here’s how it works: simply upload a .csv file featuring precisely 250, 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000 lineups. Tailor your simulations using your own custom projections or simply use Stokastic’s reliable MLB projections as a default option. With a click of the “Run Contest Simulation” button, your simulation will begin. Within 30 to 60 seconds, you’ll gain access to a wealth of data points, both at the players and lineup level. This will provide you with invaluable insights to make informed decisions about which lineups to enter for any given slate.

Is correlation taken into account for the simulations?

Yes. Stokastic’s proprietary simulation technology leverages hundreds of thousands of data points to integrate correlation directly into the simulations. With correlation built in, you can confidently test out how different team stacks and stack types perform over thousands of simulation runs for a given slate.

How do I build my contest pool?

Use our custom contest generator to generate a contest pool for the field. We recommend building a lineup set that mirrors what the field will look like for the contest you plan on entering.

Which metrics are most important to look at?

While all the metrics on both the pre and post contest simulator tools are important, the gold standard metric is the ‘Simulated ROI%’ column. This column presents a lineup’s ROI percentage based on the simulations that were ran. It’s the gold standard metric on this page, essentially ranking the lineups from best to worst.

What is the difference between the pre and post contest simulations?

The pre-contest simulation tool relies on the user’s inputs for both the lineups and the projections. It will provide insights based only on the uploaded lineups.
The post-contest simulation tool takes the actual lineups that were entered into a contest on DraftKings, and runs a simulation on them. There are no user inputs for this tool, as it relies on the exact lineups that were entered and Stokastic’s projections to run the simulation.

Is there a tutorial for the tool?

We have created multiple pieces of content to help users navigate the tools. A breakdown article on the pre-contest simulator can be found here:
We have also created a few videos to help understand the power of these tools:

How is this different from other simulation tools on the market?

Game level simulation tools exist on the market currently to help users with projecting player performance. However, nowhere else do users have the ability to perform simulations on the contest level, making this tool one of a kind. This tool allows for analysis at the lineup level to help you find the edge. Gain insights into how ownership impacts ROI, which teams and stack types are most profitable, and which players contribute most to high ROI lineups.

What sites does this tool support?

MLB Sims supports both DraftKings and FanDuel. With multi-slate support, users can run sims on most available slates daily.

Why is FanDuel not supported for the post contest simulator?

Unfortunately, FanDuel does not support the exporting of their contest files like DraftKings does. Therefore, there is no way for us to retrieve the actual lineups that are being used for the contests.
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