NFL DFS: I Turned $60 Into $4,500 With This Key DFS Tool

Let’s be honest here, I’m not atop anyone’s list when it comes to NFL DFS advice. Most often when I’m co-hosting shows on our channel’s Stokastic DFS YouTube page, I’m met with more, “Who the hell is this guy?” than anything remotely close to a question of advice. While that’s certainly not going to change following a big win and overall performance on Thursday night, that’s more the point.

It’s a matter of how I got there. Moreover, what I did to finish tied for first, turning $60 into $4,500, and an overall profit of $5,120 off $235 in entry fees.

NFL DFS Wins Require NFL DFS Tools – Sims, That Is

Using a key Sims DFS tool, while playing NFL DFS, I was able to turn just 60 bucks into a whopping $4,500 in winnings after simply...

Whoever coined the ridiculous phrase “it’s not the arrow, it’s the archer” never played DFS. Sure, that may work when buying a new set of golf clubs, but having an advanced set of tools like the NFL Sims and Lineup Generators are imperative to DFS success.

As someone who dabbles in the NFL DFS and PGA DFS streets, having the ability to work through proven projections quickly is also key. Some of the best advice given on our live shows is about patience, be it waiting out injury news or just our own latest projections.

I wish I could take a victory lap, pound my chest, or brag to the sharps we have on board, but that would be misrepresenting how I won a bunch of money… and how you truly can too.

I used the Stokastic NFL Sims tool, which allowed me to simulate up to 10,000 lineups before any slate (not a typo… TEN THOUSAND LINEUPS). Thursday was a showdown slate so I decided to play a lot of lineups, hoping to capitalize on the variance with deeper lineups. It doesn’t matter where that win comes, you just need one to walk away with profit.

I jumped in low cost GPP tournaments while maximizing the amount of lineups I could enter. From there it was easy. I always slot the larger payout lineups at the top of my spreadsheet so once I generated lineups, then ran the sim, I could easily copy and paste just minutes before kick. It gave me the chance to truly wait until the final moments while I never felt like I was racing to hand build or find one last nugget of information.

The sim tools work. I’ve been profiting since watching the Greg Ehrenberg video on how to maximize returns. If you haven’t, then take a minute and sign up – then watch the video. Or, heck, here it is if you want to watch it right now!

That’s all you need. It’s all I needed. Working at Stokastic and OddsShopper affords me the opportunity to interact with some truly smart individuals. While it’s entirely possible information and strategy carried into my brain through osmosis, it still wouldn’t matter as I just ran the sim and won some money.

Using a key Sims DFS tool, while playing NFL DFS, I was able to turn just 60 bucks into a whopping $4,500 in winnings after simply...











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