Game Plan: EPL DFS Primer for DraftKings, FanDuel Daily Fantasy

The English Premier League has returned! Unlike the other leagues where learning the players and their roles is half the battle, the EPL has been the staple for DFS soccer. In EPL DFS soccer on DraftKings you choose two forwards, two midfielders, two defensemen, one goalie and a utility spot. The utility spot consists of either a defenseman, forward or midfielder. On FanDuel you choose four forwards/midfielders, two defensemen and a goalie. Often players have forward/midfielder dual eligibility, so on DraftKings you can choose to play midfielders at the forward spot or vice versa.

The EPL DFS Primer for DraftKings + FanDuel

Lineups and Formations

Confirmed lineups are usually released a half hour to an hour and a half prior to the start of the game. The EPL slates have games that start at the same time and in some cases include one afternoon game which will have lineups unconfirmed. With late swap available, it is important to check in on the lineups once the confirmed later game ones are up. Coming back from sporting hiatus, the EPL will allow five substitutes. This is more than the standard three substitutes until the end of the season. Lineups and formations can be found on or


I see a lot of new players make a common mistake in DFS soccer: jamming in high-priced forwards and midfielders, while punting two defensemen and fitting whichever goalkeeper fits the remaining salary. This is not a recipe for long-term success. Another common strategy among newcomers is stacking four or five players from a high-total team according to the odds. You do not have to stack the three or four offensive weapons from this team because soccer is a high-variance sport and if the team scores one or two goals, you will be drawing dead. A better approach will be to look for a mix of the top two or three high-goal involvement players on that team. Note that the high-goal-involvement player can also be a defender.

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Defenders on both DraftKings and FanDuel have the unique opportunity to qualify for a clean sheet bonus. This happens when the opposing team is shut out and is difficult to accomplish but the extra three or five points can help you climb up a tournament. Most teams really utilize their right and/or left backs. These defensemen push the ball up the wings and take shares of set pieces. Focus when choosing defensemen should be concentrated on these wing backs rather than the two center backs. The center backs sit back form the offense to prevent counter attacks and so their floor is low and their upside is limited.


Goalie in soccer is the most volatile position due to the wide range of outcomes. Goalies are usually separated by a small salary margin. The goalkeeper can really boost your lineup because of the win and clean sheet bonus. Even the most expensive goalies can give up a goal and the game can end in a tie. This will sink your lineups.

For cash, looking at high-floor players, generally the set piece takers, is a good approach. For GPPs, higher-upside players at low ownership will be best way to differentiate your lineups. Projections and value can always be found using the Awesemo’s tools on

DraftKings EPL DFS Soccer Scoring

Scoring DraftKings
All Players (GK, D, M, F)
Goal +10 Pts
Assist +6 Pts
Shot +1 Pt
Shot on Goal +1 Pt
Crosses +0.7 Pts (via corner kick, open play and set pieces)
Assisted Shot +1 Pt
Accurate Pass +.02 Pts
Fouls Drawn +1 Pt
Fouls Conceded -0.5 Pts
Tackle Won +1 Pt
Passes Intercepted (D, M, F) +0.5 Pts
Yellow Card -1.5 Pts
Red Card -3 Pts
Clean Sheet (D) +3 Pts
Shootout Goal +1.5 Pts
Shootout Miss -1 Pts
Saves +2 Pts
Goal Conceded -2 Pts
Clean Sheet +5 Pts
Win +5 Pts
Penalty Kick Save +3 Pts
Shootout Save +1.5 Pts

FanDuel EPL DFS Soccer Scoring

Scoring FanDuel
D/M/F Only
Goals 15 Pts
Assists 7 Pts
Shots on Goal 5 Pts
Chances Created 3 Pts
Clearances 1.3 Pts
Interceptions 1.3 Pts
Blocked Shots 1.3 Pts
Tackles 1.3 Pts
Defenders Only
Clean Sheet 5 Pts
Clean Sheet 10 Pts
Goals Against -2.5 Pts
Saves 3 Pts
Win Bonus 7 Pts

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Jovanni Vidal
Jovanni Vidal is accountant and finance analyst, with lifetime passion for fantasy sports. He has provided content and player analysis for season-long fantasy sites. He joined Stokastic to help new and current DFS soccer players learn new approaches to the game and how to succeed, with an overall goal to grow the DFS soccer sport and various league content offerings. You can reach him on Twitter @fluff_marsh.

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