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One of the easiest ways to dominate your NFL fantasy football leagues is to stay active on the waiver wire. There are two ways to dominate the waiver wire. The first is to pick up quarterbacks, defenses, and kickers that are likely to outperform the players on your current team. This is often referred to as streaming. Check out our weekly streaming rankings. The second way to dominate the fantasy football waiver wire is to find those players that will have more value to your team than the players currently on your roster. To do this, you can use the rankings below, which are derived from our rest-of-the-season rankings, and consider things like expected points rest of the season, upside, playoff schedule and much more! If you see a player on the list below that has a ranking higher than a player on your team, they should be one of the top fantasy football waiver wire pickup priorities for your roster, unless you have a specific positional need.

If you are in a league that requires you bid on players using the Free Agent Acquisition Bid (FAAB) process, you can also find our recommended values to the right. Our general strategy for FAAB bids are to go very heavy on one or two players during the year for players that can help your team, or save money to use aggressively for players to start later in the season, including the playoffs. Spending small amounts throughout the season on mediocre players is typically a losing strategy. Additionally, FAAB bids are very dependent on the type of league you are in. In general, the deeper the league, the more you should be willing to bid on players, as not as many good players will be available on waivers throughout the season. The recommendations below are for a standard 12-team PPR league with medium-sized benches. Adjust bids according to your league settings.

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Pickups & FAAB Advice

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Steve has been a life long sports fan supporting the Cubs, Colts, and Bulls. Growing up he would spend countless hours listening to the Cubs on the radio and perfecting Andre Dawson's swing or Michael Jordan's fade away. He has played fantasy sports since the 90's and has won a wide variety of season long leagues and online contests in NBA, MLB, and NFL. He started playing DFS in 2014 which took his fantasy sports obsession to another level. During the 2018 NFL season he won the World Fantasy Football Championship as well as a Milly Maker and several $100k prize payouts. He has also had multiple six figure wins and live finals appearances in NBA, MLB, and MMA. You can contact him on Twitter at @SteveBuzzard

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