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Awesemo’s Mock Wingman tool lets you simulate a 2021 Fantasy Football Draft against AI opponents, while guiding you toward the best plays according to data and projections.


Awesemo Mock Wingman: Column Definitions


  1. Ranking – A pre-draft ranking of each player based on their likelihood to win a championship for you. Includes factors such as projected points, position scarcity, upside and much more!
  2. RDP – (Recommended Draft Position) – A combination of Average Draft Position (ADP) and our pre-draft ranking. This is where you should consider drafting each player before any players are drafted and represents a good pre-draft strategy. In general, you want to wait on players until it is likely they may be drafted by someone else. Example, if we have a player ranked 10th and ADP had them 30th there is no need to draft them 10th, even if that is their value, because no one else is likely to take them. So we calculate a recommended draft spot for them of 20th.
  3. Name – Player name
  4. Team – Player team
  5. Pos – Eligible position(s) for the player in most fantasy leagues.
  6. Team Fit – This is a dynamic in-draft value that you should use to make your final draft decisions and is the basis for our recommended players. Team fit uses our secret formula to properly balance things like Value to Team, Playoff SOS, upside, and much more to help you properly weight the value of the player to your specific team.
  7. Value to Team – A dynamic in-draft value that takes into consideration the player’s projection, player’s currently on your team, player’s likely to be on free agents, and required starters/flex for that player’s position.
  8. Playoff SOS – The percentage of points a player is expected to perform better/worse than their season average in the playoffs. This is based on several things such as strength of opponent’s defense, weather, where the game is taking place, etc.
  9. Upside – An adjustment based on the uncertainty of a player’s role. Player’s that have roles with a larger range of outcomes are more likely to win you a title all else equal. However, they are likely to bust more often as well.
  10. Total Fpts – Total projected fantasy points for the season
  11. Bye Week – The week the player’s team isn’t playing during the current season

—Alex "Awesemo" Baker

Awesemo's team of daily fantasy baseball experts give you a MLB DFS tutorial 6/21/21.

Alex Baker has been playing daily fantasy professionally since 2015 under the handle Awesemo. Working his way up from the smallest stakes, he has been the #1 overall ranked player in DFS since 2017 on the strength of his predictive models for sports. As the competition has gotten more sophisticated, Alex has used game theory to build a winning strategy combining his fantasy and ownership projections. To this day, he still participates in almost every DFS tournament available.



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