What are Demons and Goblins at PrizePicks?

PrizePicks is known for its six-pick entries that can turn a $100 entry into a $2,500 win. Cashing those six-pick entries at PrizePicks has become an opportunity to win 100x your money — or turn a $100 entry into a $10,000 WIN with the new Demons and Goblins at PrizePicks! You’re probably saying, “OK, that’s cool and all, but what exactly are Demons and Goblins at PrizePicks?” Well, the answer is … simple.

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You build your six-pick entry like you would any other time, but instead of choosing the traditional picks, you build your entry with the Demons to boost your payout.

Trust me, it sounds like some real Halloween stuff, but there’s nothing spooky about this — just an opportunity to turn your PrizePicks entries into a fat stack of cash. And don’t worry, I’m about to walk you through all of this and what PrizePicks Demons and Goblins actually are.

Lock in.

What are Demons and Goblins at PrizePicks?

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What are Demons at PrizePicks?

Flat out, Demons are picks that will BOOST your entry payout. You want to fire up these little devils — no, seriously, the logo is a little devil emoji — when you want to increase your PrizePicks payday.

Now, there are a COUPLE of catches when you’re looking at a PrizePicks Demon square.

  • They are HARDER to win
  • You must pick MORE on Demon squares

Why are PrizePicks Demon Squares Harder to Win?

The main reason it’s more difficult to win a PrizePicks Demon square is that it’s an alternate projection. So what does that mean exactly? It means that it’s a projection that is HIGHER than the traditional square for that player.

Look to your right (or below, if you’re on mobile) and you’ll see an example of what I’m talking about.

With the Chiefs-49ers in Super Bowl 58 coming in hot as of publication, we’re looking at Patrick Mahomes‘ rushing squares. The first is a traditional square of 26.5 yards, but the Demon square is larger at 39.5 yards.

What are Demons and Goblins at PrizePicks? Our expert explains why Demons offer a higher payout and Goblins offer a lesser one...

Now, we know that in order to start increasing the payout multiplier, we have to select MORE on this Demon square. So how do we increase our potential payout to the 100x mark? Well, it’s going to take six of those devil-horned bad boys on your entry to get your multiplier that high.

However, if you have a certain lean on players and their projections, you can combine a couple of different Demon squares with traditional squares or Goblin squares (more on that in a minute) to your entry. The only catch? You won’t reach that 100x payout.

So just know, Demons can be combined with both Goblin squares and traditional squares, but you’ll have to check on your final payout potential when you’re submitting your entry.

What are Goblins at PrizePicks

All right, we’ve talked about the Demon squares, but what are Goblins at PrizePicks?

I guess the easiest way to make a comparison is that Goblins at PrizePicks are the OPPOSITE of Demons — though they still carry some sort of ghoul-like name.

What are the catches for picking PrizePicks Goblins?

  • They’re EASIER to win
  • You still must pick MORE on Goblin Squares

But — and there’s always a but when something is easier to win, #amirite? — it comes with one OTHER little catch: It pays less.

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Why do PrizePicks Goblin Squares Give Less Payout?

The squares marked with Goblins at PrizePicks are considered EASIER to win.

So much like any alternate offering you see at other places you can get your money down, the payout is not as great.

Do you want another example? I feel like you want another example.

On the right (or below, for those on mobile) we have another Mahomes projection. This time, however, it’s a Goblin square.

What are Demons and Goblins at PrizePicks? Our expert explains why Demons offer a higher payout and Goblins offer a lesser one...

We see the traditional projection is 264.5 passing yards, while the Goblin square is 40 yards LOWER at 224.5.

Now, we already discussed that you MUST pick MORE on a Goblin square, just like you would a Demon square. Many people see using Goblin squares as a way of building entries with alternate projections that give them a higher likelihood of cashing out with a win.

Similar to the PrizePicks Demon squares, Goblin squares can be combined with traditional squares or Demon squares. This just means you can throw a Goblin square in an entry that contains either traditional projections or Goblin projections.

Again, the potential payout multipliers do vary for Goblins, just as they would with Demons. So you must check your potential payout before you submit your entry to ensure you’re satisfied with the potential winnings you could earn by getting every pick correct.

What’s the Best Strategy for Winning PrizePicks Demons and Goblins?

Well, there is no one-size-fits-all BEST strategy when it comes to how to win PrizePicks Demons and Goblins.

However, incorporating both into your entries can prove to be a profitable PrizePicks strategy.

If you can find projections on players at PrizePicks that aren’t aligned with traditional places that are setting projections for these players, you should likely pull the trigger on the more or less, depending on how sizable the gap is in projection.

One of the best ways to see if a PrizePicks projection is off in any way is to fire up the OddsShopper +EV Tools and compare it to the PrizePicks projection. Or, you can see how each individual projection grades out in the OddsShopper PrizePicks Tool.

You can also use Stokastic’s Pick’em Pro Tool to accomplish a similar goal, but instead of using data from sportsbooks to find value, you’ll be using Stokastic’s industry-leading projections.

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