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2022 NFL Survivor Pool Optimizer




NFL Survivor Pools, (also known as Knockout, Eliminator, Suicide, Last Man Standing, or King of the Hill Pools) are quickly growing in popularity across the country as some operators offer up to $1 Million to the ultimate winners!

Survivor pools vary in rules, but in general you pick a team that will win each week. If the team wins you advance to the next week. If you lose you are eliminated from the contest. The catch is that you can only use each team once. The last user remaining wins the pool. There is a lot of strategy involved in determining the optimal path to making it to the end. If you use all the good teams early you will be left picking teams that are more likely to lose later in the season. If you use poor teams at the start you may be eliminated before your strategy really starts to develop. We provide you with point spreads for each week as well as the quality of each teams schedule to help you determine an optimal path!

Steve has been a life long sports fan supporting the Cubs, Colts, and Bulls. Growing up he would spend countless hours listening to the Cubs on the radio and perfecting Andre Dawson's swing or Michael Jordan's fade away. He has played fantasy sports since the 90's and has won a wide variety of season long leagues and online contests in NBA, MLB, and NFL. He started playing DFS in 2014 which took his fantasy sports obsession to another level. During the 2018 NFL season he won the World Fantasy Football Championship as well as a Milly Maker and several $100k prize payouts. He has also had multiple six figure wins and live finals appearances in NBA, MLB, and MMA. You can contact him on Twitter at @SteveBuzzard

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