NBA Lineup Optimizer: Best NBA DFS Lineups Today (Dec 5)

Are you passionate about DFS but don’t have the time to catch every show, read detailed breakdowns, or crunch numbers on optimizers? That’s touch when considering your best NBA DFS lineups today. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out in the world of NBA DFS, Stokastic’s NBA Lineup Generator is your ultimate solution! And here will we provide you with NBA DFS Lineup Optimizer advice from our industry-leading generator.

With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly navigate through chalky, balanced and contrarian lineups, all while saving up to 20 lineups simultaneously. Powered by Stokastic’s NBA projections and ownership data, the Lineup Generator constructs lineups that are tailored to your needs. We used this tool to identify the key players dominating builds for tonight’s NBA In-Season Tournament quarterfinals.

Join the Stokastic community and tap into the power of Stokastic’s NBA DFS Lineup Generator – the tool that’s not only popular among Stokastic users but also consistently delivers positive results! Let’s take a look at the Lineup Generator results and exposures for tonight.

NBA DFS Lineup Generator Advice

The process kicks off by selecting three key options. First, pick your desired DFS slate between DraftKings main and FanDuel Main.

Looking for the best NBA DFS lineups today? Our NBA Lineup Optimizer is a key tool to use, which we highlight here while giving advice...

Next, choose your ownership setting. I usually opt for contrarian lineups because I enjoy playing GPPs, but you can also select from all lineups, chalky lineups, or balanced lineups.

Lastly, you have the option to lock in a player based on optimal percentage, projection, or boom percentage. You can also skip this step if you’d like.

Today I selected DraftKings Main, contrarian lineups, and skip because I like to see how my thoughts compare to the tool. If you’re playing cash games like double ups or three-mans, you could select chalky or balanced, for slightly better projected lineups.

You can get some of the same players in all types of lineups and that is totally OK.  As long as you adjust the uniqueness based on the size and type of contest your playing, it’s all good.

After saving 20 lineups, the highest exposures I ended with were 60% Isaiah Hartenstein, 60% Jared Vanderbilt, and 55% Jalen Brunson. Here’s a sample of a lineup that resulted from these selections.

This lineup projects for 226.17 points and includes Jalen Brunson, Isaiah Hartenstein, but not Jared Vanderbilt who just made his season debut. It also includes a 19.2% owned Kevin Durant and 15.9% owned Brook Lopez. With just  two games we are going to need some saw points which we get with Durant while I really like the matchup for Lopez tonight. This lineup uses the entire $50,000 salary but has Marjon Beauchamp who is projected for only 7.51 fantasy points.

This is a lineup I would play in a large field GPP but If I’m looking to play a single-entry or cash game contest, I’d keep clicking for a slightly better projected lineup. I’m not crazy about having a single digit projection guy at almost 40% ownership. But that’s the beauty of the Lineup Generator as I can just click save or discard without thinking too much. It also makes it easy to export your lineups to CSV file so you can just point and click to upload them to DraftKings.

React App

Exposure for the 20 lineups I saved:

It’s important to note these exposures are based completely off my settings. As a reminder, you can change between lineup builds and save lineups along the way. In total, I had 20 lineups saved in less than five minutes. That’s what makes this such a great NBA DFS tool for newer players and players who don’t have enough time research positive EV plays before lock. Even better, the projections update for you automatically, so you don’t need to worry about players getting ruled out last minute as long as you run the generator after the injury news goes public.

Not only are you getting Stokastic’s NBA DFS Lineup Generator, but any Stokastic package includes access to Stokastic’s Premium Discord, where you can interact with both pros and the community at any time. Our tools will help with not only your daily NBA DFS lineups today and tomorrow, but in any sport you choose.

Tim Speros is a sports betting analyst and a distinguished DFS writer for OddsShopper and Stokastic. With over 15 years of experience in the sports industry, Tim has a passion for educating and entertaining others through sports. Before joining our team, Tim worked in player development for the NBA league office, served as an NBA statistician for the Golden State Warriors, and contributed to various fantasy sports content providers. Tim holds a bachelor’s degree from Boston College and a Master’s in Sports Management from Georgetown. When he’s not chasing his three kids around, he enjoys chasing the 30x flex plays on PrizePicks.

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