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League of Legends DFS: DraftKings LoL Picks, Contrarian Stacks & Value Plays for Esports (Friday, August 12)




The best League of Legends LPL 2022 LoL DFS picks tonight, with expert DraftKings fantasy projections & LoL starting lineups today.

On a slate featuring at most three playoff teams across the LPL and LCK, tonight offers an interesting LoL DFS slate, where figuring out motivations, and navigating ownership could be the puzzle to solve.

LoL DFS Picks: DraftKings LPL + LCK Slate Breakdown


Kickstarting this LoL DFS slate are two teams with little more to play for other than auditioning for potential LCK spots in 2023. NS are the stronger of the two teams this series, and with this series featuring the two highest death teams in the LCK, both with 13.6, Bdd is a player with LoL DFS potential tonight if NS manages to come out on top.


Motivation is often difficult to gauge with teams whose year ends after this week, but HLE have taken a game in three of their last four, despite having an eleven series loss streak. HLE likely will see that number get to 12, but in what is likely their best opportunity to sneak another win this LCK split, DuDu is a player that can provide fireworks.


Both the LPL and LCK are firing off some bottom table teams to start this LoL DFS slate, as IG taking on has potential to be explosive. IG is by far the most exciting bottom of the table team for LoL DFS, having won three of their past six, not being swept in their losses, while putting up four 20+ kill games in those series, and that puts IG in a dangerous, but high potential spot, with XUN being someone to keep an eye on regardless of ownership projections.


Two series are all that remains for LGD this LPL split, and after a comeback series win over hapless RA, tonight pits them against another beatable opponent in IG. LGD finds themselves in a potentially exciting LoL DFS position tonight, with IG being the leader in deaths per game, and if LGD shows up once again, Assum becomes someone that can beat his projection.


With nothing to play for, BRO put up an incredible fight against GEN last time out, and despite being swept, playing at that level against a LSB squad locked into third place could make for an interesting LoL DFS conundrum, with BRO being incredibly unpopular. BRO is at best worth a sprinkle if mass entering tonight, as they’re clearly still playing hard, and catching a sleeping LSB makes UmTi carry some potential.


LSB put on a surgical performance in their 2-0 win over T1, and while they’re locked into the three seed of LCK playoffs, limping into playoffs with a loss to BRO might not be the look they want. Playing at the level shown last time out paints a great picture for the LoL DFS prospects of LSB, with Prince offering high upside tonight.


Possibly the most important thing to note with WBG tonight is that despite any advantages they legitimately have on paper this series, they’re capable of having poor series, on top of having nothing more than pride to play for to close out their season. Ending their LPL split with a win is still preferred to backing into playoffs on a loss, and perhaps getting momentum is exactly that WBG will be fighting to achieve tonight, and if they do take down a lackadaisical LNG squad, TheShy would offer immense upside at the top lane position for LoL DFS.


Perhaps the best piece of news regarding LNG on this LoL DFS slate is that WBG are locked into sixth in the LPL playoffs. LNG is facing an identity crisis this split, with unfortunate roster circumstances, and overall disjointed play, but with them being in control of their playoff destiny, motivation won’t be a problem. Super carry Doinb is difficult to not back at least a little bit tonight, as the World Champion won’t want an opportunity to make Worlds here slip through his fingers.

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Best LoL DFS Pick

IG/LGD- Late season contests between two non-playoff teams can lead to outlier explosive games, and getting to both sides of this contest is a smart idea, especially with the small chance that it gets out of hand.

Best Contrarian LoL DFS Pick

MID-Lava. Similar to LSB being a fine LoL DFS play against T1 in their last series with T1 having nothing to play for, BRO finds themselves in a similar spot with catching LSB off of their biggest win of the season with also little to play for this LCK split.

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