Stokastic Subscriber Reveals Process Leading to Unbelievable DFS Results to End 2023

Followers of Stokastic and the Stokastic Hall of Fame probably see the screenshots from ‘SeanGeezy‘ and think it’s the same post every day. This NBA season alone, he has eight wins and 53 top-five finishes. Perhaps the most unbelievable stretch was when he took down both miniMAX tournaments in the same night and took each of the top three spots in the $2 miniMAX on a different night.


Believe it.

SeanGeezy, who is a Stokastic subscriber, says he is profitable in all three of his main sports this year. NBA is his top sport, but he plays NFL as well. The 2023 season was his first playing MLB.

His results: 8 wins, 53 top-5’s, 376 top-10s in the NBA, where he plays large-field GPPs. He has wins in the $0.50 miniMAX, the $2 miniMAX and the $4 20-max. He finished second in the NFL miniMAX last week for $2,000 and won $6,000 in the $1 20-max earlier this year. His MLB wins included the miniMAX and $4 20-max.

That’s right. He’s a low-stakes player using Stokastic tools to make real money.

“I’ve been playing DFS for the last five or six years but started playing the NBA seriously for the last three years. I started watching Stokastic (then Awesemo) on YouTube years ago and have been subscribed now for over three years,” he said.

He plays NBA most nights, with most of his bankroll going to MME tournaments. He’ll occasionally play single-entry.

His recent stretch has DFS pros tweeting, “I want to be SeanGeezy when I grow up.”

Everyone else wants to know how he does it. So, we asked him:

“I religiously listen to the Strategy Show, Deeper Dive, and Live Before Lock. It’s great to get fresh perspectives from the guys and engage with the community. I use Stokastic projections and data, in addition to the Sims tool. I build my “field” of lineups using a separate optimizer (but using Stokastic projections) so that I can have very tight control over player combos/rules that I believe accurately mirror the field. Then I sim these lineups in the Stokastic Sims tool and take my highest ROI lineups. If I’m playing 150 lineups that night, I will pull the highest 500 ROI lineups from the Sim and then filter/sort them using my own algorithm to identify the best lineups by contest.”

One of the narratives surrounding DFS is around the misguided idea it’s a pro’s game and can’t be won by anyone else. What we’ve tried to accomplish at Stokastic is giving pro tools to the everyday player. SeanGeezy is proof that the tools aren’t just for high-stakes players.

“I have seen a massive ROI in both NFL and NBA this year using the Sims and when I calculate my total ROI, I factor in the price of the tools,” he said. “If you play regularly, they are absolutely worth it! Perhaps more importantly, there are tools at different price points depending on the volume you play. The night I won both miniMAX contests in NBA (with unique lineups), 150 of those were built with the above process I described, and the other 150-set was built with Stokastic’s “lower-priced” tools. Each set had a winner!”

SeanGeezy is avoiding the mistakes many other sports bettors, DFS players and gamblers make. After a win or two, he hasn’t jumped out of his current limits to uncomfortable waters. Bankroll management is just as important as building good lineups. He doesn’t have plans to change his limits in a significant way.

“I have considered moving up, but I’m having a lot of success where I’m playing and enjoying,” he said. “I have an intense day job, so moving up may spread me too thin.”

There are no big plans with his recent winnings. “Just going to keep doing what I’m doing,” he said. But he’s enjoyed interacting with the Stokastic community and sharing the ‘secrets’ to his success.

“I think the No. 1 tip I could give players is to do lineup study. This can be done through the post-contest simulator, free tools on the internet, or simply clicking into the higher-stakes DraftKings contests (even if not entered) and look at the lineups guys like Tom Kennedy, Eddie Lai, Josh Engleman, Adam Scherer and Greg Ehrenberg are playing. In addition, you can check out other top NBA pros like youdacao, moklovin, Pettey, Whistles, etc. This is something I’m doing on a daily basis to further my understanding of lineup construction.

“Overall, the Stokastic tools have been absolutely key to my success – both the projections and the sims. And the community and engagement has only furthered that.”

Tommy Stokke is the Editor-in-Chief of Stokastic. He was previously a Senior Editor at Action Network, with prior experience in Managing Editor and Director of Content roles throughout sports media. His DFS sport of choice is golf, but his losing lineups are because no one can putt -- not because he picked the wrong players. He can be reached at [email protected]

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