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A Golden (State) Batch Of Slam Dunks, Monday 4/16

Josh Engleman



These Slam Dunk picks come directly from the lineups of the #1 player in DFS, Awesemo. Follow him on Twitter for more.

Kevin Durant
DK: $10500 | Fpts: A | Value: B
FD: $11800 | Fpts: A | Value: C

Klay Thompson
DK: $6500 | Fpts: B | Value: B
FD: $6700 | Fpts: B | Value: B

Andre Iguodala
DK: $4300 | Fpts: C | Value: B
FD: $4800 | Fpts: C | Value: B

Draymond Green
DK: $7700 | Fpts: A | Value: B
FD: $8200 | Fpts: A | Value: B

Yeah. It’s four Warriors. The Warriors have made it clear that they’ll be running a short rotation when the game is close. With Curry out, these four guys are going to be on the court a lot, so long as the outcome is still up in the air. A Warriors victory was a formality for most of the second half of Game 1, which allowed for other guys to pick up some burn. The best part of grabbing the Warriors might just be their price, as they’re under-priced relative to the other teams playing tonight.

Josh is Contributor for where he hosts video and writes content regularly across the primary sports of MLB, NBA, and NFL as well as contributing to the development of models and projections for soccer. He originally started producing projections & articles for Reddit's r/DFSports in 2014 where he built a loyal following that brought him to where he is today. Josh is most known for his elaborate Excel spreadsheets, which he shares in all of his video content. You can find him on Twitter or hanging out in Awesemo's Premium Slack. You can contact Josh by emailing [email protected].

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