MLB DFS: $70K Worth of Wins From Stokastic Users on Wednesday | How the Sims Helped Them Get There

Wednesday was a banner day for Stokastic avatars — two five-figure DraftKings MLB DFS wins in one night that used completely different stacking pieces! We have chalkeir wins, we have contrarian wins, we run the gamut in terms of what our users and tools can achieve on any given night. Stokastic user ShortGamerTV and Stokastic employee of sorts Tommy Stokke combined for $70,000 worth of wins on Wednesday, and we are going to break down their MLB DFS lineups and strategies, and the Stokastic offerings that helped them get there.

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DraftKings MLB DFS Lineup Strategy: Winning Lineups With Help From MLB Sims

We’ll start with the person who matters: ShortGamerTV. ShortGamerTV is a Stokastic All-Access subscriber who rocked the avatar on DraftKings, and while doing so he took home a cool $50,000 in the main MLB DFS contest.

Getting not one, not two, but FIVE 20-plus-point scorers in one lineup was obviously a key contributor, but as we all know by now, it’s about much more than “lucking” into those scorers. MLB DFS is about as volatile a sport as it gets, so you have to play ownership, upside, floors, ceilings, this, that and the other to give yourself the best shot at making bank. This is where the Sims help the most, as they crunch all of the factors — contest size, contest stakes, how the field reacts, splash games, what have you — to find the best potential outcomes.

And this was basically the dream outcome for our friend ShortGamerTV. One of those 20-point scorers was an uber-chalk pitcher in Tyler Glasnow at 63.04% rostered, but the less-owned Trevor Williams nearly got to 20 points himself at 20.76%. Here were the other huge hits in ShortGamerTV’s lineup and their field ownership:

  • Luis Garcia Jr. (12.71%)
  • Jeremy Pena (8.96%)
  • Yordan Alvarez (22.65%)
  • Seiya Suzuki (11.04%)

The Astros-Cubs 5-2 stack was pretty unassailable here, rocking mostly moderate ownership but a lot of booms. The lowest scorer in the stack was Kyle Tucker at a palatable 6 fantasy points.

OK, now we’ll throw our editor-in-chief Tommy Stokke a bone. He landed himself a nice win in DraftKings’ $80K Ball Four, taking home $20,000.

Tommy also went with the Glasnow-Williams one-two punch at pitcher and threw in Alvarez and Suzuki, but the primary stack of choice was markedly different: A group of Rockies (standard) away from Coors Field (wut).

That’s right, a 5-2 of Rockies-Astros won Tommy $20,000. Now, those two Astros did a lot of heavy lifting with 57 combined fantasy points, but hey, the Colorado pieces did their part as well. No one busted, and though the five of them combined scored less than the Houston guys, almost 10 points per player is nothing to sneeze at.

Not to mention, this primary stack was super-duper contrarian, with Jacob Stallings the only part of it that was rostered over 3.7%. If that’s not differentiation, by golly, I’m not sure what is.

It was a big swing by Tommy and the Stokastic Sims, but it only takes one great day of Rockies defying expectations to stand solo on top of the podium. And there he is up there, looking down his nose at the rest of us even more than usual.

These lineups both created the perfect combination of high-end production and low ownership to suit their respective contests, and Stokastic’s Sims helped make it happen. If you want to see some of the same results, we have MLB DFS packages for all sorts of playing styles — from the revolutionary Sims tools to a lineup generator to, of course, our industry-leading projections and data.

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Sam Smith is a writer and editor with Stokastic and OddsShopper. He has been immersed in the world of professional sports data since 2015, while also writing extensively on the NFL for a multitude of blogs and websites. With Stokastic, Sam looks to blend his sports and editorial expertise with Stokastic's data to bring you the best fantasy information possible.

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